Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 44 - The Fuck, Blind Date And I Did Not Lie

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Chapter 44: The Fuck, Blind Date And I Did Not Lie

“You’re going back to your own home?” Han Wei was very shocked on hearing the words, “You don’t want to stay with me?”

Actually, it’s not that ah, it’s just comparatively, I want to stay with Mr. Executive more! Su Nuo tried to find a reason, “I’m used to staying at home alone, and you and sister-in-law are both so busy.” Really especially fake!

“Alright, just do what you want,” Han Wei did not force him much since youth, and naturally, this time, it was not an exception.

Su Nuo let out a breath of relief instantly, and exclaimed in his heart, Older brother is really so easy to talk to, really too handsome!

But he had yet to finish exclaiming when Han Wei said, extremely shockingly, “After you are discharged, let me arrange a blind date for you.”

Fuck! Su Nuo could not help but shiver, blind blind blind date this kind of stuff, what kind of impossible thing did his brother just say?!

“You’re no longer young, and it just happens that there is a suitable girl,” Han Wei said. “How about next Friday?”

Not good at all, don’t get ready so fast! Su Nuo’s face was all 囧, “Why are you suddenly mentioning this?” There must be a forewarning if you’re going to scare people!

“Look, that’s her,” Han Wei brought up a photo from his phone.

Su Nuo was even more Sparta. He vaguely felt that his brother had grown a matchmaker’s mole! He even came up with a picture in his head of his brother wearing a big red pomegranate skirt and peony flowers in full bloom leaning against the doorway of the small green bamboo building smiling with charisma like a flower and saying, ‘This young master, do you want to come in and see our new girl, whose skin is white, her atmosphere great, and has a car and a house?’, this kind of strange image! The wind blowing his skirt and showing his leg hair was extremely scary, and so he could not but shiver!

“The girl is not that ugly right?” Han Wei said.

“I don’t want to date within three years!” Su Nuo extended five fingers.

“Is this three of four,” Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Anyway, I don’t need a girlfriend,” Su Nuo strictly rejected, What I need is a boyfriend, and I already have a boyfriend, and he’s especially gentle and handsome!

“Anyway, you don’t have a girlfriend now, it’s not a loss to just meet her,” Han Wei did not want to give up.

“I’m just not going to meet her,” Su Nuo yelled in his heart, How do you know that I won’t lose out, of course I would! If it were found out by Mr. Director, he would definitely be angry! Being angry, this kind of thing is really especially scary!

“Then what kind do you like, older brother will help you find again,” Han Wei insisted.

Su Nuo’s face was full of tears. Was this still his despotic, cold and insidious brother? What is the illusion of being possessed by an old man? Why did he open a casino, go and open a matchmaking agency, you can also get yourself an artistic name called ‘Red String Powerful Concubine’. The four words was so Western style!

“Why are you in a daze again?” Han Wei patted his face, “Older brother is asking you a question, what kind of girl do you like?”

“I like someone more aggressive,” Su Nuo’s words were astonishing, “It’s better to have leg hair.”

Han Wei felt very complicated, his younger brother’s aesthetics were mixed up by a cement truck, right?!

“Just those two, nothing else,” Su Nuo fell back on the bed to air his belly, “Chest hairs will depend on fate, I won’t insist on it.”

Han Wei did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Only you would dare to try to get rid of me like that.”

“I really don’t want to find a girlfriend,” Su Nuo shrivelled back into his blankets. “And girls need to be properly taken care of, I can’t do that.”

Han Wei was silent, he did believe that point. A few years ago, he was unmarried and lived in the old house with Su Nuo. That winter was very cold. The wind whipped with a knife and hurt his face. At that time, he often needed to run out to do things, so Han Wei fell ill one morning and had a fever and had the driver send him home.

Su Nuo was very understanding and helped his brother to the bed, then made a bowl of porridge and forced him to eat it, then did not know what to do. Han Wei was lacking in energy and he said, “Go and play by yourself, I’ll be fine after sleeping for a while.”

“I’ll go next door and not make noise to bother you, if you have something on, call me,” Su Nuo was especially understanding! Then he lay on the desk in the study next door and started to sleep.

Han Wei was lying on the bed alone, lacking in energy all over, his fever extremely high, and he especially wanted to drink water! However, he called a few times but he did not see his younger brother respond, and very pitifully fainted.

At that time, the housekeeper auntie just happened to take leave, and so Han Wei successfully fainted till he naturally woke up. And what was even more pitiful was that after he woke up, Su Nuo was actually still sleeping, and had even caught a cold because of his sleeping, and he as on bed groaning for a full three days after! It became a bad memory that could not be erased.

“So you should stop forcing me to find a girlfriend,” Su Nuo said seriously, “I want to place work as my first priority!”

This sentence was super super fake and also super super manly!

Han Wei could not do anything with him at all.

After sending his older brother off, Su Nuo happily called Ouyang Long, and reported the beautiful truth that he was about to stay together with him!

The future was really so beautiful he could not even look straight at it!

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An pushed the door and entered.

“Eh, why didn’t you participate in the Appreciation Celebration of Xing Feng Fashion?” Su Nuo was very troubled.

“The date has been changed,” Dai An placed the sweets box in his hand on the table. “I received a notice yesterday, and it’ll be held next week after you’ve been discharged.”

“Really?” Su Nuo felt very flattered and great on hearing it. If he was not mistaken, the event also invited Qiu ZiYan and Ye FengWu, but now because they wanted to wait for himself and so changed the date, that was really very great!

