Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 109: Windcloud Auction House

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Chapter 109: Windcloud Auction House

The sky was a little overcast on the fifth day of the new year. There was a large wind, and it was cold. A few rays of light occasionally broke through the clouds, yet there was still no warmth.

Several shops on the street had already opened. Practically all of Yellow Flame City was still enveloped in the new year’s mood.

There weren’t too many pedestrians on the street, so Chu Mo was able to quickly ride a carriage through.

Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan both sat opposite of Chu Mo. They watched Chu Mo as he looked out the window. Miao Yiniang couldn’t help but laugh and say: “Isn’t it nice having a carriage with a window?”

Chu Mo turned around, laughed, and said: “Why do you say that, actually windowless carriages aren’t bad. I can’t see the outside, but at the same time……the outside can’t see me.”

Miao Yiniang was a little startled, then she smiled: “That’s just silly logic.”

Chu Yan said from the side: “Noble son is taking us to the auction house. Is it so we can gain experience?”

Chu Me wryly smiled and said: “I’ve also never been to the auction house. My family has always been very poor. Just the words ‘auction house’ alone are enough to scare me away. When would I have dared gone there before? So this is also my first time going. It’s still the new year. I’m taking you two out for some fun.”

Miao Yiniang warmly smiled: “My young master knows how to love people dearly.”

Chu Yan’s face slightly reddened. She then very curiously looked at Chu Mo: “Didn’t noble son say he grew up in a General’s household? How could you be poor?”

“Must an army General be wealthy?” Chu Mo asked in return.

Chu Yan thought a moment, then spoke: “In my thinking, Generals aren’t wealthy, but they couldn’t be called poor. But after seeing the General’s household, I can believe noble son’s words. But what is the reason for this?”

Miao Yiniang said from the side: “The grandfather of your family’s noble son is too good a man. Although he is a General, and his salary isn’t low, apart from saving enough money to eat every year, the remaining……is practically all given to the surviving family members of those who died in battle.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is, sorry.” Chu Yan’s expression appeared a little shaken.

Anyone can do good. However, few put themselves into a condition like old General Fan. This type of person automatically deserves respect, regardless if you know him or have ever met him.

Chu Mo looked out the carriage window to the outside. Occasionally he could see naughty children setting off fireworks, or running around with cold dripping noses.

This place was peaceful and cheerful. This is his home, the place he wants to defend.

This has nothing to do with the emperor or any man.

It’s something that is a piece of Chu Mo, held fast in the depths of his heart. It comes from the teachings that the General gave to him since childhood.

The Windcloud auction house was the largest auction house in Yellow Flame City. It was a two story building over a hundred feet tall.

The walls were made of limestone, appearing vast and simple. The roof was quite steep, and the four corners of the roof gracefully pulled up into points. It was exquisite and elaborate, as well as unusually imposing.

A large stone sign was attached above the entrance, the words Windcloud Auction House were carved into the sign in large letters.

It was said the Windcloud Auction House had a history of over a thousand years. It was even older than the founding of Da Xia. A sect has always been standing in the background behind it, never wavering.

The carriage stopped at the auction house entrance. A large amount of carriages were already gathered. There was heavy traffic, and it was extremely congested, but not noisy at all.

Several people were wearing large bamboo hats, covering up their appearances. Several others wore black capes that covered the head as well, keeping their faces hidden underneath the hoods. Some just simply wore a mask or veil.

In short, the majority of people here didn’t want their true status known by others.

Chu Mo foolishly looked out the window at the sight. He said: “It seems we don’t have any concealment……”

Miao Yiniang took out two veils from her robes. She gave Chu Yan one, then laughed at Chu Mo: “Young master, this is yours.”

“……” Chu Mo was completely dumbstruck.

Miao Yiniang finally pulled out a mask with a smiling expression. She handed it to Chu Mo and said: “I knew you wouldn’t think of this.”

“Why is it like this?” Chu Mo was a little concerned.

He is clever, even like an evil person in some aspects. But he is only a fourteen year old in the end. He naturally hasn’t experienced everything.

Miao Yiniang said: “Let’s say we buy a treasure here, and another person wants it. There could be much trouble if they know our identity. Hide your identity, then who will know who you are after the auction?”

Chu Mo suddenly understood: “So that’s how it is.”

While speaking, He took the mask that Miao Yiniang prepared for him. He then mumbled: “I had Xia Jing prepare a room for us. Then, won’t Xia Jing know my identity even if I wear the mask……and it still won’t be secret?

Miao Yiniang nodded, and said: ‘In any case, we can still sit in the main hall.”

Chu Mo thought it over: “That’s good. We don’t plan on buying anything anyways. We can sit in the main hall.”

As Chu Mo spoke, he started to change his physique according to the techniques that the demon lord taught him.

Before entering the bone refinement period, it would be very difficult to change his body shape using this kind of method, but now, changing body characteristics was no problem for Chu Mo.

Chu Mo’s body started to make clicking noises. Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan both looked at him suspiciously.

The two girls discovered Chu Mo’s stature changed after leaving the carriage……he was actually a half-head taller, and his frame was completely different than his normal thin figure. He seemed like an entirely different person. The current Chu Mo looked even more like an adult.

While wearing a small mask, no matter how you look, it gives off a type of evil feeling.

Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan both stared a little stupidly. The thoughts of the two girls were both a little shaken. But they kept it together, and didn’t ask any questions.

Those who want to enter the auction house must have an invitation card, otherwise, even the prince would have to wait outside. In order to protect a guest’s identity, the auction house invitation cards are all standardized.

Chu Mo immediately went inside with the two girls after showing his invitation. A spacious and empty feeling struck them in the face as soon as they entered.

There were chairs all the way down from where they were standing. Each chair had a numbered auction paddle. If they wanted to bid on something, then they must raise the paddle.

An enormous chandelier hung halfway from the ceiling, and it lit up the entire auction house. The whole second floor was composed of private rooms. There were twenty one rooms total. The rooms were divided into the heaven, earth, and mortal grades, with seven rooms to each grade. These rooms were the territory of the big shots.

Xia Jing originally prepared the seventh heaven grade room for Chu Mo, but because he didn’t want to reveal himself, he didn’t go up.

Chu Mo lead the two girls, and casually sat down at one of the highest places in the back corner.

He then watched the large of mass of people start filling the room.

The hall could fit over a thousand people, and the number of people inside quickly exceeded five hundred.

And it still wasn’t time to close the doors.

The whole hall was a little noisy, but it wasn’t a mess. People grouped together in twos and threes, and murmured among each other. Several people wore masks or the big bamboo hats, but they emitted an aura very different from normal people.

Chu Mo slightly squinted, and quietly asked Miao Yiniang: “Are there normally several sect members in this auction house?”