Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 116: One Blade

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Chapter 116: One Blade

Miao Yiniang enraged. She coldly stared at Sun Yifei, and angrily said: “Stop!”

Sun Yifei indifferently smiled: “Yo, my little sister, why so angry? Don’t get mad……ha ha, it’s very simple. If you wish for the one you love to live, then you only need to agree to big sister’s conditions. He will naturally be able to live. Otherwise……”

The light in Sun Yifei’s pupils grew cold. She apathetically said: “He will die!”

Miao Yiniang sucked in a deep breath, then said: “Sun Yifei, this is something between you and me. This has nothing to do with them. Let them go, then I’ll go with you!”

“Go with me? You mean……you agree?” Sun Yifei’s eyebrow raised.

Miao Yiniang said: “Promise or not, what you said doesn’t work. I want to meet your superiors!”

Distain flashed within Sun Yifei’s pupils: “There’s no need. Us two can handle this matter.”

Miao Yiniang casually spoke: “Really? Gluttonous Ogre earns one million silver liang every year. Will you be the boss?’

Sun Yifei was slightly shocked. A color of greed immediately shined in her eyes. Even the man that constantly stayed hidden under the hood slightly raised his head, seeming a little astonished.

They investigated Miao Yiniang very thoroughly in the past, and they knew Gluttonous Ogre had really good business. However, they never expected it could be this profitable!

One million silver liang a year……even the Vermilion Bird Association couldn’t idly stand by. Sun Yifei and Hua Nan really don’t have the qualifications to negotiate this level of business.

But……on the chance that they can contract the deal, then……the benefits would be incalculable!

They could even promote to silver deacons!

They could obtain an astonishing amount of resources at that grade.

The Vermilion Bird Association grades were extremely strict, and clearly separated. The highest level……was naturally the Vermilion Bird Association President. The rest of the members split into the gold, silver, bronze, and black iron grades for Yuan stone distribution.

Sun Yifei and Hua Nan were both bronze rank stewards. They were considered middle-ranking in the Vermilion Bird Association. They must give enormous contributions to the Vermilion Bird Association if they want to promote to the silver rank. However, that is very difficult.

Sun Yifei gave her entire portion of the heritage to the Vermilion Bird Association back then, and she was only able to obtain a bronze rank assessment. If she could gather all twelve pieces of the heritage passed down by the Misty Palace, then she could directly promote to the gold rank!

But that was nearly impossible. Sun Yifei also never dreamed about it.

But this time, if she could bring back Miao Yiniang’s heritage, and also a year’s worth of profit from the business, then she should break into the silver grade.

This was simply a heavenly surprise to Sun Yifei and Hua Nan!

So, in the depths of her heart, she already took this contribution as her own.

Sun Yifei slightly smiled to Miao Yiniang because of this: “Of course. Your big sister is a person of status in the Vermilion Bird Association. So stop struggling little sister, and don’t have any delusional fantasies. It’s useless! I have spoken honestly with you. My current realm already far surpasses your own. I have already reached the middle of the fourth realm. And Hua Nan……his power has already reached the peak of the fifth realm! If he wants to kill you all, it would be as easy as turning his hand!”

Chu Mo used his jade to inspect the two while Sun Yifei spoke. Sun Yifei wasn’t lying. She really was at the middle of the fourth realm, and the man really was a cultivator at the fifth realm’s peak.

‘Today is a hard day to be good!’ Chu Mo thought.


Chu Mo knew he must stand up at this time. Otherwise, Miao Yiniang promising them was the only choice.

Chu Mo took a step forward, and looked to Sun Yifei and the man: “This……is Yellow Flame City!”

“So what?” Sun Yifei coldly laughed: “What about Yellow Flame City? Do you think you are a prince? Do you have a sect’s protection?”

“You misunderstand.” Chu Mo looked at Sun Yifei, and icily spoke: “I want you to know your burial site!” Chu Mo glanced at Miao Yiniang: “Do you oppose me killing her?”

Miao Yiniang sighed: “Try your best to not kill her……no matter what was said, she is still my elder sister.”

Sun Yifei sighed: “Little sister Yiniang, you are forcing us. There’s nothing left to say. Brother Hua Nan, go ahead. First kill the boy, then kill that maiden. As for my little sister……leave her! I will make her understand, leaving with us is the path.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Hua Nan suddenly laughed wildly. He pulled back his hood, revealing an extremely young face. He wasn’t especially handsome, but he was worth a second look. His eyes were very engaging, and they filled with disdain towards Chu Mo: “A secular world commoner actually dares be this arrogant? The ignorant are truly fearless! He doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth! Look at my face……remember, I am Hua Nan! I’m twenty-seven years old, and I’m at the fifth rank peak!”

“Good.” A disdainful smile spread across Hua Nan’s face. He started taking large steps towards Chu Mo

One step, two steps, three steps…….suddenly the gaps between steps increased!

Hua Nan’s entire body seemed to disappear in the air, very quickly reaching a high degree of speed.

Chu Mo felt a terrifying amount of power press towards him like a large mountain.

This young man’s power was far greater than the old man’s that day!

“Shadowless Step, Chopping Dragon Palm!”

Hua Nan’s ice-cold voice passed through the empty sky.

Chu Mo faced the direction that Hua Nan was charging from, and plainly watched. Then……he raised his right arm.

Hua Nan’s expression showed that this was beneath his dignity!

Chu Mo was a mantis trying to stop a chariot!

Even an enormous boulder couldn’t stop his Dragon Chopping Palm, and Chu Mo was actually going to use an arm?

Hua Nan watched the reckless commoner try to block his palm. The corners of his mouth slightly raised, revealing an ice-cold smile.


A muffled bang echoed.

Chu Mo retreated back seven or eight steps. His complexion was somewhat pale. The surging Yuan power of a rank five cultivator was indeed formidable. Even though Chu Mo’s body was full of Yuan power this time, he still felt a little overwhelmed.

But…..Hua Nan was miserable!

He encountered the world’s most abnormal fourth rank cultivator.

A full body bone refinement!

Bones like diamond!

Don’t mention a peak fifth rank iron blood cultivator like him, even a golden stone cultivator would have a tough time harming Chu Mo!


A cool breath was forced from Hua Nan’s mouth. His eyes appeared both shocked and furious while staring at Chu Mo. He then desperately flung his right hand.

“Painful?” Chu Mo smiled and asked

“Little thing, you’re seeking death!” Hua Nan roared, and pulled out a sword from behind, stabbing it straight towards Chu Mo.

“Light Streaming Sword!”

The double edge sword flowed like a ray of light! Causing onlookers to be dazzled!


An enormously loud ring sounded. The sword in Hua Nan’s hand snapped.

“My turn?” Chu Mo said. Then he acted at the same time: “One blade.”

Soon after, a blade light flashed across. The sword arm of Hua Nan flopped to the ground. Blood immediately started to drip out of the severed limb.

Hua Nan was entirely stupefied. He was a thousand man killing cultivator that reached the fifth realm at the age of twenty-seven, and he was a bronze grade of the Vermilion Bird Association. He never suffered such a large defeat his whole life.

He simply didn’t dare believe his eyes. He must be dreaming!

At this time, the opponent’s blade already pointed towards his brow——