Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 53.4 - (PART FOUR) Hit by a dog and Frog Prince

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Chapter 53 (PART FOUR) Hit by a dog and Frog Prince

Part 4 Hit by a dog and Frog Prince

Due to Zhongli FengBai’s need for rest, the shooting was pushed back. The director’s assistant called everyone to inform them that Director Zhong got run over by a dog and hurt his waist, thus he was taking a day off.

“What do you mean you got run over by a dog.” Mu Qiu questioned with mixed feelings.

“You shut up!” Zhongli FengBai said angrily. Don’t! You! Dare! Touch! Me! Anymore!

After Su Nuo heard the news, he was a bit worried and called, only hear the ‘caller unavailable’ message. (The phone is shut off message you get)

“Could it be that Director Zhong got hurt real bad?” Dai An said confused.

Su Nuo called again but this time to Mu Qiu. It got picked up really quickly.

“What actually happened to Director Zhong?” Su Nuo asked.

“Nothing, just a slight fever.” Zhongli FengBai was sleeping so Mu Qiu took the phone to the balcony.

“A fever from getting hit by a dog?” Su Nuo was really puzzled.

Mu Qiu endured it and said, “…Probably because he got scared.”

“Then it must be a huge dog.” Su Nuo said confidently, “A Tibetan Mastiff?”

“…” It’s me. Mr. Mu felt his heart bleeding.

“Can I come to see him?” Su Nuo said as he had a good relationship with Zhongli FengBai.

“Don’t!” Mu Qiu quickly stopped him, but then realized it was too out of place, so he changed his tone, “He’s already asleep. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“Okay, then tell him I called. Hope he gets well soon.” Su Nuo then hang up and looked at Dai An to say, “Director Zhong seemed to have gotten more fragile.” How does one get a fever after being hit by a dog?

“Alright, now we need to prepare for the photoshoot though.” Dai An said as he took the glass of water from his hand, “Today’s schedule is quite full, so we need to hurry.”

“Okay.” Su Nuo said as he sat down quietly on the chair to get his makeup done. Even though Jason already approved of his break and volunteered to cancel his current projects, as a profession he had to think of the company. Thus, he suggested pushing some of the shooting forward, even if he had to pull some all-nighters it was fine.

Thus, when Dai An said he adored him, it wasn’t without reason. There were times when Su XiaoNuo was just such a good boy that it made one want to cuddle him. Of course, no one knew that Su Nuo had another reason for doing overtime. If he had everyone in the workplace with him, he wouldn’t feel lonely and drown in his thoughts like he does at home…


He totally didn’t care that he still hasn’t gotten a call yet! Besides the shooting booth, there was a lot of cages with baby white tigers in them. There was also a golden boa. All of which were Su Nuo’s shooting partners for today.

“Don’t worry, they’re tamed.” The trainer comforted Su Nuo.

“I’m not afraid.” Su Nuo wasn’t really scared. As he petted the boa, he asked, “What is it called?”

“Sweetheart.” The trainer replied.


That’s not impressive at all! Su Nuo thought to himself. It looked so impressive but his name was so girly! It should be called Decepticon! Or Little Transformer!

Mr. Sweetheart nudged his head against Su Nuo, to show his friendliness.

“Hello.” Dai An also joined in.

But the golden boa completely ignored him! The trainer explained with a chuckle, “He only likes to play with girls.”

The golden boa was really passionate and placed its head on Su Nuo’s shoulder.


What do you mean it only plays with girls?! Su! Nuo! Was! Instantly! Triggered! Clearly, I am a man amongst all men!

Dai An pinched him and said, “Calm down!”

Su XiaoNuo was not happy! But Mr. Sweetheart was very happy because it seemed to really like Su Nuo! It was really cooperative during the photoshoot, even twisting itself into a tower! All Su Nuo was wearing was a sexy little underwear as he lay on top of the boa. In his mind, he mentally screaming at it, I’m male just like you!

“Good. NuoNuo, I want a hazier look and hug its neck too.” The photographer was very pleased.

Beneath the white background, a sexy little beauty was tangled together with a giant boa. It was really, really impactful and really really impressive!

“Achoo!” After a series of shoots, Su Nuo got cold by the golden boa’s cold body temperature. So now he was wearing a giant coat whilst drinking hot chocolate.

Mr. Sweetheart was curled beneath him and lifted his head to stare at him with its little beady eyes.

“You can’t drink this.” Su Nuo said seriously.

The golden boa stretched his head out further! Dai An didn’t know if he was imagining things but he felt the desire in its eyes! Su Nuo could only oblige and get a tiny cup to share a bit of chocolate with it. Mr. Sweetheart was instantly pleased! Su Nuo chuckled and kneeled down to scratch its neck. Although it was still unforgivable that it would think of him as a girl, there was a friendship born of being both foodies!

The golden boa was so comfortable that it started to roll around.

Everyone felt emotional watching this scene! It was really full of love! Thus, everyone asked if they could take a photo to post online!

“Okay.” Su Nuo agreed without hesitation.

