Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 111: Upstart

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Chapter 111: Upstart

The person speaking didn’t even cover his face. He was a hefty middle-aged man in his forties. His face was dark with heavy features, but not ugly.

Two bewitchingly beautiful women in fox fur coats sat beside him, and each of the man’s ten fingers bore a ring, like he wanted to blind people.

“It’s Wang Dafa! Damn, this upstart has practically all the Yellow Flame City timber business in his hands.”

“This guys is a unique one. Clearly he can enter the second floor, but he actually likes sitting on the first floor. Moreover, he hasn’t ever concealed his identity. Do you see the two women at his side? Don’t they look like brothel girls? I’m telling you all, those two girls are actually true experts! They are disciples from a sect! They are both Wang Dafa’s mistresses! Damn……”

The people inside the hall whispered: “I hate hillbillies with filthy money the most. They use valuable historical artifacts……to catch rain water.”

“Wang Dafa has always been an idiot who burns musical instruments to cook cranes. He battled with another moneybags here last year, and spent ten thousand silver liang on a zither. Then he smashed the instrument on the spot while saying ‘Who’s the daddy with the money now? This toy still makes noises when I break it? How about daddy gives you a performance?’……I want to throttle him to death!”

The person speaking wasn’t far away from Chu Mo, so he could hear everything clearly.

Miao Yiniang’s ice-cold hand shivered somewhat violently. She obviously heard the man’s comments, and became extremely upset.

“Calm down.” Chu Mo’s mouth didn’t even move, but he sent a message straight into Miao Yiniang’s ear.

This was Chu Mo’s first time using this kind of skill. It was one of the many skills from the scripture that the Demon Lord passed down.

Miao Yiniang appeared slightly shocked. She glanced at the expressionless Chu Mo, and then calmed down. Her ice-cold shivering hand slowly relaxed.

Fat Brother said from the stage: “Someone is willing to bid two hundred and ten gold liang. Is there a higher bid?”

This bronze cauldron really didn’t look valuable at all. Even if it once refined medicine, how many people in the secular world could use it?

Ordinary firewood could heat it several days and nights, but it wouldn’t have any change!

So there wasn’t another person present that was willing to bid.

Chu Mo once again felt a glance fall onto Miao Yiniang. Chu Mo didn’t try and catch the glance. He casually grabbed the paddle from his chair, and raised it up, simply saying: “Two hundred and twenty gold liang. I really like this thing. Could mister Wang please part with it?”

Sitting in the front, Wang Dafa was slightly shocked. He couldn’t help but turn around and look. He knew the opinion people had of him. Someone unsophisticated, new money, and a country bumpkin……he had heard everything.

He is a big businessman, even if he doesn’t understand style and elegance. Going so far as to smash a ten thousand silver liang zither, he must be someone with a competitive nature in his bones.

Didn’t all of you say I’m a hillbilly? Then I’ll give you a hillbilly!

This was Wang Dafa’s temperament. You all don’t respect me, no problem, I don’t need your respect!

But, did he really not cherish respect? However, respect was unobtainable, so what was he to do?

Because of this, this is the first time in Wang Dafa’s whole life that he has been called mister!

Therefore, even if that youth was wearing a mask and couldn’t clearly be seen, even though they never met before, Wang Dafa suddenly felt a warmth spread inside. He felt like someone valued him. Wang Dafa practically viewed this stranger as close friend in an instant.

This seems somewhat laughable, but reality is often stranger than fiction.

As a result, this Yellow Flame City timber tycoon made an astonishing action. He stood up and loudly laughed: “This is a first for a hillbilly like me. Someone has called me mister, and it feels great. Brother, I will now call you ‘my boy’. Don’t say anything, I’m giving you this cauldron!”

Wang Dafa said to Fat Brother on the stage: “Fat Brother, two hundred and eighty-eight gold liang. I want to give it to that brother! The number is good luck!”

[TL: The number 288 is very lucky in China. It means to prosper.]

Chu Mo stared foolishly. All the other people in the auction house were also shocked.

Several people regretfully beat their chests and stamped their feet. Had they known earlier, they would have called the hillbilly mister a long time ago, and obtained an artifact worth nearly three thousand silver liang!

Chu Mo stared blankly for a moment, then came back to his senses. He wryly smiled: “Big brother Wang… this okay?”

Wang Dafa waved a hand: “You even call me big brother. How could I not give you a new year’s gift? It’s already settled!”

Chu Mo was a little speechless. He thought a moment, then faced Wang Dafa, and bowed: “Big brother Wang is a straightforward man. I won’t be overly polite. I owe big brother a favor next time!”

“Ha ha ha, well said. Come over and have a drink sometime!” Wang Dafa generously laughed. Then he extremely happily sat down. Three thousand silver liang seems to be just a number to him.

This outcome was unforeseen by everyone. Not even Fat Brother on the stage expected the useless bronze cauldron to fetch such a price. It was a pleasant surprise.

Because of this, he asked three times in the routine manner, then slammed down the auction hammer. Then he had someone carry the bronze pot over to Chu Mo.

Chu Mo clearly felt the jade on his neck heat up again. He thought this bronze cauldron was likely a treasure, at the same time, he also sensed Miao Yiniang become a little excited.

He quickly whispered a direct message to her: “Sister, don’t get excited. This thing won’t leave our hands. There’s someone over there secretly watching you, don’t give yourself away.”

Miao Yiniang squeezed Chu Mo’s hand, showing she understood.

The recent course of events with the auction had an effect of warming up the market. The auction hall mood also clearly livened up again.

The vision didn’t even look back over to their direction. On the stage, Fat Brother grabbed out the second item for auction.

It was a top grade coral sculpture, carved into a person with the surrounding landscape!

This was the kind of item that made people want to fight over it. It was really too beautiful.

The person who carved the coral was certainly a great master. Each detail could be distinguished, even the finest hairs, bringing the style of the coral to the highest level.

This was the secular world after all.

These kinds of things were the most popular!

Because of this, the top grade coral sculpture made people go wild. Everyone on the second floor even started rattling off bids.

Wang Dafa also joined in the contest, but after several bids were called out, especially the ones from the second floor, Wang Dafa came to a stop.

It could be seen from this one point alone, this was no hillbilly that only knows how to flaunt wealth.

In the end, the coral sculpture was won by a person in the number three Heaven room on the second floor.

As time went on, all types of rare treasures were introduced by Fat Brother. It must be said, Fat Brother was quite eloquent, and his knowledge profound. He told a story for each of the precious objects, and each item became a peerless treasure at his words.

Everyone was also eager to buy. Two hours had passed since the beginning, and not a single item went unsold.

At the very end, the highlight of the day finally arrived.

Fat Brother solemnly stood there, and seriously spoke: “Next, we’ve reached the day’s most important moment. Our final auction is coming soon!”