Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 103: Granting Your Name

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Chapter 103: Granting Your Name

This oath is very serious!

Not even extremely evil people can easily make joke about their families. Therefore, Yan Zhi’s oath was ever more serious than pledging her own life.

Chu Mo reached over and helped the young maiden up: “Your name is Yan Zhi?”

“Yes, I was raised by the princess since I was very little, and given the name Yan Zhi. I was kept on the outside……and studied all kinds of ways to kill, as well as martial skills.” Yan Zhi looked down, and softly said: “Then a couple days ago, the princess finally brought me into the Prince Mansion, and disguised me as a common maid. In reality, it was to assassinate out noble son.”

“So it is like that.” Chu Mo nodded: “Since you have made a choice, then, we should no longer call you the name Yan Zhi. It sounds like a servant girl’s name, you don’t even have an actual surname. Would you be offended……taking on the surname Chu?”

[TL: Yan Zhi’s name translates into ‘rouge’, like makeup. The character for ‘Yan’ in her original name isn’t actually a traditional Chinese surname.]

Yan Zhi was first a little shocked, soon after, her eyes turned red. She knelt down once again while looking at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo cut her off: “Remember, you aren’t some servant from today on. You must not frequently kneel for people. Do you hear?”

Tears formed in the corners of Yan Zhi’s eyes, and instantly fell. She appeared vividly touched, like the moment of flowers blooming, just amazingly beautiful.

“I am a girl. My family never thought to give me a surname. In their opinion, I would join another man’s family sooner or later. Now my family is no longer alive. Not only has noble son taken me in, he has also granted me a name. I’m not offended, how could I be offended? Thank you noble son! Thank you!”

Chu Mo never imagined his thoughtless action, it would actually make the glamorous maiden have such a large response.

After thinking a moment, he said: “From now on, you will be named Chu Yan.”

“Yes!” The maiden’s eyes burst out with bright light. She mumbled out: “Chu Yan……it truly sounds good. I finally have my own name and surname!

At the same time, she was extremely clear on the worth of the Chu name!

Chu Mo wouldn’t make her be submissive like a slave. He wouldn’t make her frequently kneel to others……but there is seniority in this world, and clear lines of respect. Subordinates are subordinates! When master asks you to kneel, do you dare not kneel?

Chu Mo clearly didn’t treat her as a servant, then he said there is something for her to do, and now he gives her the name Chu……to the a certain extent, he is treating her as a little sister!

At the very least, the whole Fan household, and the nobility in Yellow Flame City, they wouldn’t regard Chu Yan as a maidservant upon seeing her.

As far as being a little older than Chu Mo, this was completely irrelevant.

What Chu Mo gave her……is not only just a new life.

This is the most promising day in Chu Yan’s teenage life.

This new year’s night is her day of fortune.

“Good, I will make someone prepare a room for you. You can stay in this house tonight. As far as the other things, they will be said in time.” Chu Mo spoke, then grabbed out a pill: “Go back and take this. The poison in your body will be cured. However, the experience might be a little painful. Be ready to use the toilet……”

“Oh……” Chu Yan suddenly looked shy. She couldn’t help but give Chu Mo a blank glance.

Chu Mo called over a maidservant, and had her lead Chu Yan to a renovated room.

The maidservant looked at the girl who suddenly appeared. She just about stared, and she felt a little loss in her heart. She never thought such a high status girl would appear so suddenly in the household. She didn’t know this new girl’s relationship with the young master, but obviously……she was much higher status than herself and the other maidservants.

But this thought disappeared in an instant, because she is already extremely fortunate to come here and encounter a master like this.

Chu Mo sat down and drank his tea after sending Chu Yan away. He couldn’t help but smile. He softly said to himself: “My luck really isn’t bad. If the princess knew that her trump card, the one she painstakingly raised over the years, became my follower, would she cough up blood? All in all, the princess has been quiet recently. I hope you stay quiet.”

At this very moment, the princess Yuan Zidai that he spoke of was extremely angry.

This powerful Prince Mansion woman would have originally gone to the royal new year’s banquet, and casually chatted with a group of noble women.