Dai An reminded him quietly, “You haven’t shown your face yet since the incident and we originally decided to go to the event on Friday in a wheelchair so we can steal the headlines from Qiu ZiYan!” If this photo leaked, the wheelchair plan would be useless!

“It’s fine.” Su Nuo wasn’t in the mind to care about Qiu ZiYan.

Everyone sighed emotionally, NuoNuo was getting nicer by the minute! Thus in five minutes, the BTS footage of Su Nuo and the golden boa was retweeted by millions online. It even got trending.

Of course, the writers of (novel 乱世情缠) saw as well. Of course, Mr. Director…also saw.

Seeing the familiar figure, Ouyang Long sighed to himself, then closed his laptop.

“Can I come in?” The CEO said knocking.

“Of course.” Ouyang Long stood up to greet him.

“Do you remember what I told you last time? About the collaboration with Cai Fu Group Inc. to open a luxury store in D City?” The CEO asked. (IDK how company names work)

“Of course.” Ouyang Long nodded.

“Yesterday we just came to an agreement with their higher-ups over the phone.” The CEO continued, “You’re from D City, so I want you to be in charge of this.”

“When?” Ouyang Long asked.

“As soon as possible. The cake is only so big, first come first serve.” The CEO continued, “Next week, bring some people over to D City to communicate with Cai Fu on the project and check out the environment.”

“Okay.” Ouyang Long nodded.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow in more detail.” The CEO chuckled and stood up, “Today’s my wife’s birthday, so I’ll need to be off early. Keep it a secret from the human resource department okay?”

“Then give her my greetings as well.” Ouyang Long said as he laughed in spite of himself.

“I hope you’re happy too.” The CEO patted him on the shoulder, “I know you haven’t been feeling well lately, but everything can be solved, so you don’t need to be so depressed.”

“I know, thank you.” Ouyang Long always respected him very much.

“Director, the one you had an appointment with has arrived.” His assistant said as he knocked on the door.

“In a minute.” Ouyang Long started to pack his notes.

Being packed with work had its advantages…at least he didn’t have to think as much.

So, in reality, Su XiaoNuo and Ouyang Long had great compatibility! They were both people who would drown themselves in work to avoid loneliness. Su Nuo really, really liked Mr. Director but this time he didn’t want to be the first to call. He didn’t feel like he was wrong. Mr. Director also really, really like Su Nuo but he didn’t know how to face him this time. For the first time, he started to wonder if he had actually pulled him away from Qiu ZiYan.

He was such a dumb little thing, maybe he didn’t even know what could be considered love. Maybe he just felt like he was being nice so he subconsciously relied on him, like a little animal. But deep inside, he might not have forgotten the other person, and that’s why he still pays attention to their change, still very up to date with their news.

Just the thought that ‘he might always had someone else in his heart’ was driving Ouyang Long crazy.

When he opened his word doc to start working, a piece of mini news popped up from the bottom right corner with the title “Fan’s favorite: Qiu ZiYan x Su Nuo becomes the national shipping!”. His head started spinning. Even though he wanted to close it, he clicked it open instead. (It’s normal for pop up news to happen on windows. A lot of common used apps install these ‘news’ pop-ups without you knowing)

The first picture was of them backstage in their lounge and Su Nuo was tying Qiu ZiYan’s tie. It looked super romantic! The comments were all fans screaming that they were blinded by love! With things like ‘Just get married already!’ And ‘Couples should just burn!’. But in reality, the truth was a lot more 囧. Su Nuo simply wanted to satisfy his fantasy that Qiu ZiYan was a crossdresser (girly boy, drag?) and so he ran over to tie a bow tie. He even wanted to make it impossible to untie but he was dragged out by Dai An as he apologized on Su Nuo’s behalf.

Of course, Qiu ZiYan wouldn’t make a big deal out of this so he shook his head, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his antics. Then this moment was captured in photos by one of the staff so, the fans went even crazier! It was such a doting look!

Below was another picture of Su Nuo eating a flower salad while sharing some with Qiu ZiYan——only because it was disgusting! As for the photo where he made tea for Qiu ZiYan, that was only to swap honey with sugar, as to crush his six-packs! There was nothing romantic about it at all!

But clearly, his fans didn’t see the truth, only the romantic tension between the two!

Mr. Director was the same. So, he felt even more complicated. So, the reason he didn’t want him to meet his family was also for this right? So, he canceled the call he was about to make to Su Nuo. It was the first time in Ouyang Long’s life that he felt this conflicted.

Just as the two were in deep self-conflict, Friday arrived.

After being in an event with Ye FengWu and Qiu ZiYan, Su Nuo would leave for Europe with his brother. Thus, this event was going to be the last commercial event he has for a while. Later on, he was supposed to attend a Jewelry Exhibit hosted by Ren Rui but Jason canceled it.

“NuoNuo” as a special guest, Zhongli FengBai was also present.

“So what kind of dog were you run over by?” Su Nuo wanted to know the answer for a while now.


