Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 115: Vermilion Bird Association

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Chapter 115: Vermilion Bird Association

Miao Yiniang didn’t dare believe as she looked at Sun Yifei. She was so sorrowful that she almost couldn’t speak.

The big sister from the same sect, the one she respected since youth, deliberately plotted and betrayed. An extremely bitter taste spread within Miao Yiniang.

“Little sister Yiniang. I’m telling you the truth, the Misty Palace……is no longer restorable. It is practically impossible for us twelve to rebuild the Misty Palace. The six largest sects of the Vermilion Bird Continent will never let the name Misty Palace appear in this world again.” Sun Yifei spoke with an indifferent tone. Then she said to Miao Yiniang: “I believe you must certainly understand this reasoning. You were able to make Gluttonous Ogre into the number one restaurant in Da Xia, so you must be more clever and outstanding than I believed.”

“Even if we can’t rebuild, does it mean you must betray us?” Miao Yiniang asked Sun Yifei.

Sun Yifei scoffed. A disdainful expression flashed across her pretty face: “What betrayal? Who have I betrayed? You? Or the Misty Palace? The Misty Palace is long gone……and has become history. What betrayal can there be? Finding you today, and the scripture in your hands……is just one of our goals.”

“What else do you want?” Miao Yiniang’s feelings suddenly stabilized. A touch of sarcasm spread across her delicate face: “Do you have designs for the Gluttonous Ogre’s business? Or do you want me?”

“Miao Yiniang, I hope you can understand your current plight. Yifei is being sincere with you. She’s treating you as a younger sister disciple. But this……doesn’t mean you have the qualifications to challenge us.” The still unidentified man interjected from the side.

“What sincerity? You’re treating me as a little sister disciple?” Miao Yiniang revealed an extremely odd smile. She nodded: “Big sister Yifei, I wish to listen to you speak.”

Sun Yifei nodded, and earnestly spoke: “First, you have seen for yourself. This heritage holds no significance while in our hands! Without a sect’s support, it’s practically impossible for us to increase realms. After all these years, you’ve only broken through the Yuan closure right?”

Miao Yiniang nodded, and didn’t say a word.

“Therefore, it would be better to take this heritage and spread it!” Sun Yifei said.

Miao Yiniang smiled: “Let it spread into the enemy’s hand?”

“They aren’t our enemies.” Sun Yifei looked to the man at her side. Her face showed an extremely sweet color: “They didn’t participate in the the Misty Palace siege. This is the second thing I wanted to tell you. I want you to join the Vermilion Bird Association with me!”

“Vermilion Bird Association?” Miao Yiniang’s brow slightly wrinkled. This powerful name made her feel very strange. At the same time, she held a type of sentiment. This group seems very arrogant. They dare use the name Vermilion Bird Association among the six big powers of the Vermilion Bird continent. Either they are courting death, or……they have the power to back it up.

“Yes, the Vermilion Bird Association. It is the most powerful of the Vermilion Bird continent! If you still want revenge, then you might have a change after joining.” Sun Yifei looked at Miao Yiniang: “At the same time, I can introduce you to a powerful man! A man who can really protect you! Instead of……a useless person not worth looking at.”

Sun Yifei glanced at Chu Mo as she spoke. From beginning to end, Sun Yifei and the man to her side didn’t look at Chu Mo and Chu Yan once. It was like the two didn’t exist in their eyes.

“And then?” A dangerous light flashed in Miao Yiniang’s eyes. People who knew Miao Yiniang well should know, she was furious!

Miao Yiniang could endure if Sun Yifei speaking humiliating words to her. But to humiliate Chu Mo……she couldn’t endure that no matter what.

“Then, we can take your Gluttonous Ogre to the Vermilion Bird Association. You don’t need to worry about your business being snatched away. It will still be yours! You can earn profits, and still keep twenty percent!” Sun Yifei carried an expression of ‘I’m treating you well’: “Don’t feel hurt. Although you will hand over eighty percent of the profit, you will also have the large resources of the Vermilion Bird Association! You should understand how priceless resources are in the secular world!”

The man next to Sun Yifei said: “Since we are so bold in coming to find you, that should speak to our absolute confidence, and the power we have! Miao Yiniang, you should carefully think. We don’t even place the Azure Dragon Court in our eyes……”

The man seemed to sense that he spoke too much, and promptly stopped here.

Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang yet heard a crucial piece, the Azure Dragon Court!

The Vermilion Bird continent had the Vermilion Bird Association, and the Azure Dragon continent had the Azure Dragon Court. It was hard to say which of these powers was stronger, but few spoke little of them.

Miao Yiniang looked at Sun Yifei, and simply said: “Then you all deliberately released the Medicine King Cauldron for auction today?”

Sun Yifei slightly smiled, and calmly nodded: “Not bad. Otherwise how could such a precious treasure be gotten so easily? I carried the Medicine King Cauldron back then. You have grown a little taller these days, but your body shape hasn’t changed much. The details have hardly changed. Yes, you are even more beautiful than before! I wanted to confirm your status, so I could only use the Medicine King Cauldron. Ha ha……how could a disciple from the Misty Palace not know this treasure?

“How could you be certain I would take it?” Miao Yiniang asked.

Sun Yifei laughed: “In fact, I wasn’t too certain. The main reason we came this time is because a large amount of Yuan beast materials appeared at the Windcloud auction house. A couple of those Yuan beast materials are highly demanded in the large sects. Therefore, we wanted to make a few bids and return. Furthermore, we weren’t the only power who came this time. Several of the Azure Dragon continent sent people.

“So, confirming my identity was just an added bonus for you?” Miao Yiniang plainly asked.

“No, our main goal was still to find you. The treasures of the Yuan beast are rare, but not as important as you. After all, the Misty Palace heritage is one of a kind! And Yuan beast materials will appear sooner or later.” Sun Yifei earnestly spoke.

Miao Yiniang appeared extremely sarcastic: “So I ought to feel honored huh? Big sister Yifei……this is the last time I call you that. Do you think your actions are worthy of the Misty Palace?”

Sun Yifei sneered: “I only want to be worthy of myself!”

“Miao Yiniang, there’s no need to be mysterious with your words. Yifei has already told you everything. Now it is time for you to make a decision.” The man coldly spoke. Then he said: “Right, first hand over the Medicine King Cauldron.”

“Your……Medicine King Cauldron?” Chu Mo had been quietly standing there the whole time, but now he suddenly laughed. The bronze cauldron in his hands disappeared in an instant. Chu Mo looked over at the opposing male and female. He shrugged, spread his hands wide, and innocently spoke: “It isn’t here.”

“Storage ring?” Sun Yifei began to squint. She faintly smiled at Miao Yiniang: “I never imagined……you gave your most precious thing to this little pretty boy. He appears to really love martial arts. Truly interesting! Brother Hua Nan, kill the boy first!”