Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 108: The Most Ruthless Royal Family

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Chapter 108: The Most Ruthless Royal Family

This cultivator was actually crippled by someone. After asking mister Wei Chi, Xia Jing found out that a fifth rank cultivator could only be crippled by someone as strong as mister Wei Chi, a person at the sixth rank.

So the mysterious master supporting Chu Mo made prince Xia Jing a little terrified. He didn’t want to make Chu Mo an enemy even more now.

Powerful people are all quite clever. They normally only see profit and loss. As far as holding grudges……is it really that important?

Xia Jing never thought the fifth rank cultivator was defeated by Chu Mo’s hand, and the old man was too ashamed to say such a thing. He never told the truth even until death.

These reasons made Xia Jing have even more fear towards Chu Mo.

That is the reason for paying a visit.

Chu Mo welcomed Xia Jing into the living room. He smiled and said: “Why has the grand prince personally come?”

Xia Jing’s visit to the Fan household was extremely low-key. He only brought two attendants so no one on the outside would know, but he also brought a lavish gift.

A 50,000 silver liang bank note!

[TL: A liang is an ancient Chinese measurement for weight. It is said to be 50 grams, but I’ve also seen other weight amounts listed online. You can see various ones by google searching 两银]

Xia Jing warmly smiled after placing the silver bank note on the table: “Young master Chu, this is my little token, please don’t be offended.”

Chu Mo glanced at the number on the bank note. His heart slightly shook, and he couldn’t help but think: ‘That silver bank note can buy ten Fan households. That’s the largest amount of money I’ve ever seen.’

But Chu Mo wasn’t intimidated, because he will soon be rich.

Because of this, he simply smiled: “The great prince is too polite. I will accept this silver bank note.”

Xia JIng was immediately happy. He then carefully said: “The Cloudwind auction is the day after tomorrow. A batch of top grade medicines are being sold. I plan on buying them all. Will young master Chu be free at that time? Would you like to come with?”

Chu Mo chuckled while looking at Xia Jing: “Is the prince looking to pull me aboard?”

Xia Jing’s face turned red. He somewhat embarrassingly coughed twice: “Does young master Chu have to be so direct?”

Xia Jing softly sighed: “I never thought the crown prince would be so excessive. He even acted against you.”

“So, have we become natural allies?” Chu Mo asked.

Xia Jing smiled: “What else? Do you think that you have the ability to fight the crown prince?”

Xia Jing began resuming the manner of a Da Xia prince at this time.

Chu Mo slightly shook his head: “I know that I’m just a pawn; however, opposing me won’t be that easy for them.”

Xia Jing meaningfully looked at Chu Mo: “You can’t rely on master your whole life.”

Chu Mo glanced over at Xia Jing: “His royal highness sees right through me. But I must say, I still don’t fully trust your majesty even now.”

“It doesn’t matter if you trust me now. You will trust me one day.” Xia Jing said very confidently: “I have done many good and bad things over the years. I don’t dare say that I’m a good man, but I’m not a bad man either. My greatest mistake over the years is indulging Xia Jie too much. He developed an arrogant temper, and became insolent. Xia Jie also lacked brains, and his life was plotted against.”

“Plotted against?” Chu Mo looked to Xia Jing.

Xia Jing spoke in a low voice: “You think Xia Jie’s attempt against princess Xingxue……was actually an accident? There are many coincidences in the world, but very few are at such a high degree. I carefully investigated the matter later on. Someone was definitely plotting against him. And it was someone with the ability and courage to plot against a prince and princess……ha ha.”

Xia Jing laughed twice, and didn’t say anything else. He deeply looked at Chu Mo: “You accidentally interrupted at that time. Although you crippled my only son, but you also broke their plot. On some level you actually saved me, and you also saved that little animal’s life. Otherwise, that little animal would have really done it……”

A chill flashed across Xia Jing’s pupils.

Chu Mo knew. The little animal he referred to was Xia Jie.

Xia Jing sighed: “But this matter completely pulled you into the maelstrom. In addition, your grandfather General Fan also had a conflict with them in the past……”

Chu Mo simply said: “And now I’m giving you medicine too.”

Xia Jing nodded: “Right, they wish to see a prince with troubles, not an extremely normal prince.”

“So generally speaking, they’ve made me an enemy no matter what. Am I right?” Chu Mo sighed.

“Their enemy is actually the emperor also.” Xia Jing stunningly remarked.

Chu Mo abruptly raised his head. His brow furrowed, and he looked at Xia Jing: “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what you’re thinking.” Xia Jing simply said.

“It can’t be?”

“Why not?”

“He’s a crown prince. The throne will pass to him sooner or later.”

“Ha ha……a crown prince over the age of forty. How much longer can he wait? The emperor isn’t young, but do you think the emperor seems old?” Xia Jing grimly spoke.

“The emperor……he really isn’t old. He seems like a middle-aged man in the prime of life.” Chu Mo replied.

“The emperor has taken sever top grade pills. His cultivation level has already reached the fifth realm. Ha ha……although he isn’t much of a fighter. However, living over a hundred shouldn’t be a problem.” Xia Jing laughed: “Do you think his majesty the crown prince has the patience to wait another forty years? Will he wait until eighty to inherit the throne?”

“……” Chu Mo appeared speechless. The corners of his mouth twitched several times, actually unable to speak.

Xia Jing sighed at Chu Mo: “My brother……he is actually well aware, so you don’t need to worry. The crown prince and the others, although they aren’t weak, well you could say they are quite strong, but…….they will certainly have unsightly deaths if they really wish to fight the emperor.”

Xia Jing coldly smiled as he spoke.

Chu Mo trembled inside. He once heard as a child: The most ruthless royal family. He didn’t understand then, but now it appears to be literal.

Xia Jing heartily looked at Chu Mo: “Little Chu, to tell the truth, I really hated you in the beginning. I have changed my mind. You don’t need to laugh. It isn’t merely because of your medical skills, but also because of your character. I finally understand why that old guy Xu Zhongliang likes you. If we could, I’d like to forget the past and become friends.”

Chu Mo was silent a moment, then raised his head and calmly looked at Xia Jing: “I will also speak the truth. It is very hard for me to trust you. But, this doesn’t matter right? If the prince is telling the truth, then time will tell.” Chu Mo smiled and said: “Set up a room for the auction. I don’t want to appear with you in public.”

Xia Jing appeared happy. He nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I will make proper arrangements.”

Chu Mo nodded: “My master……cough cough, that one. So long as prince prepares almost all the drug ingredients, the rest of the medicine can quickly be refined.”

Chu Mo appeared calm, as if he didn’t divulge anything.

A trace of color flashed across Xia Jing’s pupils. He thought: ‘So that’s how it is.’

Xia Jing bid farewell soon after.

Chu Mo returned to his room after Xia Jing left. He simply smiled: “Having master as a super-shield……is really not bad.”