Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 45 - I’ll deal with it and Cancelling Work

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Chapter 45: I’ll deal with it and Cancelling Work

Tang XiaoYu’s answer was expected, “Han Wei.”

“Han Wei?” Qiu ZiYan furrowed his brows upon hearing that, “How did you offend him?” For a kid who just joined society, there should’ve been no way for him to be in touch with someone like Han Wei. Both from the perspective of his status, family background and history.

“You know brother Han?” Tang XiaoYu was surprised.

“The entertainment business was a mixed bag of people. You hear about things here.” Qiu ZiYan then asked, “You were in conflict with him?”

“Not really a conflict. Originally brother Han got me to catch someone cheating in his place. We were working well in the beginning, but something happened.” Clearly Tang XiaoYu’s mood was down talking about this.

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“I let go of a cheater on purpose.” Tang XiaoYu looked at him as he continued, “Later, brother Han found out about it and had been searching for me since. Last time in the hospital it was those people who got me, but for some reason they let me go.” Normally if a big boss faced something like this, the outcome was severe. It was definitely not something they would let go with just a bit of bruising.

“Other than that, have you gotten into anything else?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

Tang XiaoYu shook his head, “No.”

Qiu ZiYan let out a sigh of relief, “Good. Just leave this to me then.”

“You?” Tang XiaoYu exclaimed in surprise, “But you don’t even know brother Han.”

“It’s true that I don’t know,” Qiu ZiYan said rubbing his head, “but I can try.”

“You don’t have to involve yourself in this, I can deal with it myself.” Tang XiaoYu didn’t want him to get involved.

“I told you, the entertainment business is complicated too, it isn’t exactly pure either.” Qiu ZiYan smiled, “Don’t worry, I know my own strength.”


“No buts.” Qiu ZiYan interrupted him, “Stay put and heal up properly. You’re health is more important than anything.”

“You don’t have to be so nice to me.” Tang XiaoYu felt extremely complicated.

“I want you to be happy for the rest of your life.” Qiu ZiYan said with a soft and gentle voice, “It’s fine if you don’t want to continue your studies, I won’t force you. Just once thing though, break off from everything you did in the past. From now on, don’t touch gambling at all. Can you do that for me?”

Tang XiaoYu nodded as he felt his nose sniffling up. (or eyes becoming red or teary. U get the idea)

“Get a goodnight’s rest.” Qiu ZiYan helped him lie down. “Leave everything else to me.”

Tang XiaoYu held onto his hand and obediently closed his eyes.

Qiu ZiYan guarded him till he falls asleep, then gently took his hand away. He then made a call in the living room.

“Han Wei?” Mai Ke was extremely surprised, “Why are you suddenly interested in him?”

“If nothing surprising comes along, I’ll probably be meeting him in the near future.” Qiu ZiYan said standing in front of the window, “There is nothing wrong with learning a bit more about him.”

But there was no way Han Wei was in the mood to meet him because he just heard from Dai An…what do you mean ‘I want to live with brother for a while’?!

“NuoNuo said it himself, that he wants to live with you after his discharged from the hospital.” Dai An was confused too, “Could it be he hadn’t said anything to you yet? Eh, maybe he wants it to be a surprise!”

“……Maybe. I’ll ask him myself.” Han Wei smiled, “Thank you.”

“No problem.” Probably because brother’s black aura was so strong that Dai An had a natural underling-pampering-his boss attitude!

After he hangs up, Han Wei stood in front of the French window (The kind that goes from ceiling to floor) and stared blankly out the window. Since his birth, this was probably the first time his little brother had lied to him.

After a few hours a list containing Su Nuo’s recent phone calls was placed in front of him.

Then brother found out from it his little brother’s situation and cruelly kidnapped mr.director?

Of course not!

Su XiaoNuo was highly skilled in the act of counter reconnaissance! Ever since he and mr.director’s relationship was established, he switched to a phone number that only they knew! Thus Han Wei didn’t manage to get any info! Such a sad moment!

Thus the expression on brother’s face was even darker! Just like Voldemort! He believed in his instinct that something was going on with Su Nuo! But as for what…the more Su Nuo wanted to hid it, the more he wanted to find out!

Su Nuo had no idea he was about to be found out, instead, he was still absorbed in the thrill of being an underground worker/party! A secret affair was really, really, exciting! No wonder there were so many stories of ladies in the past escaping to meet their lover, because meeting your lover in secret was so amazing!

Since he had something to look forward to, the time just flew by! In the blink of an eye, it was time for Su Nuo’s discharge. Being a popular idol, there was no way his company wouldn’t use this opportunity to the fullest! But, clearly holding a massive press conference was impossible since Su Nuo was an out-of-this-world-flower! No matter how you looked at it, he should be super delicate and fragile! Let’s not even talk about falling off from the stage, even tripping would cause him to be in the hospital for weeks!

Thus, with much hard work from his company, they wrote a script for Su Nuo to say. It was to thank fans for their support during his time of healing. It was super emotional, sensational and fitting for his image!

“I can’t remember this.” Su Nuo sad on his hospital bed worried, it was so long!

