Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 54 - Treat You To A Meal and I’m Jealous

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Chapter 54: Treat You To A Meal and I’m Jealous


Although Su Nuo really really did not want to interact with Qiu ZiYan in private, but because of his older brother’s task, he still took the time between the activities to pull Dai An to the hallway.

“What happened?” The manager asked.

“If I ask Qiu ZiYan to eat dinner with me tonight, will it seem very strange?” Su Nuo asked, full of 囧.

When Dai An heard his words, he was shocked. “Why do you want to invite Qiu ZiYan for a meal?!” Was he trying to find a chance to give Qiu ZiYan some ‘get rid of abs’ poison? Although it sounded very dumb, but based on his thinking ability, it was totally possible! So Dai An grabbed Su Nuo’s hands tightly. “You need to calm down!”

“I can’t calm down,” Su Nuo felt that Qiu ZiYan this sort of thing was really very annoying, but he could not go against his older brother, and could only say while lying, “I want to talk about Zhong LiFengBai’s new movie with him, how is this excuse?”

Not that great at all! Dai An reminded him, “Even if this movie was really you and him as the main character, it will only start filming in summer next year, nothing has been set yet, what is there to discuss about! It would seem like you really want to work with him!”

“Actually I do really want to work with him,” Su Nuo clenched his hand in a fist, because Zhong LiFengBai said that the ending of this movie was him in a white gown and ruling over the martial arts committee with his sword of righteousness, while Qiu ZiYan was sent to the palace to be a eunuch, it sounded great! But that was not the main point at all, the main point was his older brother’s request ah ah ah! Seeing that there was only half an hour of activity before it ended, Su Nuo then thought about it and said, “What about you say that you are his fan? And you’ve always wanted to eat with him, and discuss about how to train your abs!”

Dai An was upset, “Don’t pull me to be the scapegoat!”

“Then let’s happily decide on that!” Su Nuo patted his shoulder.

“It’s you who wants to invite Qiu ZiYan to eat a meal, and not me! Why do I need to have a reason!” Dai An practically wanted to cry!

But Little Su Nuo was especially strong, and very fierce and cruel!

Dai An could only send him back to the event location with tears in his eyes, extremely troubled as he returned to the bathroom.

In the end, he turned around then he went fuck ah ah ah! Why was it that there were paparazzi here eavesdropping at this kind of private party! Eavesdropping and staying here in the dark was he trying to scare him to death!

“What company are you from… Director Ouyang?” Dai An was shocked. “Why are you standing here?”

“… I wanted to come out to smoke, but I couldn’t find the balcony,” Ouyang Long’s voice was a bit hoarse.

“You need to walk the other way for the balcony,” Dai An warm-heartedly told him the way.

“Thank you,” Mr. Director and him brushed past each other, and his body had the strong smell of smoke.

Dai An especially especially wanted to tell him, smoking harmed his health that sort of thing.

At the same time, Su Nuo was pretentiously invited Qiu ZiYan to eat together at night, the excuse was that Dai An dreamt of having abs, and you must teach him how to get abs! And that restaurant’s home-made beer was really great so you need to remember to bring your driver, it’s too immoral to drive when drunk!

This excuse was really very perfect!

But it was actually rejected by Qiu ZiYan!

It was really a big the fuck!

Su Nuo instantly got angry!

“I already had an appointment with someone a long time ago, I’m really sorry,” Qiu ZiYan apologized very politely, “I’ll book a good place next time, and will treat Mr. Dai to a meal.”

Fuck! Su Nuo yelled in his heart, the important one is me not Dai An!

“Excuse me, someone is calling me over that side, “Qiu ZiYan lightly tapped his cup against his, then turned around and left!

Little Su Nuo was so upset and angry he became dizzy, not able to accept the fact that ‘Qiu ZiYan actually trying to act like a bigshot in front of him’!

It was really too much!

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An walked over. “What are you doing?”

Qiu ZiYan had a cross-dressing fetish! A fake female! A pervert! A crazy person! Su Nuo yelled in his heart, then harshly pinched Dai An.

The beloved concubine Dai An’s face was full of tears, what was going on now…

Five minutes later, Dai An barely managed to understand the situation, and calmed down and tried to convince him. “Actually this situation is not totally unexpected!!”

Su Nuo became angrier when he heard it. “Could it be that you feel that it is expected that he rejects me? Are you my manager or his manager!”

“Of course I’m your manager, even if Qiu ZiYan pays me ten times the salary I get now, I won’t go,” Dai An just went ahead with saying, “My meaning is, you didn’t find a good excuse, how can you talk about abs!”

“Then what should I say?” Su Nuo was troubled, besides for abs, he did not have any other good points!

“You can say anything you want, just don’t talk about abs,” Dai An said secretively and sneakily, lowering his voice and saying, “Because his abs are fake, so it will definitely be exposed if he talks about it!”

“Then what excuse should I use to ask him for a meal?” Su Nuo was very troubled. “I have something I need to do and I definitely need to ask him for a meal!” It’s easier to talk over a meal!

“What do you have to do?” Dai An was also very confused.

“I’ll tell you later on,” Su Nuo pacified him.

“… Why don’t you talk about Ren Rui’s publicity with him?” Dai An found an excuse. “You are both contracted models, right, I saw Director Ouyang outside just now.”

“Who?!” Su Nuo almost spit out a mouthful of beer.

