Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 104: Bone Refinement

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Chapter 104: Bone Refinement

Chu Mo silently cultivated Heaven’s Will My Will inside the room. His past accumulations already reached critical point……he was prepared to break into the fourth realm.

From the body refinement period……and now assaulting towards the bone refinement period!

The degree of purity for the Yuan Qi in Chu Mo’s body far exceeded that of other cultivators in this world.

The strength of a cultivator not only depends on the realm, scripture, and martial skills, but it also depends on the Yuan Qi’s degree of purity.

The more pure the Yuan Qi, the greater power a move has.

Martial skills can be acquired through daily training, and become more and more mature. However, the degree of Yuan Qi purity hinges upon the cultivating scripture. No one has the ability to change this aspect.

Scripture is far more valuable than martial skill and techniques because it can build a foundation.

A good cultivation method is simply priceless. The top level sects on the four continents are all powerful because they all have their own powerful cultivation methods.

And Chu Mo’s Heaven’s Will My Will……is the most powerful one!

A large amount of Yuan Qi gathered towards Chu Mo’s room from all directions along with his practice of the cultivation method.

It all swarmed in through the meridians on Chu Mo’s body.

But Chu Mo didn’t directly send the Yuan Qi into his Dantian this time.

Because the Yuan Qi in his Dantian was already enough to break into the fourth realm.

Chu Mo continuously guided this Yuan Qi towards the bones in his body, twisting it around the bones.

Tempering bone!

This is a difficult……and painful process!

Chu Mo must maintain a high degree of consciousness, and not suffer any influence. Even though he has the ability to multitask, Chu Mo had to place much into tempering bones!

The last bit of his focus was used to maintain cultivation of Heaven’s Will My Will.

As far as the pain……each strand of Yuan Qi is finer than the hair on one’s head, and it possesses terrifying power. It appears intangible, but it is even sharper than knives!

Using this Yuan Qi and intertwining it onto the bones is the same as using knives to continuously cut.

The slightest strands and the smallest threads continuously wrapping around cutting!

Normal people feel pain when the skin on the finger is cut, don’t even mention cutting a bone.

So much pain that you want to die, that description isn’t enough to describe this sensation.

Bone refinement……has never been a gentle or happy affair.

This is why Xu Fufu would rather die than constantly cultivate. He prefered to live a carefree life as a noble in the world.

Of course, there is one way to avoid this pain——pills!

Just like Chen Xingxue, she basically had no pain when breaking into the Yuan closure third realm. If she had enough high grade pills, then should could doing this into the bone refinement period, and even promote into the peak of the bone refinement period——the golden stone realm!

The strongest pills in this world stop at that point.

The kind of pill that can make a person’s realm reach the golden stone state is already considered a defiance of the natural order.

But this kind of realm is unstable. Because of this, cultivators normally don’t use this method to promote their realms.

Only people like Chen Xingxue use these pills. Those people who want to prolong their life and live healthy.

This is the knowledge that the Demon Lord had told to Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord told Chu Mo that he must rely on his own effort if he truly wants to increase power.

“If a person could continuously eat pills and increase to the strongest realm, then the strongest person in the world would be a pill master.”

The Demon Lord’s words were deeply stamped into Chu Mo’s mind. He knew that his master was giving a warning. Don’t neglect authentic cultivation just because you have the ability to refine pills.

“Don’t worry. I will work hard……and move forward step by step!”

The Yuan Qi that far exceeded the pureness of other people’s turned into the sharpest blade in the world at this moment. The wrapping of Yuan Qi around his bones became extremely tight!


Chu Mo couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. This sensation was even more painful than the Yuan beast blood bath.

However, Chu Mo was without any hesitation. He controlled the Yuan Qi, and continuously wrapped it around each bone in his body.

The Yuan Qi is like spider thread, and Chu Mo’s consciousness was like a spider controlling its thread, constantly spreading a net on his bones……continuously tempering.

Chu Mo could even feel his bones constantly strengthening as the Yuan Qi wrapped around them.

Constantly becoming strong!

And becoming even stronger!

This process is like a caterpillar breaking the cocoon. In the process, there is a long period of pain, torment, and struggle until the very end. The caterpillar breaks out, and in that moment……it becomes a butterfly, one of the most beautiful creatures in the world!

At last there is only the skull remaining!

This is the hardest step. The vast majority of cultivators in this world give up on tempering the skull when they enter the bone refinement period.

They don’t have the courage!

One mistake, and you are beyond recovery!

The thing Chu Mo didn’t know is, practically no one tempers the bones all at once during the bone refinement process. This isn’t just in the four continents, but even in the Spirit World and Immortal World……practically none of the cultivators do this when going from the body to bone refinement stage.

And no one does it at such a dense concentration. The bones are wrapped without a single opening!

Almost everyone who passes from the body to bone refinement stage uses Yuan Qi to wrap around the legs, sternum, and arms.

Once the crucial bones are tempered, this is considered passing from the body to bone refinement stage.

The bones wrapped up in Yuan Qi will have their strength increased by several times. Normal blades will not be able to cause injury, and the bones basically become impenetrable.

This is already enough according to the cultivators!

When the peerless talents of the large sects merely wrap the bones with a few more Yuan Qi strands, they can be considered much stronger than others!

But in the eyes of the Demon Lord, these talents are merely fooling themselves!

Why are there fewer and fewer cultivators on the four continents that cultivate into the higher realms, and break into the void entering the Spirit World?

The fundamental reason is right here!

Their foundations aren’t strong at all! In the opinion of the Demon Lord, these people don’t even have a foundation to speak about.

He definitely couldn’t permit his disciple to make this kind of error. Because of this, the Demon Lord told Chu Mo how to enter the bone refinement period in the first instant that Chu Mo’s realm reached the peak body refinement period.

Chu Mo never had never been graced with this kind of knowledge. Not even his grandfather Fan Wudi spoke with him about how to break into the bone refinement period. Because of this, Chu Mo believed this is the way passing from the body refinement period into the bone refinement period should be!

Even if at the final step not a single person dared touch the skull on the four continents, the Spirit World, and the Immortal World……Chu Mo still didn’t stop!