“You don’t have to remember it, there will be a teleprompter.” Dai An then went to warn the make-up artist and stylist, “Make sure his complexion and lip colour is pale. Don’t have the hair too neat but not too messy either. The hospital gown needs to be a bit oversized to show off his protruding collar bones. At the end of the day, make sure with one look, anyone would feel the heartache and want to bring him home to take care of him!”

“I already want to bring him home to take care of him.” The sissy photographer was full of emotion and was almost about to tear up. (Sissy, feminine girly etc)

Su Nuo couldn’t make any expression except 囧 and he very much want to spit over there. I’m not dead yet! What are you crying about?!

After half an hour, Su XiaoNuo’s sick beauty look was finished. He sat on the bed and recorded a short video for his fans. The oversized hospital gown made his body look even skinnier and matched with his clear, crystal like eyes, as well as his already beautiful features, it tugged at everyone’s heart strings.

Once the finished video was posted, it expectedly took over all the entertainment headlines! “Supermodel Su Nuo’s first appearance after the incident! His most grateful for is his fan’s support!” This kind of headline was really impactful, after reading it, all his fans commented their heartache and support! Our NuoNuo was super pretty, super nice, and we really want to pamper him! We’re lining up to squeeze his little hand and comforting him! Please take care of yourself, kissy face, we will wait for however long we need too! It was truly very touching!

After Su Nuo read the comments, he also felt very warm! But due to his company’s regulations, he couldn’t thank them in a formal suit much less tell his fans he was completely healed! All he could do was close the webpage in guilt and sent his complaints to JASON, who was in the shotgun seat, with his eye beams!

“You really don’t want to go back with brother?” Han Wei asked as he drove the car.

“I’ll go home still,” Su Nuo regained his senses, “since I’m completely healed.”

“Even though your legs mostly healed, you should still be careful.” Han Wei added, “Best if you rest for a month!”

“I have an event next week.” Su Nuo checked his schedule on his phone.

“Next week?” Han Wei furrowed his brows.

“Yep, but it’s fine.” Su Nuo closed his phone and pulled out some snacks to eat from Han Wei’s car.

Han Wei didn’t say anything else on the way to Su Nuos’ house. Then he called JASON on the balcony. The general gist of the conversation was this, ‘i haven’t even settled the score with you about my little brother falling off the runaway and now you plan on him attending events even though he just got out of the hospital. Are you looking for a fight?’ Very very fierce!

“I asked the doctor, attending this event wouldn’t hinder his recovery——Hello? Hello!” Before JASON could finish, Han Wei hang up on him. Really not giving him any face at all.

“The organizer already pushed it back for him, if he still doesn’t go, his really going to offend them!” JASON screamed into the ‘beep beep’ sound of the phone! In the end, he could only call up Su Nuo.

“I don’t have to attend Xing Feng Shang?” Su Nuo sat on the bed confused, “Why?” (Star Wind Fashion)

“After taking your condition into consideration, the company decided that you should get more rest.” JASON said, very hypocritically, “I’ll have Qiu ZiYan and Ye FengWu attend instead.”

He can’t do that! Su Nuo was panicking, his exposure needed to be higher than that muscle man! Thus, he said with resolution, “My body is perfectly fine, I can attend the event!”

I know your fine but the issue is your aggressive brother who doesn’t know! JASON sighed, feeling complicated, “The company has yet to announce your recovery, it wouldn’t fit for you to attend this event.”

“I can sit in a wheelchair!” Su Nuo’s quick thinking was incredible! Also he would steal the headlines in a wheelchair! Two birds with one stone, he couldn’t be more manipulative!

JANSON didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that, “This is the final decision made by the company, you should just take a break. Good night.”

What do you mean goodnight?! Su Nuo was dumbfounded! They had agreed on this before though! Now they only wanted Qiu ZiYan and Ye FengWu! He was cruelly pushed away! That’s unscientific!

He was very very unhappy!

“What happened?” Han Wei asked as he brought a cup of water over and got shocked by his expression!

“The boss cancelled my event for next week!” Su Nuo said angrily.

Han Wei made a surprised expression, “Really?” Just like a top actor!

“Yes!” Su Nuo angry!

“That’s good, you can take the time to rest.” Han Wei said as he handed him the medicine.

Su Nuo threw the medicine in his mouth angrily and chewed it up like a man! It was crazily manly!

Han Wei stared at him dumbfounded while holding a glass of water.

“AHHH so bitter!” Su Nuo finally came to his senses and spit out the rest of the medicine.

Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and handed him the water to rinse his mouth. “Why are you so dumb.”

“How dare he cancel my work without my permission!” Su Nuo was really unhappy!

“…You really want to go?” Han Wei rubbed his head.

Of course! Su Nuo nodded vigorously.

Han Wei then took the glass from his hand and went into the kitchen.

“You now approve of him going to the event?!” JASON shouted, ‘Are you toying with me?!”

“Do I look like I have that much free time?” Han Wei said unsatisfied.

“I think you do!!!” JASON retaliated.

“Anyways, thanks.” Han Wei showed his gratitude then hang up again!

What thanks?! I have no intention of helping you! Why do I know you?! JASON almost broke down.

He absolutely despite this bandit like behaviour!