Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 107: Paying Someone a Visit

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Chapter 107: Paying Someone a Visit

Three days had passed since new year’s night.

Miao Yiniang gave the Gluttonous Ogre account books, official seal, the deed, and a pile of other things to Liu Mei’er on this third day, officially handing them over.

Liu Mei’er instantly became the Gluttonous Ogre’s boss!

That pitiful little girl who had no control of her fate has been transformed. She is now a person of status in Yellow Flame City. Her fate had a complete change because of Chu Mo and Xu Fufu.

At the same time, someone else’s fate had also completely changed because of Chu Mo. The woman with the most authority in the Prince Mansion……princess Yuan Zidai.

Only Liu Mei’er’s fate went from bad to good, and Yuan Zidai’s fate……sank into the abyss!

The Fan household guards delivered the tied up old man to the Prince Mansion early morning on new year’s day.

These guards weren’t aware of what happened after. They only gave Chu Mo a report. The guards said prince Xia Jing didn’t appear, but he had someone make a statement: “Tell Chu Mo sorry, and thank young master Chu!”

The Fan household guards were puzzled at prince Xia Jing’s words. However, Chu Mo only laughed when he heard.

News came in the afternoon that princess Yuan Zidai died of sudden illness.

Chu Yan locked herself in the room and cried all afternoon when she heard. She came out in the evening, and despite Chu Mo’s prior objections, she knelt on the ground. She respectfully bowed to Chu Mo to express thanks.

The killing of her parents was absolutely irreconcilable, not to mention killing the whole family!

Chu Yan still remembered the deep affection Yuan Zidai once held for her, and she couldn’t personally seek revenge. But how could Chu Yan’s heart be without hatred?

Now Yuan Zidai has passed, and so has the hatred. The former gratitude and grudges easily floated away.

Chu Mo never heard the news on Xia Jie. However, he heard a little something from Miao Yiniang. He spoke to her on this third day, when he took Chu Yan to witness the official handown of the Gluttonous Ogre.

“Xia Jie has gone missing. He disappeared when his mother died, and no one knows where he is.” Miao Yiniang worriedly looked at Chu Mo: “You need to be careful. He certainly hates you to the core.”

Chu Mo helplessly shook his head. This is the way of the world. Maybe Xia Jie sends someone to kill him, and then he can take revenge…….the question is, on what grounds does Chu Mo have to kill Xia Jie now?

“Don’t worry, I won’t have problems.” Chu Mo smiled. He then introduced Miao Yiniang to Chu Yan. He didn’t conceal anything, not even her history.

Miao Yiniang looked back and forth between Chu Mo and Chu Yan. She lovingly said: “It looks like my young master has become more and more charming. Even maidens of the enemy are being swindled over to our side. You’re quickly catch up to Xu Fufu!”

Chu Yan’s face turned red, and she embarrassingly lowered her head.

Chu Mo could only helplessly look at Miao Yiniang: “You don’t like it. I’ll return.”

“Don’t! I like, I really like. I’ve been searching everywhere for such an outstanding younger sister.” Miao Yiniang pulled Chu Yan’s hand while she spoke. She smiled and said: “She is mine when she isn’t helping you. You can go!”

Chu Mo couldn’t help but return a haughty look. Then he explained to Chu Yan: “Treat Yiniang as a big sister. She definitely won’t bully you.”

“Ah. You’re both named Chu……and mine’s not the same. I should change my name tomorrow, and call myself Chu Yiniang.” Miao Yiniang lamented from the side.

Chu Yan softly said: “I didn’t have a surname originally. Noble son gave me one.”

Miao Yiniang put all joking aside, and lovingly hugged Chu Yan: “Good little sister, your big sister is just joking. Take it easy, I will be your big sister from now on. I’ll help take care of anyone that dares bully you!”

Chu Mo bid farewell to Miao Yiniang soon after. He left Chu Yan, and returned to the Fan household alone.

One-armed uncle already returned, and he brought back new information.

“The Windcloud auction house has set the date for the fifth……which is the day after tomorrow. They will begin selling off the first batch of our goods.” One-armed uncle excitedly said: “Young master, we will soon be rich!”

“Yes ah……rich.” Chu Mo slightly smiled. Wealth can make a person’s life much better. It has always been this way.

Even a man like one-armed uncle, who doesn’t think about money, has become so excited from the news. The power of money is self-evident.

“As soon as we have the money, we will immediately restore our household! I’m afraid the General won’t dare believe this is the Fan household when he returns.” The middle-aged one-armed uncle smiled.

“Not too much, careful not to get scolded.” Chu Mo reminded with good intention.

“Don’t worry young master. I already have a number in mind not to exceed. Magnificent luxury is not the General’s style!” One-armed uncle said. He then said to Chu Mo: “Right, this auction house seems to be selling off several top grade drug ingredients.”

“Oh?” Chu Mo’s eyebrows jumped. He thought: ‘This news needs to be told to Xia Jing, given that he can buy those top grade ingredients now, but he will certainly feel the pain. Let Xia Jing spend the money nevertheless. The prince is rich enough to rival a nation. I ought to let him bleed a little.’

Chu Mo decided to take a walk to the Prince Mansion later in the afternoon as he thought.

However, Xia Jing took the initiative before Chu Mo even left.

There was no other way. The grand prince didn’t want to personally take initiative and pay a visit. However, whether a person is nobility or a commoner in the street, there is no difference when facing an illness. Disease won’t let a person go because of their status.

After he took the pill, the prince finally recovered the confidence that he lost so many years ago.

As far as the mighty prince that held heavenly authority, he was like a newborn. He felt great satisfaction again, but he didn’t dare be excessively greedy.

He carefully followed Chu Mo’s warning.

The matter with the princess made Xia Jing come to a realization. There are some things that must quickly be decided.

He didn’t want Chu Mo to take the initiative and pay a visit. The reason is very simple. The new year’s night assassination attempt scared the willies out of him. Chu Mo wasn’t harmed, but Xia Jing was still very afraid.

Who could he cry to on the chance that Chu Mo gets hurt?

Yuan Zidai had private contact with a few sect members. Xia Jing already knew this. He considered this at the time, but he didn’t tell Chu Mo. Because at that time, Chu Mo didn’t truly show his ability to refine medicine yet!

Chu Mo successfully avoided assassination that night, but Xia Jing was in a cold sweat.

For this reason, Xia Jing must guarantee Chu Mo’s safety until he fully recovers.

Even when he fully recovers, he still wants to turn Chu Mo into a friend. After all……who could guarantee there wouldn’t be a use for Chu Mo in the future?

The old assassin was secretly executed by Xia Jing. However, Xia Jing was scared into another cold sweat before he put the man to death.

Because the assassin actually was a rank five cultivator that can kill a thousand men!