Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 101: Mighty Domineering Little Black Brother

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Chapter 101: Mighty Domineering Little Black Brother

Everyone was inside Gluttonous Ogre, in the room that was never opened to outsiders. Miao Yiniang and a tall slender beauty sat on one side, Chu Mo and Xu Fufu sat on the other side.

Several exquisite dishes and a pot of warm wine were arranged on the table.

Miao Yiniang appeared happy while looking at Chu Mo and Xu Fufu: “I really didn’t think you two would come back during this time.”

Xu Fufu chuckled: “Why? Are you touched?”

Miao Yiniang nodded. She seemed to smile without smiling at the girl to her side: “Mei’er, aren’t you touched?”

This beautiful girl was the most popular brothel hostess many years ago in Yellow Flame City. She was also the leading lady in the story involving Xu Fufu……Liu Mei’er

That was already four years ago. That beautiful and talented maiden already grew into an extraordinary graceful alluring beauty. She was called over when Miao Yiniang opened up a Gluttonous Ogre branch, and became the new branch manager.

Because of Liu Mei’er’s influence at that time, and the curiosity of people, that new branch was already popular before it opened.

Liu Mei’er also finally stopped living behind closed doors after four years, returning to the eyes of the people. Only this time, practically no one dared take liberties with her.

Everyone knew this beauty is Xu Fufu’s exclusive territory.

Liu Mei’er smiled extremely beautifully. Her eyebrows bent like the moon, and her oval shaped face was as clean as jade. Her skin was snowy white, and her starry pupils were full of energy. She somewhat bashfully smiled as she said: “Of course I’m touched.”

Miao Yiniang chuckled: “If you are touched, then devote yourself wholeheartedly.”

[TL: She’s making a joke here. ‘Devote yourself wholeheartedly’ can also mean to give sexual favors.]

Xu Fufu held his hand to his forehead. He originally had designs for Miao Yiniang, and never thought she would turn things around. He couldn’t help but sadly look at Liu Mei’er: “Look……if you had gotten with me earlier, would she be teasing you now?”

Liu Mei’er’s distinct black and white eyes revealed a trace of a smile. She softly said: “I haven’t been with you before?”

Xu Fufu distressfully said: “Everyone in the world thinks I’m your boyfriend. Who would believe that we haven’t even held hands? I’m dying here.”

Liu Mei’er softly said: “People say that kind of thing……shouldn’t be done too early. I’m doing this for your good.”


Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang both burst out laughing.

Obviously it is not enough to have a beautiful face to be the number one brothel hostess in Yellow Flame City. Don’t be fooled by Liu Mei’er’s normally shy appearance. The playboy Xu Fufu is no match against her quick-wit.

When facing this, Xu Fufu could only empty his wine cup and look sad.

“Okay, don’t be so depressed. My life is your’s, and my death……is also yours……” Liu Mei’er softly looked at Xu Fufu, then she looked to Chu Mo: “I’ve always thought on how to thank noble son Chu, but there has never been the opportunity. I wish to give noble son Chu a toast today.”

Chu Mo reached for a glass: “Mei’er speaks too seriously. When those things happened, I would have been powerless without 2Fu.”

Xu Fufu looked pleased with himself: “Did you hear?”

Liu Mei’er gave him a haughty look, then covered her mouth while drinking a cup of wine.

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, then looked over to Xu Fufu. She somewhat uncertainly asked: “Why do I feel…..something is wrong with you two tonight?”

“Are you not happy with us accompanying you for new year’s day? What do you mean something is wrong?” Xu Fufu leaned back on his chair and easily spoke.

Miao Yiniang shook her head: “No, you guys should be at the Royal Palace joining the new year’s banquet. You shouldn’t be in the Gluttonous Ogre right now. Something certainly happened. It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it, we will drink.”

Chu Mo said: “There’s nothing to talk about. I reckon you will hear the stories tomorrow.”

Miao Yiniang’s clever eyes fell on Chu Mo. Lei Mei’er curiously swept her eyes back and forth between the two.

Xu Fufu said from the side: “Little black brother is extremely bold. He smashed the Prince Mansion gate, causing a ruckus inside and everything…….those are all things in the past. Tonight, he reached a whole other level of boldness.”

Miao Yiniang’s pair of beautiful eyes immediately showed nervousness: “How?”

Xu Fufu laughed: “I see you’re scared. He shouldn’t be sitting here right?”

“Quickly speak.” Liu Mei’er couldn’t help but harshly speak at Xu Fufu. Perhaps Xu Fufu was a little jealous inside, but his performance didn’t show anything.

Xu Fufu said: “Chu Mo was almost caught in a trap tonight. The Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi sent a carriage, apparently not even a fifth rank iron blood realm cultivator could break out of it. The carriage was disguised as the Royal House’s, and picked up little black brother.”

“Heavens.” Miao Yiniang and Liu Mei’er couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath of air.

Chu Mo was comfortably sitting there, but they both felt a cold burst of fear for Chu Mo.

A fifth rank cultivator couldn’t break out. Didn’t that make Chu Mo……the same as trapped?

“What were they planning?” Rage immediately flashed across Miao Yiniang’s eyes.

Xu Fufu said: “You ask what were they planning? But, Chu Mo is too overwhelmingly powerful. He escaped from the carriage, and carried the driver to the Royal Palace. Then inside the royal family banquet hall……he cut off the Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi’s dog head!”

“Ah?” The two vibrant women appeared sluggish, expressing disbelief.

Xu Fufu told the story in detail for the women. He even talked about the reactions of those high level nobles. He told everything from his perspective, clearly laying out the events of the evening, from the events in the royal banquet hall, until the thrilling scene that took place in the end.

The two women foolishly listened, and stared blankly at Chu Mo.

“You……you killed the Ministry of Works assistant in front of so many people, then got called away by the emperor, and returned after a short time? How is this nothing?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo like she was looking at a monster.

The secular world Royal Palace is considered a dragon’s den place to most sect disciples.

Because every country, even the small ones, they all have a sect cultivator on guard.

If a sect disciple really views the secular world people as ants, and feels the same way about the Royal Palace, then he will certainly experience an ugly death upon breaking inside.

Miao Yiniang was naturally aware of the terror at the empire’s Royal Palace, so she didn’t dare believe this is real.

Xu Fufu said: “Is that a big deal? What’s even more amazing is this. We left the Royal City, and ran into the three princes at the gate. Our little black brother opposed them to their faces. You all should have seen, it was amazing.”

Liu Mei’er was already completely stupefied. She was quite clear on the significance of power because of the experience she went through four years ago. The powerful don’t care who you are. Chu Mo should have been crushed. He dared oppose the crowned prince, yet returned intact……this, this is too inconceivable.

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, and quietly asked: “My young master, in the end……what are you planning?”