Zhongli FengBai felt he was going to choke. Don’t start a conversation with such a terrifying topic!

“Where’s Mr. Mu?” Su Nuo asked again.

“How should I know! I have nothing to do with him!” Zhongli FengBai roared in his head, why is every question you ask so weird!

“Ah right, let’s have dinner together.” Good thing Su Nuo’s third sentence was normal, “I’ll be going on vacation with my family soon. We probably won’t be meeting for a while.”

“How long are you going to be gone for?” Zhongli FengBai asked.

“Probably for a month.” Su Nuo said, “But it might go for longer.”

“Then what about you…and him?” Zhongli FengBai asked carefully.

“I don’t know.” Su Nuo was feeling down, “We’ll see.”

“So, what actually happened?” Zhongli FengBai pulled him over to sit at the side.

Su Nuo didn’t say anything because he didn’t know how to say it. The whole thing was really random from his perspective! They were just being lovey-dovey when he suddenly wanted a blow job! Then, without caring for his comfort, he did it forcefully! In the end, he even walked away in anger! And he didn’t apologize for the next few days either! Unbelievable!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became!

“Don’t be too upset, things will sort itself out.” Seeing that his expression wasn’t too good, Zhongli FengBai quickly comforted him further, “Don’t think about it. Maybe after today’s event Director Ouyang will come to find you to apologize.”

“Even if he apologizes I won’t accept it!” Su Nuo felt both wronged and angry!

But what he didn’t know was that to Mr. Director it wasn’t about doing it or not, it was about whether he loved him or not.

Thus, as you can see, communication between lovers was really important.

n the underground parking lot, Tang XiaoYu just finished parking the car, “Okay, let’s go now.”

“I’m car sick.” Mr. Qiu sat in the shotgun seat, playing dead.

“…stop it.” Tang XiaoYu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his antics, “Stop playing around, Mai Ke’s still waiting for us upstairs.”

Qiu ZiYan closed his eyes and said, “Do you know the tale of sleeping beauty?”

“Never!” Tang XiaoYu said as he unbuckled his seat belt, “Get up!”

“No!” Qiu ZiYan was having fun.

“Then I’m going first. I’ll have Mai Ke get you.” Tang XiaoYu opened the door.

But, of course, he didn’t manage to escape.

Not only did he not escape! He was pushed down by Mr. Qiu onto the seat!

“Once upon a time, there was a little frog,” Qiu ZiYan said with his head pressed against his, “who really, really wanted to become a prince.”

“…Who are you calling a frog?!” It was rare that Tang XiaoYu talked back.

“Yep, I’m the frog,” Qiu ZiYan said with a smile, “so I need someone to give me a kiss to become a prince.”

Tang XiaoYu stared at him nervously.

“I can only go the event if I become a prince…” Qiu ZiYan’s voice got lower and lower, then it got muffled by their lips pressing against each other.

Tang XiaoYu was stiff and inexperienced. He didn’t know what to do at all.

Qiu ZiYan held his head with one hand and slowly deepened the kiss.

The burning tongue tip carried a minty aroma as it slowly brushed against those soft lips. Then it forcefully pried it open to accept his tongue.

“Ah…” Tang XiaoYu’s sensitive tongue got captured and he couldn’t help but dodge away.

Mr. Qiu’s eyes darkened. If they continued, it wouldn’t end with just a kiss anymore. The little black car had great privacy so they could kiss to their heart’s content. After a few minutes, Qiu ZiYan finally let go, satisfied. Tang XiaoYu lips were a bit swollen and he couldn’t even look at Qiu ZiYan in the eye. It’s not that he wasn’t prepared for this day, it just…surprised him.

“Quick! Kiss here!” Qiu ZiYan suddenly said anxiously as he pointed towards his cheek.

“What?” Tang XiaoYu got confused by his antics but also started to become nervous.

“Quick!” Qiu ZiYan said looking at his watch. In a panic, he shook his shoulder, “We’re not going to make it!”


Tang XiaoYu was still surprised from before and so he really did kiss him. Like an idiot.

“Good.” Qiu ZiYan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” Tang XiaoYu was super confused.

“Just now, the little frog change into one human leg.” Qiu ZiYan answered seriously, “But only with the princess’s other kiss can he become wholly human.”

Tang XiaoYu stared at him dumbfounded. Mr. Qiu had an innocent expression that said, ‘it was the truth’! You’re…unbelievable! Tang XiaoYu thought as his whole face turned red. Then he tightened his fist and made a punch!

“Ah.” Qiu ZiYan covered his stomach and made a pained expression.

“Get to work!” Tang XiaoYu scolded as if Mai Ke embodied and carried his luggage out fiercely.

Qiu ZiYan sat, curled in for a minute as he laughed till his stomach started hurting. So, there is some truth to the statement that all celebrities held some sort of secret. Like how the KaoLin flower, Suo Nuo was just a little dumb foodie. Like how the sunny, positive, manly, Qiu ZiYan becomes a teasing pervert when they are with their special someone.

It was truly a scary world!