Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 113: Wild Competition

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Chapter 113: Wild Competition

Miao Yiniang looked with disbelief at Chu Mo: “My master……you really don’t understand, or are you playing dumb? It’s a fourth rank Yuan beast! Do you think it is a common lion?”

“What about a fourth rank Yuan beast?” Chu Mo cast the words out of his mouth, feeling it beneath himself. He thought: ‘I’m the one who killed this fourth rank Yuan beast……’

“Heavens……” Miao Yiniang, with hand on forehead, speechlessly looked at Chu Mo: “Young master, I really don’t know how to tell you. A fourth rank Yuan beast, it’s theoretically about the same as a human of the fourth rank……an iron bone realm cultivator. But its true power far exceeds an iron bone realm cultivator! This is no exaggeration! A fourth rank Yuan beast can easily kill three or four iron bone cultivators at the same rank!

Miao Yiniang sighed: “That’s how amazing the normal fourth rank Yuan beasts are, and the Red Eye Ice Python……is far stronger than the normal fourth rank Yuan beast! It has the terrifying power invokes fear. The beast can massacre an entire city!”

Chu Yan softly said from the side: “I heard the military paid a similar price when they hunted the Red Eye Ice Python!”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Yan, and simply said: “Yes ah, ask your family’s noble son about this. He is the most familiar.”

Chu Mo laughed, and looked at the perplexed Chu Yan: “I’ll tell you when we return.”

Chu Mo was still in disguise, so they didn’t want to reveal too much. Luckily no one paid attention to the three people in the corner. They all rigidly stared at the Red Eye Ice Python on the stage.

Chu Mo mumbled: “Even if it is hard to hunt, how does that explain the issue?”

Miao Yiniang speechlessly sighed: “First, this thing is extremely rare. It’s no easy task for even the large sects to seize a Red Eye Ice Python. Given that they do catch one, they certainly won’t let the body and scales circulate outside the sect!”

“Second, each part of the Red Eye Ice Python is priceless. Do you think Fat Brother is trying to scam people? You’re dead wrong! The effects are not exaggerated in the slightest!” Miao Yiniang sighed again: “I really don’t know who is that amazing, that they could actually hunt such a formidable Yuan beast. What’s even more unbelievable……they actually put it up for auction…….it’s truly a waste!”

Chu Mo couldn’t help but return a look of superiority. He actually told Miao Yiniang that he hunted a few Yuan beasts before, but he gave them to one-armed uncle to put up for auction. Chu Mo wasn’t the type that liked to show off, so he never told her too many details.

How could Miao Yiniang ever think the wasteful person she mentioned was sitting right beside her?

Fat Brother already started the auction on the stage at this time. He excitedly shouted: “And now, we will start selling a tendon of the Red Eye Ice Python! Make no mistake, it’s a whole tendon! I don’t need to tell you all the effectiveness of it. Use it for a bowstring……and it will be a godly bow. Seep it in wine, and it will nourish the body. The starting price is……five thousand gold!”

“He’s trying to swindle everyone……” Chu Mo mumbled.

Dozens of people in the auction hall started raising their paddle before Chu Mo even finished his words.

“Six thousand gold liang!”

“Seven thousand liang!”

“I, Han Xiaoshan, bid ten thousand gold liang! I, Han Xiaoshan, desire this Red Eye Ice Python tendon! Remember I’m Han Xiaoshan! So long as you know what’s good for you, you won’t battle with me. You will be very grateful!”

“Pah, who is Xiaoshan? Never heard of him. I bid twelve thousand gold liang!”

“I bid thirteen thousand!”

“Thirteen thousand five hundred!”

Chu Mo was stupefied while watching the event. The corners of his mouth pulled up, and his eyes filled with disbelief: “Are these people crazy?”

No one beside him responded. Chu Mo looked to his side. The girls were hidden by their veils, but he could still sense the excitement through them.

Sensing Chu Mo’s vision, Miao Yiniang regretfully spoke: “Too expensive…..otherwise I would really buy it.”

“What do you want it for?” Chu Mo gave a look of superiority, and thought: ‘For illness? You are a cultivator, you have no need! Nourish the yin and repair kidneys? You are already beautiful and full of life……so you don’t need that either. Increase your lifespan? So long as Miao Yiniang continues cultivating, then her life will certainly be much longer than a normal person. Why would you need this to extend your life?’

Who knows why, but Miao Yiniang didn’t even think before directly speaking: “To give you!”

“Give……give me?” Chu Mo didn’t respond for a moment, but he soon felt touched. He said while smiling to Miao Yiniang: “No need, I put this thing up for auction. We should return and talk about this later. There’s nothing to see here. Let’s go.”

Miao Yiniang stared dumbstruck at Chu Mo. She couldn’t tell if Chu Mo was making a joke or not.

But soon after, Miao Yiniang stood up, and shook her head in amazement. She was probably scolding Chu Mo on the inside about what a waste he was.

Chu Yan saw the two stand up, so she also followed suit. She still looked infatuated at the items stage.

At this time, the Red Eye Ice Python tendon already reached a price of twenty thousand gold liang!”


All insane!

Chu Mo shook his head, and he quietly left the auction house with the two women while carrying the bronze cauldron.

Right when they were just about to disappear, two other people stood up inside the auction house. They lowered their heads, and quickly departed while keeping a very low-profile.

Chu Mo quickly pulled Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan into a small alley after leaving the gate. He completely ignored the carriage waiting there.

As a person that grew up in Yellow Flame City, Chu Mo was very familiar with every corner.

He quickly lead the two girls through the alley, and he carried the bronze cauldron in hand the whole time. He wasn’t afraid of the two girls knowing he had a storage space, but he didn’t want the pursuers to know!

Chu Mo held a type of intuition. He could catch the people staring at Miao Yiniang off guard if they suddenly departed, but the person or people staring……would certainly pursue.

However, Chu Mo didn’t want to be too passive. Having the enemy lead you along by the nose can leave an unpleasant feeling. He wanted to seize the initiative. If they fight……then it would be on his territory!

The two girls already understood, and were ready for anything. Otherwise, Chu Mo wouldn’t dare react this way. That’s why no one asked anything, and quickly followed Chu Mo’s quick advance.

At last, they came to an abandoned region within the city. This place was originally a poor district, but a government official wanted to renovate it into a large garden. The people living here were all moved to the government official’s region, and given accommodations several times better than before. Because of this, the poor people here all departed willingly.

This place had already been abandoned for half a year. Apart for a few homeless people drifting in and out, there were practically no signs of habitation.

Chu Mo and the girls just arrived, and the two chasing figures picked up speed.

They appeared before the three in an instant, and blocked their way.

The two were completely covered in black cloaks. Even the hoods completely covered their faces.

One of the people looked at Miao Yiniang, and said in a low voice: “Surviving scum of the Misty Palace, hand over the scripture that was passed down, and your life will be spared!”