She can only stay in the nunnery of Yellow Flame City nowadays. Although the table was full of delicious meat and vegetable dishes of every kind, she had no appetite.

That originally beautiful face was warped with hatred.

A young handsome teenager was before her, only he had a somewhat girl-like manner.

He was Xia Jie, the one Chu Mo kicked into an eunuch.

“Mother, don’t be mad. The situation has already become like this. What can we do?” Xia Jie’s voice was a little thin, sounding extremely strange. It was a little bit like a palace eunuch.

“What do you mean ‘what can we do’? I want revenge! I want revenge! Not only will I kill the little animal Chu Mo, I also won’t let that emotionless betraying Xia Jing go!” Yuan Zidai’s vision became cold. She gritted her teeth and said: “Do they really believe I’m still a stupid girl from a small clan? Does Xia Jing believe he can recklessly decide the fate of others simply because he is a prince? Can he decide life and death?”

“Mother……you want revenge on my father?” Xia Jie appeared extremely shocked. He almost didn’t dare believe his mother.

Yuan Zidai looked at Xia Jie, and sneered: “You idiot, don’t tell me you can’t see our plight?”

Xia Jie said: “What plight? I am the sole heir to the Prince Mansion, although I…….was harmed by that animal Chu Mo, and no longer have that ability, I am still the sole heir!

“That quickly won’t be the case.” Yuan Zidai looked at her son, and coldly spoke: “Once that little animal Chu Mo cures the old bastard’s sickness, he can quickly have a pile of sons! Do you understand? Will he care about a useless cripple like you at that time?”

“I’m not crippled!” Xia Jia soared up into a standing position. He angrily looked at his own mother: “Even you speak to me this way!”

The shrill voice traveled far away.

But no one heard. There was no one in this nunnery apart from the servants Yuan Zidai brought. Yuan Zidai drove out all the nuns that originally practiced here. Otherwise, how could there be meat dishes on this holy ground?

Yuan Zidai icily looked at her son: “Sit down!”

Xia Jie trembled. He sat down while appearing wronged, and began to cry.

This made Yuan Zidai even more fidgety. She looked at her son and indignantly said: “Cry cry cry, just like a girl! I see you’re upset. You’re only getting in the way here, get out get out get out! Scurry back to the prince mansion!”

Xia Jie stood up, flicked his sleeve, twisted his waist, and headed out.

Yuan Zidai flipped over the table full of delicious food, and hysterically roared: “Chu Mo! I will tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

Yuan Zidai was like a lunatic. She smashed everything smashable inside the room, then panted from exhaustion. She gnashed her teeth and said: “Come out! I promise you!”

A handsome old man in his fifties suddenly appeared in the room. A wicked light was hidden in his eyes. He stared at Yuan Zidai’s well developed figure, then laughingly said: “Is princess really convinced?”

Yuan Zidai looked at the old man. Dense loathing flashed across the depths of her eyes, but she gritted her teeth and nodded: “I promise you……”

The old man pressed near at this time.

Yuan Zidai retreated a step, sharply yelling: “Stay still!”

“Still pretending to be pure? Didn’t you already promise me?” The old man’s obscene expression revealed a trace of a sneer: “Do you still believe yourself a spoiled princess?”

Yuan Zidai coldly said: “I promise you, but don’t even think of touching me before bringing Chu Mo’s head!”

The old man somewhat impatiently said: “Just a little brat, you really think he is the devil?”

The old man once again pressed closer as he spoke. Yuan Zidai immediately raised a blade, and held it to her own throat: “Come any closer, and I’ll die!”

“So be it……I will go grab his head and bring it back! If you still dare refuse me, then don’t blame me for using force!” The old man sneered: “Don’t use suicide to threaten me. I don’t want your death. You can’t die!”

Yuan Zidai said: “I will be with you willingly, so long as you bring the little animal’s head back!”

The old man’s vision looked up and down Yuan Zidai’s well developed places. He smiled, and then his figure suddenly dissapeared from the room.

All of Yuan Zidai’s energy had been sapped away. She stared blankly as she slumped into a chair.