Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 110: Bronze Cauldron

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Chapter 110: Bronze Cauldron

Miao Yiniang slightly shook her head. Her eyes carried much uncertainty, and she whispered: “No, I don’t often go to the auction house, but I receive an invitation practically every time because I run the Gluttonous Ogre. I’ve been a few times, but this is the first time it’s been like this.”

Miao Yiniang seemed a little confused while looking at Chu Mo: “How can you tell those people come from a sect?”

“Chu Mo laughed, then whispered: “People from the sects can cover their whole bodies, but an air of arrogance still penetrates through.”

Miao Yiniang gave Chu Mo a haughty look: “Aren’t you tarring everyone with the same brush?”

Chu Mo chuckled.

Miao Yiniang whispered: “However, what you said is indeed logical.”

Chu Yan somewhat curiously sized up everyone in the room, silently observing their movements and actions. At the same time, she also observed all the entrances to auction house, and started taking note of everything. These things were already instinct to her.

Chu Yan has an amazing intelligence gathering ability that is on par with her assassination skill, excusing the day she massively failed assassinating Chu Mo. Her observation skills are quite keen, and she has very strong insights.

This is also the main reason for her failed assassination that day.

She could tell right away that Chu Mo was someone she couldn’t assassinate. If she continued, she would only be throwing away her life. This was plain fact, and she was right.

The doors finally closed after a time. The auction hall was already seventy percent full at this moment.

The greater half of people hid their true identities, but the remaining few calmly showed their true selves. Either they weren’t afraid, because they weren’t afraid of anyone, or they weren’t going to buy anything, and they purely came to see the activity.

A fat middle-aged man walked onto the lowest stage at this time. If one didn’t carefully watch, they would believe a meatball just rolled on the stage.

However, no one who knew the Windcloud Auction House dared look down upon this middle-aged fatty. Because he is the Wincloud Auction House’s chief auctioneer. Very few people know his name, but practically everyone calls him Fat Brother.

“Strange, why has Fat Brother personally come today? Don’t tell me a big item has appeared?”

“Yes ah. This is indeed a little strange. Normally Fat Brother won’t appear if there isn’t a big item.”

“Fat Brother is the Windcloud Auction House’s second manager……”

Those familiar with each other assembled together, and began to whisper to each other.

The people who came without any disguise were completely off guard. Their faces all revealed a color of regret, because Fat Brother’s appearance means that this auction very likely has an unimaginable treasure.

“Ha ha, new and old friends, happy new year everyone! Long time no see, I have missed all of you.” Fat Brother’s voice resounded as he stood there. A group of smiles spread through the auction hall.

“I see those without disguises look a little depressed. Probably because I appeared, it makes you think this auction must have something good right?”

“Don’t tell me it isn’t true?” Someone shouted from the large hall.

Fat Brother laughed, and then nodded: ‘This time there really is something good, and actually not just a few. Those that came without disguises, please don’t worry about anything. These items are all very nice, but they aren’t worth killing over.”

Fat Brother smiled as he spoke: “Good, let’s get down to business and start today’s auction.”

The manner of the ball-like, fat middle-aged man completely changed as he said this. His whole aura changed from that of a money-bags into fully dignified person of authority.

Chu Mo was a little shocked. This felt extremely fresh, and he didn’t blink at all. However, Chu Mo also felt someone look his way at this point in time. This looked clearly carried a trace of murderous intent.

“Ah?” Chu Mo was a little shocked. He thought: ‘This disguise ability comes from master. There shouldn’t be anyone on the four continents that can see through it?’

However, Chu Mo soon discovered the murderous intent wasn’t directed at him, but rather towards Miao Yiniang at his side.

Chu Mo clearly felt Miao Yiniang become tense, seeming to be very nervous.

Chu Mo stealthily tapped Miao Yiniang’s hand.

He felt Miao Yiniang relax a little, but she was still a little tense.

On the stage, Fat Brother already pulled out the first item for auction at this time. It was a bronze cauldron that was over a thousand years old. The bronze cauldron was three feet tall, with three legs and two handles. The outside was rusted, and seemed to be carved with a few birds and beasts.

Miao Yiniang saw the bronze cauldron, and she immediately became urgent. She suddenly turned her hand over and grabbed onto Chu Mo’s hand.

Her hand…….was slightly cold, and trembled a little.

Chu Mo squinted, but he couldn’t make out any facial expression. At the same time, the long inactive jade suddenly scalded him.

“Can everyone see clearly? This bronze cauldron has quite a history. It’s definitely not a product of the Azure Dragon Continent, and it reportedly comes from the Vermilion Bird continent. The cauldron apparently comes from a once glorious large sect.” Fat Brother gave the opening introduction.

Chu Mo understood something from Miao Yiniang’s ice-cold trembling hand. He returned the grip on Miao Yiniang’s hand, then looked at Fat Brother on the stage.

“According to my knowledge, this bronze cauldron should be used as a sacrificial cauldron to the gods or ancestors. Of course, it could be a cauldron for refining medicine. The methods inside of sects are beyond what the secular world people like us can imagine.” Fat Brother said. He slightly smiled: “No matter its former glorious past, now……it is merely an artifact. Place it in your house, let it serve as decoration. It should be quite nice. The starting prince is two hundred liang……of gold.”

Chu Mo saw several people ready to act and raise a paddle when Fat Brother said the words two hundred liang. Then the people immediately became enraged when he said it was gold liang, and set down the paddles they thought to raise.

One gold liang is equal to ten silver liang. Even if this bronze cauldron was from a large sect in the Vermillion Bird continent, there was no way it is worth two thousand silver liang. This starting price was a little off the charts.

Chu Mo didn’t even act in the first instant, because of that look just now. This bronze cauldron could very likely come from the Misty Palace sect……and seems to be related.

Chu Mo isn’t someone expert in conspiracy theories, but this matter seems to be quite strange.

Fat Brother looked at the crowd below, but he wasn’t worried. He said with a laugh: “This price is a little expensive, but it is something from a large sect after all. Who knows what clever uses it could have? Perhaps the water stored inside it can cure all illness. Ha ha, just a joke. Don’t take that as the the truth. It could very well be poison after drinking, so don’t sue me.”

Fat Brother’s humorous words re-activated the mood on the stage. He spoke again: “Actually, since it is an artifact, I think it is worth this price. Of course, it’s only worth it if you like it.”

A noise finally came from the hall at this time. Someone finally raised a paddle.

“Two hundred and ten gold. I want it. Say yes Fat Brother. I like it so the price is worth it. I love this kind of stuff. I’ll take it home and place it by the door to catch rainwater.”