“Ouyang Long ah, Ren Rui’s managing director, you can’t have forgotten him already right?” Dai An said.

You cannot forget! Su Nuo hurriedly asked, “Are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?” He did not see him in the namelist for the event, so he could have come specially to find him, and this was especially especially romantic!

“Of course, it was just outside the door,” Dai An was very sure.

Little Su Nuo instantly wanted to race outside and enter his embrace, chest this sort of thing was extremely comfortable to lie against! But thankfully he was still a bit logical, so he did not show his excitement very obviously!

But actually, he wanted to turn his face up to the sky and laugh crazily for thirty seconds!

A good rain after a long drought… wait wait the phrase seems to be used wrongly, but it didn’t matter at all! French kissing this sort of thing, if he was willing to apologize properly, they could have a proper French kiss!

The phone was ringing, and seeing the familiar name on the screen, Little Su Nuo was so happy he was about to fly up!

Opening it, there was only one sentence – I’m in the underground carpark at basement three in Area D, after the activity ends, come and find me.

Eh eh why did he have this sort of tone! Little Su Nuo was not happy, isn’t it that he should first say something like ‘Baby, I was wrong’ this sort of sentence to make the situation better! This sort of thing was not romantic at all but… it was alright, he could just not be too picky!

He could see the handsome Mr. Director, and it was especially worth drinking a cup!

Because he was concerned in his heart, so time passed especially slowly! Su Nuo kept staring at his phone, especially excited! He even suspected that his phone spoilt!

“You have something on?” Dai An also realized that he was distracted.

“En,” Su Nuo said seriously, “I want to go earlier.”

“Don’t randomly say this sort of thing!” Dai An was shocked. “We can’t miss a single minute of the event, how can you leave whenever you want to, if the media knows, there’ll be trouble!”

“…” Being a celebrity, this sort of thing, was really annoying!

He had waited till the event ended with much difficulty, and Su Nuo’s speed of disappearance was so fast that it was like magic – Anyway the event location was very private, and he was not scared that there would be fans waiting outside the door to stop him!

Dai An was very 囧, what did he want to do exactly!

There were a lot of cars in the carpark, but Little Su Nuo saw Mr. Director’s handsome car in one look! Actually he really wanted to rush over crazily, but in the end, he held himself back, and walked with a great aura!

Ouyang Long helped him open the front passenger seat.

“Cough cough,” Su Nuo choked when he entered. “How many sticks of cigarettes did you smoke?”

“Not many,” Ouyang Long was as normal, and reached out his hand to pinch his face, like the cold war before had never happened before!

What was the meaning of pretending that nothing happened, was he planning on totally ignoring the apology portion? Little Su Nuo’s brain moved very fast! Especially scheming!

But before he managed to think through everything, Ouyang Long had already reached out his hand, and pulled him into his embrace.

He was not expecting it at all, and Su Nuo was a bit stunned.

Mr. Director did not say anything, and just tightened his hug, wishing he would stay in his arms forever.

Little Su Nuo was hugged so tightly he felt a bit of pain, feeling that his bones were about to be dislocated! But if he said ‘You hugged me too tightly and it’s painful’, this sort of words, it seemed too girly, so he could only bear with it! He was just like a soldier!

After an unknown amount of time, Ouyang Long finally let him out of his embrace.

Su Nuo hurriedly rushed to take a few breaths of fresh air.

Mr. Director lowered his eyes to look at him, the expression at the depths of his eyes were a bit complicated and a bit upset.

The meeting of gazes between lovers were indeed very romantic, but shouldn’t it be with more deep emotions! That way, there would be the correct atmosphere for French kissing! Su Nuo was in a daze, what was with the gaze now!

Ouyang Long closed his lower jaw for him, and kissed him lightly on his forehead.

Could it be a new way to make the atmosphere romantic? Little Su Nuo guessed.

“I heard from Mu Qiu that you are going to Europe for a holiday?” Ouyang Long asked.

“… En,” Su Nuo nodded. “My older brother wants to go.”

“Have fun there,” Ouyang Long looked at him.

“… Thank you,” What’s with this strange development! Little Su Nuo really wanted to pull on his collar and shake it!

“Actually I really like you,” Ouyang Long sat up straight, and looked at the windshield.

I also really like you ah! Su Nuo was very happy! Although he was very angry that they were fighting but… he also really likes him!

Ouyang Long closed his eyes. “There may be some things that you had yet to think through clearly all this time, but I forced you to accept me, I’m really very sorry.”

Na-na-nani?! Little Su Nuo was stunned. “What are you saying?”

It seemed like it had not much to do with the situation, Could it be that he time-travelled?!

“It’s good to go to Europe too, you don’t need to work, you can think through some things properly,” Ouyang Long said, “If you understand then you regret it, I won’t force you.”

You did not force me at all ah! I wanted to French kiss just a minute before this! Su Nuo totally did not understand. “Why do I need to regret?”

“You… keep keeping an eye on Qiu ZiYan.” Although he did not want to admit it.

Fuck!!! Su Nuo was even more shocked. “What does this have to do with him?!”

“I’m really very jealous,” Ouyang Long laughed at himself, self-mockingly.

“You’re jealous of him?” Su Nuo was extremely shocked!

“At the very least, you had never taken notice of any news concerning me,” Ouyang Long’s voice was very low.

“That’s because news concerning you…” It’s really too boring too professional full of words concerning finance! Su Nuo did not know what he should say.

This sort of advancement was… really too shocking!