He really could not help wanting to laugh wildly three times!

“Of course it’s true, because Qiu ZiYan also asked for leave, saying that there was something urgent at home,” Dai An sighed, “Probably because they heard that both of you are on leave. Ye FengWu actually also claimed that he was not careful and managed to accidentally caught a cold and may not be able to attend the event.” Three heavyweight guests can’t attend. What else should they do to celebrate that anniversary? We can’t put a bunch of small stars in the third or fourth tier to make up for them with numbers, so they could only postpone them for a while.

“Qiu ZiYan also asked for leave?” Su Nuo was very shocked when he heard it.

“He must want to seem as influential as you!” Dai An helped him add on his next sentence based on the experiences he was used to.

And in the end, Su Nuo said seriously, “Perhaps he really has something on, you can’t always be so petty!”

Dai An instantly broke out in tears, I was just learning from how you speak! Before this, you drew on skirts for Qiu ZiYan everyday on the magazine covers, and you actually dare to say I’m petty! Do you dare to be more fake!

“Right, after I’m released from the hospital this time, I might not often go back home and stay,” Su Nuo said as he ate his desserts.

“Then where are you going to stay?” Dai An was troubled.

“I’m going back to my older brother’s house,” Su Nuo’s face was straight! This was the good thing about his family and the manager not interacting, he could lie to both sides! It was really very convenient!

“Alright, then do you want to give me your address, I’ll go and fetch you next time,” Dai An said.

“There’s no need,” Su Nuo shook his head, Of course he can’t accept it, if you fetched me, I will be exposed! So he sincerely said, “I can drive myself.”

“Then do I need to get you a personal driver?” Dai An asked again. In fact, the company had this proposal before, but because Su Nuo often needs to eat in the car, in order to hide his personality from more people, so he has not submitted an application.

Su Nuo still directly rejected! Exposing his foodie personality was secondary, if they found a driver like Tang XiaoYu, fighting was one thing, but also managing to offend the mafia, it was really bringing trouble to their doorstep!

But in Qiu ZiYan’s heart, Tang XiaoYu was obviously not considered troublesome.

“Cousin, I brought the chicken soup,” Mike knocked at the door with a thermal container, and then was very understanding of the situation, and took the initiative to say goodbye. Although Qiu ZiYan did not tell him exactly what had happened, the fact that ‘he pushed aside work to take care of Tang XiaoYu’ was very telling.

As a manager who thoroughly understood Mr. Qiu’s temper, Mike of course would not ask more.

“Eat something,” Qiu ZiYan sat by the bedside.

“I’m sorry,” Tang XiaoYu lowered his head and apologized.

“What’s there to be sorry about,” Qiu ZiYan did not take it to heart, and helped him to place the pillows so he could sit up.

Tang XiaoYu felt even more guilty. “Actually, I’m alright, you can leave me be,” He was his driver, and of course, he was very familiar with his work schedule. Based on his original schedule, he should have two activities to attend today, and not to stay by his bedside.

“I know that you’re fine,” Qiu ZiYan fed him food. “Otherwise, I won’t let you not enter the hospital either.”

“I did not think that I would meet those people in the hospital,” Tang XiaoYu gathered his courage and said.

“You’re willing to tell me now?” Qiu ZiYan helped to wipe his mouth. Since he got hit by people till now, he did not ask anything at all, just wanting to wait till he opened his mouth himself.

“En,” Tang XiaoYu nodded.

Qiu ZiYan placed the dishes back down, and grabbed his two hands. “I’ll believe whatever you said, so don’t lie to me.”

When a tough man became gentle, it was really so romantic he could not use any words to express it! The heat from their palms were being exchanged, and there was the great smell of food in the room, it was very warm and simple.

“When I was young, my father was not here anymore, my mother remarried and my stepfather often beat me,” Tang XiaoYu’s voice was very quiet, as though telling someone else’s story, “In high school, my mother died of illness. Of course, my stepfather would not support me anymore. I gave up on myself and left school and went into society. I met those kind of messy people and learned to gamble.”

“Those people were beating you because of a gambling debt?” Qiu ZiYan guessed.

“I don’t owe anyone money,” Tang XiaoYu was speaking the truth, he was very smart, and he was not greedy, and rarely got tricked.

“Before you became a drive for me, what did you do?” Qiu ZiYan asked in a soft voice. He was not scared that Tang XiaoYu owed debts, and was also not scared of him having relations with the mafia, but was scared that he had something to do with drugs. Uncle Tang had just said that his child at home was not learning good things, and hoped that he could help to teach him proper things, but could not say clearly say what bad things he was learning.

“Not doing anything good, I was just helping to catch cheaters in a few casinos, it was enough to keep me fed,” Tang XiaoYu lowered his head. “After that, Uncle Tang said he would introduce me to a job, so I came over.”

Qiu ZiYan sighed. “I said before, I hope that you won’t lie to me.”

“I didn’t lie,” Tang XiaoYu looked at him upon hearing it.

“Uncle Tang said that before this, he had introduced a lot of jobs, I did not accept it even once. Being my driver is not the best choice here, but why did you agree so quickly?” Qiu ZiYan frowned.

Tang XiaoYu was quiet.

“If you’re willing to continue speaking, I’ll continue to listen,” Tang XiaoYu was very patient.

“Because I offended someone, and I could not continue working at the scene.”

Tang XiaoYu’s voice was small, but Qiu ZiYan still managed to hear it, “Whom did you offend?”