Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 112: Auction Grand Finale

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Chapter 112: Auction Grand Finale

“But before this, I want to ask everyone. In this world……what is the most precious thing?” The ball-like Fat Brother started setting the mood on the stage, making the crowd below anxious.

Wang Dafa shouted: “Power! Wealth! Women!”

Although several people think this way, they dare not say it in public. Because of this, several onlookers scoffed when Wang Dafa finished speaking.

A soft and pleasant woman’s voice came from the second floor: “I think the most precious thing in the world is unobtainable, and already lost.”

The auction hall immediately quieted down when these words were spoken. Everyone seemed to be deep in thought.

Then, the crowd couldn’t help but applaud.

Unobtainable……already lost……It was too logical, simply wisdom!

Wang Dafa somewhat embarrassingly sat down. He mumbled to the two women at his side: “What unobtainable already lost thing……you can’t have the unobtainable! The lost is forgotten! Happily cherishing the moment is the true treasure!”

But hardly anyone heard Wang Dafa’s words. Even the ones who did just looked down upon him——You hillbilly, are you trying to utter something pleasant?

The two glamorous women covered their mouths and slightly smiled. They both affectionately looked at Wang Dafa. Other people don’t understand the goodness of Wang Dafa, but it was quite evident to them……This upstart hillbilly was a shrewd powerful man behind the facade.

Was he merely Yellow Flame City’s lumber king? Wrong! He was the lumber king of Da Xia! And the ship manufacturing king!

Which of these ordinary men had such insight?

However, the youth behind the smiling mask was actually quite amazing……

Fat Brother noticed the atmosphere heat up once again from the stage. He laughed and said: “The young lady from the second floor spoke quite well. Unobtainable, and already lost. As far as the already lost……I’ve got no way to help you recover it. However, the last item we auction today will be something unobtainable!”

The rowdy first floor quieted down all of a sudden.

Who knows what made them calm down, but these people voluntarily shut their mouths. They didn’t even breathe, and just stared with glowing eyes at Fat Brother like he was a piece of meat!


There weren’t many things in this world that could be called unobtainable.

It’s commonly said that money makes the world go round. In the eyes of these Yellow Flame City citizens, there was nothing truly unobtainable. Yet Fat Brother dared speak this way, so he must have confidence.

The item was very likely a pill from one of the sects. These pills can extend life, cure illness, and even replenish yin and kidney function……each of these pills made people go wild.

[TL: Yin and kidneys are very important in Chinese medicine. You can read a decent article about it here.]

Fat Brother saw that the mood was set just about right. He laughingly said: “I recently asked everyone what is the most precious thing in the world. Actually, I have my own answer. That is health! All of you look, my body will soon become a ball! Anyone else would already be plagued by illness. They probably couldn’t even provide for themselves.”

Fat Brother sighed, and spoke with a tinge of emotion: “But even now, I can jump around on the stage, and be an auctioneer for everyone. Do you know the reason? It’s because I have a way to make myself healthy!”

The auction hall became even more quiet. The top grade sect pills were extremely rare at the auction house, and extremely limited. A wild competition ensued every time the auction house put one up for bid, and caused a storm of blood outside.

Because these things caused bloodshed, they were even rarer in recent years.

“Does everyone believe today’s grand finale is a pill?” Fat Brother mysteriously smiled: “Absolutely wrong!”



“Are you kidding?”

“Are you messing with us?”

The hall was originally so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, but it suddenly became like a vegetable market. Several people couldn’t help but shout curses.

It was actually Fat Brother setting up the cliffhanger too well. He made everyone extremely anxious, and then dropped them into the abyss. Not cursing him would be weird.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but raise his head and wryly smile. He whispered: “This guy……he is truly seeking abuse.”

Chu Yan couldn’t help but rock her head and say: “Really, he made everyone anticipate, and then it’s not true. He deserves curses!”

Fat Brother chuckled on the stage at this time: “Don’t worry everyone. Listen to me a moment. I guarantee everyone will like today’s grand finale! It isn’t a pill from a sect, but the effect……is no less than the sect pills! And is even stronger!”

The cursing voices in the clamoring hall came to a screeching halt.

Everyone looked to Fat Brother. And their eyes heated up once again.

Fat Brother finally revealed the secret with a loud voice: “Bring out the fourth rank Yuan beast……the treasures of the Red Eye Ice Python’s body. Bring it to the stage one by one! Let everyone have a look!

Pairs of strong young men carried the meat, bones, and skin of the Red Eye Ice Python up to the stage.

At the very end, eight men walked onto the stage while carrying the enormous snake head.


The auction hall immediately went into an uproar. The people couldn’t help but let out a burst of low-pitched screams.

They knew the snake died some time ago, but the enormous head still carried an ice-cold aura, making the onlookers tremble with fear.

This……was mighty pressure!

The mighty pressure that belongs to a fourth rank Yuan beast!

Even if it was dead, the people were so pressured that they couldn’t breathe.

Fat Brother carefully approached the enormous snake head. He then reached up, and pretended to wipe the sweat from his brow. He said: “This thing……is truly terrifying! Do you see? A fourth rank Yuan beast! It’s even rarely seen in the sects. Most sect disciples don’t have the strength to hunt this level of beast. Therefore, although it isn’t a pill, I say it’s even better. Do you disagree?”

The hall was dead quiet. No one uttered a word. The enormous snake head was enough to answer the question.

The entire body of the the Yuan beast was a treasure!

This was no exaggeration. Even the dung of a fourth rank Yuan beast was treasured!

Don’t even mention the Red Eye Ice Python, which was rare among fourth rank Yuan beasts!

“Three to five scales can at least double the defense of a breastplate!”

“If used as light armor, then it will be impenetrable. This is a true treasure to protect your life!”

“Its flesh and bones can be steeped in wine. After drinking, life will extend, physique will improve, and hundreds of diseases can be prevented!”

“Let me ask, if this isn’t a treasure……then what could be called a treasure?”

“The military hunted down a Red Eye Ice Python six or seven years ago. It caused a sensation at that time, and even sect members participated in the bidding. And before that day, our Yellow Flame City had never seen such a thing! And it has never appeared since that time.”

“But today……it has returned! Do you wish to miss the opportunity?”

Fat Brother’s spittle splashed everywhere on the stage, seemingly talking the fourth rank Yuan beast up to be a ninth rank one.

Chu Mo blushed a little while listening, and curled his lips somewhat in disapproval.

But practically everyone in the auction hall, including Chu Yan and Miao Yiniang……they all were short of breath. They rigidly stared at the goods emitting a mighty ice-cold pressure on the stage.

Chu Mo was somewhat dumbstruck. He mumbled: “Is it really that good?”