Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 105: Breakthrough

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Chapter 105: Breakthrough

His forehead was already oozing with sweat, but the sweat didn’t drip to the floor because it turned to steam from the heat.

That’s because at this time, Chu Mo already started wrapping the Yuan Qi towards his skull

Not just the cultivators on the four continents, but even the top level Immortal World cultivators would be terrified seeing this, and believe the little guy is crazy.

To do this solo without any protection skills, isn’t it the same as seeking death?

But Chu Mo worked extremely hard in this somewhat shabby General’s household…….because there wasn’t enough time for repairs.

A two hour period flew by. The night sky had already entered its darkest moment.

The outside was pitch-black like ink. If one looked at their hands, then they couldn’t see the fingers.

Just like how extreme sorrow turns to joy, the darkness wasn’t far away from turning to light. There is only a moment before the gray dawn comes in the east. The first day of the new year is quickly arriving.

Chu Mo completely stopped the motion of Heaven’s Will My Will at this moment. He could no longer continue multitasking at this time.

Chu Mo was completely out of mental energy to do another task. He could only use all his focus to temper the bones.

Chu Mo started to maneuver the pure and vastly powerful Yuan energy from his Dantian, and began to temper and wrap it around the skull.

Chu Mo’s handsome face became twisted and hideous because of the pain. Sweat would come out and immediately dry, repeating over and over again. A layer of white crystal appeared on Chu Mo’s face after a period of effort.

This crystal……is the salt left over after a large amount of sweat evaporated away.

Chu Mo already reached the pivotal moment at this time. Only the crown of the head remained.

Chu Mo would truly step into the fourth rank iron bone realm of the bone refinement period. He just had to refine this last piece of bone using Yuan Qi.

Under these ignorant circumstances, he would create a true miracle. Chu Mo would forge an unprecedented total body bone refinement.

Even the Demon Lord…….he would feel shock and terror. Perhaps he would feel regret at his own carelessness. Why didn’t he tell Chu Mo about the skull……not even the peak talents of the Immortal World would carelessly refine it.

Because that place……is too sensitive.

One small mistake, and it is beyond redemption.

There are too many methods in the Immortal World to strengthen the body at the later stages. Most cultivators even wait until the later period to turn into a gilded immortal.

[TL: I think ‘gilded immortal’ is just a phrase to indicate a person with an incredibly tough defense/body. I don’t think it is referring to an actual cultivation level.]

Because of this, really no one is as insane as Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord made the mistake of having too much experience. He never thought Chu Mo could would even try the skull.

But now……no one could stop Chu Mo. There wouldn’t be enough time even if the Demon Lord returned right now.

This isn’t a notched arrow, but an arrow that has already been let loose.

Chu Mo fully concentrated. His head was so painful that it felt like exploding. Those minute strands contained the sensation of countless blades cutting the skull. Ordinary people would be horrified thinking about it, let alone try.

Chu Mo gritted his teeth. The veins on his forehead burst out, and he controlled the Yuan Qi to wind up the crown, cut by cut.

Practically all of the families in Yellow Flame City had sunken into a deep sleep. They tired long ago after the celebration at midnight on new year’s eve.

The entire city seemed to be sleeping, and entirely peaceful.

It was so quiet that even the slightest wind could be heard.

A black colored figure rapidly advanced towards the Fan household. The figure moved hundreds of feet in an instant. Moving over the high and low buildings, the shadowy figure stepped on them, and propelled himself forwards.

Chu Mo was on the last step inside the room……another three strands of Yuan Qi go on his skull, and he would be completely finished.

But this last step was also the most difficult, because Chu Mo already approached his max limit.

If his Yuan Qi wasn’t incredibly pure; If his Dantian wasn’t overflowing with accumulated Yuan Qi that was far beyond a normal cultivator; If he didn’t use Heaven’s Will My Will to slow down the energy consumption……then a full body tempering would have been fundamentally impossible for anyone to accomplish.

The ignorant are fearless.

These four words are the most appropriate for Chu Mo right now.

It’s precisely because he knows so little. He knows none of the so-called rules and regulations, the so-called customs, and the so-called possible and impossible, so everything is outside the box. He completely doesn’t know.

He only remembered what his master told him.

“The transformation from the body to bone refinement period seems the most basic. In fact, several very important Immortal World talents don’t even care, because they can make up for it later on. But if they make up for it later, then how can they reach beyond the innate realm?”

“A hundred thousand foot tall building starts from the foundation. The building will collapse sooner or later if the foundation is unsteady.”

“You cannot be stronger than others without working hard in this world.”

“Even the children of great men don’t wish to be laughed at. They don’t want to be wastes that rely on their parents, and desire to be just as strong or stronger. If they want the glory of their house to continue…….then they must continue to cultivate.”

“The road of cultivation is not for those who think of shortcuts. It seems clever at the time, but they are the greatest group of idiots. The day will come, and they will discover their clever shortcut has brought about harmful consequences……it is somewhere in the back, smiling and waiting for them.”

“This is karma.”

Due to the Demon Lord’s repeated instruction, the unknowing and fearless Chu Mo amazingly stepped on a path that no one had ever tread upon.

Persistence, toughness, accumulated struggle, courage, and luck…….Chu Mo has all of these indispensable factors.

There’s no thought of failure.

Because of this, at the last moment when practically all of the Yuan energy was emptied from the Dantian.


Chu Mo suddenly heard a clear crisp sound in his head.

Then, Chu Mo extremely shakily discovered, his body……underwent some kind of incomprehensible enormous change.

All the bones on his body suddenly emitted dazzling rays of light.

These rays of light almost penetrated through his body, nearly directly erupting out.

Then all of the pain Chu Mo felt disappeared without a trace in an instant.

It vanished like smoke in thin air.

Then an extremely strong feeling came forth from the inside.

Although Chu Mo didn’t test it out, he could feel the bones in his body reached a near unbreakable level. Chu Mo even felt that his body is now a supreme natural force in battle.

His entire body, each and every bone……is now a godly weapon.

There wasn’t the slightest bit of Yuan energy left in his Dantian, but Chu Mo felt unprecedentedly powerful.

“This is the bone refinement period? It’s unexpectedly so strong. Isn’t is a little different from the past bone refinement period warriors I faced?

He slowly opened his eyes. The world before him became extremely fresh. The fine details that he never noticed before became incredibly clear.

He could even clearly see the floating dust in the room.

His ability to listen also reached a new level. He could hear countless details from the gentle wind outside that he never heard before.

Including a far approaching……robe-flapping sound.

Chu Mo’s eyes flashed with a dazzling light.

He calmly sat there and waited.

At this moment, the door was pushed open.