Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 100: No Fear

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Chapter 100: No Fear

The look of the crowned prince suddenly became severe. He stared at Chu Mo, and although he didn’t say anything, his entire royal presence already completely exploded. He was infuriated.

The dignified prince had ruled over the Eastern Palace for many years. He never held an official political office, but he had participated in the Royal Court affairs for many years. Ordinary people couldn’t endure his imposing manner once it completely released.

Yet Chu Mo only smiled. This great imposing manner wasn’t near the level of Elder Hao Yue, and it was one hundred and eight thousand miles away from his master the Demon Lord. To compare him to master would be an insult.

Xia Xiong’s vision became incomparably icy. He slightly squinted at Chu Mo, not knowing what to think.

Xia Hao sneered: “Oh, you have courage! Chu Mo, you have skill, you always bravely withdraw! Don’t believe your two old supporters have the qualifications to challenge us. You still aren’t ready!”

“Ready or not, I don’t know. Either way, the one being driven off isn’t me.” Chu Mo simply said.

“You seek death!” Xia Hao’s face reddened. The veins on his forehead erupted out, but he didn’t act. He already suffered a huge loss from Chu Mo tonight. He knew that he wasn’t the teenager’s match. Because of this, even though he hated the teenager to the extreme, he still maintained reason.

“I have never sought death.” Chu Mo looked at the three, and softly said: “You all have never wanted to let me go. I’m beginning to suspect, what are the chances of Xia Jie encountering the princess, especially when he is strolling the street and taking liberties with women?”

The crowned prince’s eyelids slightly jumped. He looked down upon Chu Mo and scoffed: “Bullshit.”

The second prince Xia Xiong sneered: “Still splashing dirty water onto other people, you best watch your words without any proof.”

“Splashing dirty water? I just learned from the three of you!” Chu Mo beamed at the crowned and second prince: “Your reactions have me a little confused. You all seem……to rather care about this matter. Looks like you all really did it. The emperor would be very happy if he knew. His sons have so much potential, secretly plotting against their own sister and cousin. Hah……truly amazing!”

“Chu Mo, watch your mouth.” Xia Xiong suddenly raised his head. His pupils were callous as he looked at Chu Mo: “I will tear off your face. You can’t handle the consequences.”

Chu Mo waved his hand: “Come on, you already wanted to kill me. Is there a more terrifying consequence? I’m even somewhat suspicious, how did a teenager like myself come into your line of sight? You insist on killing me but cannot. I guess it doesn’t matter now. In any case, everyone bears hatred. Then give me all you got. Use any trick, I will continue on.”

Chu Mo’s words made the three princes appear unsightly. This teenager is really too vile and unrestrained. He doesn’t play by the rules. Normally speaking, even if there is enormous hatred, it will simmer in the heart, and be acted on secretly. Chu Mo wantonly pokes at everything out in the open.

This made the princes who schemed behind the scenes feel extremely angry and helpless.

They had an off feeling when facing Chu Mo, as if they weren’t facing a teenger, but rather a formidable evil greater than Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang!

Chu Mo watched the three men icily staring at him, all in silence. He smiled: “But, you all are royalty. Don’t bring it weak, otherwise I will look down upon you. Don’t send my those stinky henchmen, you don’t want to send them to their death.”

He then turned to Xu Fufu and said: “Let’s go.”

Seeing the two teenagers turn and leave abruptly, Xia Hao ruthlessly smashed a fist into a nearby wagon.

The wagon was smashed, and the noise terrified the two horses, making them want to flee. Xia Hao lifted a blade and slashed, dropping it onto the two horses. Blood splashed out everywhere, and he angrily said: “Chu Mo, there is not room in this world for the two of us!”

Chu Mo’s head didn’t turn. He raised an arm, extended a little finger, and lightly swayed it back and forth.

“You……” Xia Hao’s eyes turned red. He seethed with anger.

“Third!” Xia Ying’s deep shout stopped Xia Hao, then he said: “This is the Royal City gate!”

