Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 106: Defeating Iron Blood Realm

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Chapter 106: Defeating Iron Blood Realm

An old man of average stature with an obscene appearance emerged before Chu Mo.

“Yo ah? Interesting……did I unexpectedly happen upon a little genius’s breakthrough? The iron bone period huh, so cruel cruel cruel cruel, how terrifying ah.” The man’s voice sounded like the unpleasant laughter of an old crow.

He sized up Chu Mo with great interest, and cackled: “There isn’t a trace of Yuan power left on your body? Do you want an hour to recover your Yuan power?”

Chu Mo simply glanced at the old man, and seriously spoke: “It’s the new year. You are so ugly, are you like an ugly ghost that comes out to scare people?”

“Little animal……you dare mouth off on death’s door?” The old man took a large step towards Chu Mo. In his eyes, this teenager was no different than a lamb for slaughter.

Because of this, the old man raise a hand and slapped towards Chu Mo’s face.

You dare call someone your grandfather’s age ugly? Let me beat a lesson into you.


The old man’s wrist was tightly caught.

His eyes grew wide, revealing a look of disbelief and shock

The old man didn’t speak, and only used power……a large amount of Yuan Qi immediately erupted out, intending to shatter the hand that held his wrist into pieces.

“I will let you know what the power that can kill a thousand men means.” The old man roared.

“Fifth rank that’s it.” Chu Mo simply said, and exerted his strength onto the wrist.


The old man’s wrist snapped right away.

“Ah!” The old man let out an extremely miserable cry.

He didn’t have an ability like the demon lord to seal off noise in the room. Because of this, the miserable yell traveled far away in the peaceful night.

Everyone in the General’s household……and even the neighbors jumped in fright.

The fastest to react was naturally Chu Yan. The maiden was only wearing her pajamas with her cloak draped on the outside. She appeared weakly pale as she directly rushed into Chu Mo’s room. What she saw made her stunned.

Chu Mo’s face was covered in a white layer of crystals, appearing somewhat strange. However, he showed a taunting smile, and still held on to the old man’s completely fractured wrist. He said: “Your screaming is uglier than your looks. It sounds terrible.”

He looked over to the dumbstruck Chu Yan: “You wish to say something?”

“Ah……I, I know him.” Chu Yan astonishingly said.

The old man struck towards Chu Mo with an ugly expression. Chu Yan screamed out: “Careful noble son!”


Chu Mo firmly stopped the old man’s other blow, once again grabbing onto his wrist.

Only Chu Mo’s arm was severely shaken this time.

After all, the old man exhausted all his strength to strike Chu Mo dead in this blow.

The fifth rank is a cultivator that can cut down a thousand men. A full power blow is naturally no small thing.

Chu Mo’s arm merely shook, but the organs inside churned, causing a trace of blood to flow into his mouth.

Chu Yan enraged. A dagger appeared in her hand, and she directly charged towards the old man’s heart from behind.

“Don’t kill him.” Chu Mo shortly said, and exerted a little force at the same time.


The old man’s other wrist also fractured.

“Ah!” The old man miserably screamed once again.

A burst of footsteps came from the courtyard. Everyone in the Fan household was alerted.

“Go, tell them to return to sleep. I’m fine.” Chu Mo glanced at Chu Yan while slightly smiling.

Chu Yan was completely dumbstruck. Her vision was full of disbelief. She subconsciously nodded, turned, and left the room.

But a guard’s voice quickly came from the Fan household courtyard: “Who are you? We want to see young master!”

Chu Mo coughed, and then yelled: “She is my adopted little sister Chu Yan. You all go back to sleep. I’m fine in here.”

“There’s really no problem?” The old Fan household guard couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Mo laughed: “It’s really nothing. I captured an assassin. I already have it under control. Go back to sleep.” Chu Mo said. He then grinned at the old man: “Ugly man, weren’t you saying something?”

“Little animal!” The old man painfully sweated. His eyes appeared extremely bitter. He indignantly looked at Chu Mo, and gave him a scolding: “Kill me if you have the guts!”