Xia Xiong pulled Xia Hao’s arm: “The future is plenty long, sooner or later we will kill the little animal!”

Xia Hao’s eyes were red. As a royal prince growing up in the sect, had he ever suffered such humiliation? He swore an oath: “One day, I will personally cut off that little dog’s head!”

“Don’t speak, go!” Xia Ying’s eyes were also a little red. He patted the third prince’s shoulder: “Going over there is not necessarily a bad thing. Temporarily overlook this hatred, and make many contributions! The opportunity will come, and I will ask father for your return.”

Xia Xiong said: “Da Qi has been summoning troops recently. Those idiots want to act. I’m afraid the fighting isn’t far away. The time to rack up achievements is the present. Third, don’t worry, the general trend is still in our hands. Don’t fall into disarray. He is just a little bastard that’s it. There will certainly be an opportunity to take care of him.”

“I know, first and second brother, you must take care of yourselves in the city!” Xia Hao’s eyes were still red. He casually grabbed some reigns, mounted a horse, and kicked with his two legs. The war horse neighed, and galloped off.

The wagons started to follow after, heading in the direction outside the city.

Xia Ying and Xia Xiong watched the direction third brother left in. Both were silent a long time.

Until the last wagon disappeared from the street, Xia Xiong finally sighed: “New year’s night!”

Xia Ying’s eyes grew callous. He mumbled: “Yes ah, new year’s night, really unpleasant!”


The emperor calmly sat in the royal study, listening to an old palace eunuch’s report. He was silent for a long time, then said: “Only this?”

The old palace eunuch nodded: “Yes, only this.”

“Chu Mo……Chu Mo……” The emperor slightly wrinkled his brow, stood up, and then paced up and down the study. He mumbled: “Could it be……you really want to mark my sons?”

“Your majesty……” This old gray haired palace eunuch is the trusted subordinate of the emperor. He stood there, hesitating.

“Speak.” The emperor looked at him.

“I think, that thing, these three royal highnesses……they did it.” The old palace eunuch spoke these words, then immediately closed his mouth, because he had no way to continue speaking.

“Yes ah, they did it. Should I send them to the north for this? I don’t want to intensify the conflict.” The emperor sighed, then muttered: “This boy Chu Mo, he appears mild and steady, yet holds a commanding presence at such a young age. But in reality, he is tough and stubborn to the core of his bones. I originally believed he was spoiled and arrogant because of his achievements on the grasslands. He didn’t place anyone in his eyes. But I’ve quickly come to realize that this is not so. This little bastard……doesn’t care about his achievements.”

“This is exactly why your majesty likes him.” The old palace eunuch softly said.

The emperor glanced at the old palace eunuch and laughed: “How unexpected, there is someone in this world you favor?”

“Your majesty jokes, I am merely a slave at your side, I don’t dare look down upon anyone.” The old palace eunuch obediently replied.

The emperor laughed: “Good, is there anything you glossed over with me? Haven’t you been stuck at the sixth rank peak for several years now?”

The old eunuch nodded: “Yes.”

“If there’s a chance, go find that boy. Use whatever resources you need, you don’t’ have to report to me. Why should that expert in Xia Jing’s household gain the upper hand?”

The old eunuch immediately became appreciative. He said: “Your slave thanks his majesty.”

“This is what you deserve.” The emperor said, then continued: “Xia Ying and Xia Hao, beat them up when you find the chance. Don’t let them be too excessive! The world is still not theirs!”

“Your slave understands.” The old palace eunuch said. His figure gradually faded from the study.

The emperor massaged his temples. His face appeared extremely tired. Slightly closing his eyes, he softly said to himself: “My country, to rule the world!”

“My ambition, how can the struggle for power be the only things in your brains? Do they only shamefully think of ways for me to leave the throne quicker?

“Talent…..must be put to good use. Not as you all imagine: It isn’t my talent, so I must destroy.”

“You better shape up……I don’t want to change princes!”