The Fan household members knew young master wasn’t in trouble after hearing these words. But how could they go back to sleep now?

The crowd of people all stayed in the courtyard as a result. Concerned about the situation in the room, Chu Yan once again entered inside.

She looked at Chu Mo and said: “I’ve seen him before. He……taught me some martial skills. He’s related to the princess.”

“Little slut……you actually betray the princess. You won’t die well.” The old man yelled. His two wrists were completely fractured, and held by Chu Mo. The old man thought to strike a knee at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo added pressure with his hands, and the old man immediately cried in miserable pain. The screams passed far away through the walls of the house.

“That woman……she’s still restless ah.” Chu Mo couldn’t help but sigh.

He coldly looked at the old man. Chu Mo suddenly let loose a fist, and ruthlessly struck towards the old man’s small Dantian region.


The first fist of the nameless boxing skill!

Powerful beyond compare!

Chu Mo’s fist is fast and ruthless. The old man had no time to avoid, and was struck by Chu Mo.


The old man sprayed out a mouthful of blood, withering instantly.

Chu Mo’s fist crushed his Dantian!

The old man didn’t scream this time because he already lost consciousness.

Chu Yan’s shocked appearance didn’t wane at all. She looked at Chu Mo and spoke with a quiver in her voice: “Noble son, you……how can you so easily defeat a fifth rank iron blood cultivator? It’s too unimaginable!”

“Iron blood realm?” Chu Mo looked at the old man collapsed on the floor, and laughed: “His blood…….is no different.”

[TL: I don’t know if Chu Mo is lying here, but it is what the author wrote. The person is indeed a 5th rank iron blood cultivator.]

He stood up and walked to Chu Yan’s side: “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about anything, but I suggest you go back and change clothes.”

“Ah!” Chu Yan exclaimed. Her face rapidly turned red, then she grabbed her cloak and ran out.

Chu Mo laughed and followed outside. He saw the crowd of people in the courtyard. Everyone in the Fan household gathered there, including the maidservants he had recently taken in. They all looked at him with deep concern.

Chu Mo spoke with a warm heart: “It’s the new year. I have made you all worried. Have two men come and tie this old thing up. Send him to the Prince Mansion tomorrow. Tell the great man of the Prince Mansion that I sent him a new year’s gift!”

“……” The crowd at the Fan household didn’t know what in the world just happened, appearing like they didn’t hear anything. However, they knew the young master had eased tensions with prince Xia Jing after smashing the Prince Mansion.

But tonight’s assassin…….how is it related?

They’d be scared half dead they knew the true identity of the old man. He is a thousand man killing cultivator even stronger than General Fan.

“Young Master……was this assassin sent from the Prince Mansion?” A veteran soldier appeared enraged as he asked Chu Mo.

Another man gnashed his teeth: “Prince Xia Jing goes too far!”

Chu Mo waved his hand and said with a smile: “You’re all thinking too much. This person wasn’t sent by prince Xia Jing. Send him over tomorrow. The prince will know what to do. The sky is getting brighter. I’m dead tired……everyone go back to sleep.”

Two veteran guards dragged the unconscious man from Chu Mo’s room, and they bound him with ropes.

Two maidservants silently entered Chu Mo’s room. They deftly tied up the place, and then silently withdrew.

Miao Yiniang selected no mere ordinary servant girls for Chu Mo. It could be seen from this act alone.

Their courage was also far beyond normal!

Ordinary girls would be too scared to act if they saw this kind of scene.

Chu Mo thought while praising their courage: A life with maidservants is truly not the same ah……

His body finally felt unpleasant at this moment. He still suffered internal injuries from the old man’s blow.

This pain was somewhat depressing. This strike wouldn’t have injured him at all if there was abundant Yuan energy in his body.

“Looks like I need find a peaceful place that others cannot find when it’s time for the next breakthrough.”

Chu Mo calmed down the crowd, and then returned to the room. He started exercising his energy to heal the injuries.