Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 36 - Accidents and He’s Your Mother

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Chapter 36: Accidents and He’s Your Mother

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Mr. Director really wanted to go to the event location of Su Nuo’s activity, but because of his job being too busy, he could not find any free time at all, and so he could only accept the horrible reality of ‘wife wants to go for an event and walk the red carpet with his imagined love rival but he had to work overtime’!

It was really too tragic!

The event in the afternoon was at a mall, the time that was appointed was to reach at half past three, and so Dai An fetched him to go style him very early in the afternoon, and headed towards the event location at exactly three.

“No! Drive the car around in a circle!” Seeing that they were about to reach the event location, Su Nuo suddenly opened his mouth and said seriously.

“Around a circle to where?” Dai An was troubled.

“To the second ring road!” Su Nuo clenched his hand in a fist, “We definitely need to be later than Qiu ZiYan!”

So he was still bothered about the ‘whoever is later is a bigger celebrity’ this sort of thing?! Dai An did not know whether to laugh or to cry, and could only drive around in a circle, and they were late by twenty minutes.

Having the abs man wait for him or whatever, Su Nuo felt very satisfied, really feeling especially especially good!

The hall and the staircase of the mall have long been filled with fans of Qiu ZiYan and Su Nuo, and the girls in the especially miniskirt were extremely great! Tang XiaoYu ran out halfway to look at the scene, and was especially thrilled! Although he had always known that Qiu ZiYan was a star, but this kind of scene was too scary! The white thighs that he saw as soon as he looked up was too scary! The shout was deafening, totally shocking Tang Xiaoyu back into the resting lounge!

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“There are so many people outside,” Tang XiaoYu sat next to him!

Qiu ZiYan laughed. “There’s an event, of course there will be a lot of people.”

“Then where should I go in a while?” It was the first time Tang XiaoYu was following him to take part in an event, and was not familiar with the event flow.

“Of course you follow me,” Qiu ZiYan found it strange. “Dai An did not tell you?”

“Me?” Tang XiaoYu was stunned. “I also need to walk the red carpet?”

“Of course, you are my driver, and you need to follow me with the bodyguards the whole time,” Qiu ZiYan said, “And you’re even in the front of the line.”

“Can I not go?” Just thinking about that sort of scene, Tang XiaoYu felt that his knees were feeling weak, there would be so many reporters and fans!

“Of course not!” Qiu ZiYan directly rejected. “Su Nuo’s driver and bodyguards would also follow him, if I don’t have a driver, the media will start to randomly guess again, saying the company is using him heavily but not regarding me well!” This sort of responsibility was very very big!

“… Alright,” Tang XiaoYu looked at him with shining eyes like he was looking at a prince, then took a look at himself, that was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and really wanted to cry! If he had known earlier that he was walking the red carpet, he would have worn a suit and a button-up shirt to come over! Going out like how he looked now, he would really be laughed at!

And he was even the first! Even if he wanted to hide, he would have no way to hide!

Seeing how he looked so worried, Qiu ZiYan could not help… laughing!

Tang XiaoYu looked at him, feeling extremely troubled, and after that, he instantly reacted. “You’re tricking me!” Why is there such a person who has nothing better to do!

“Why are you so blur,” Qiu ZiYan laughed till his tears almost came out. “You really believed me.”

Tang XiaoYu did not know whether to laugh or to cry, his face totally hot!

“You can just wait for me here, after the event is over, we can go back home together,” Qiu ZiYan scratched his nose. “I already called Mai Ke to go and buy some food for tea break, eat it by yourself later.”

“Cousin,” Mai Ke pulled open the door of the resting lounge. “Su Nuo is stuck in a jam on the road, so the reporters are requesting to interview you personally first.”

Qiu Ziyan nodded, and stood up to go to the VIP meeting room, really had a strong aura!

So when Su Nuo reached, he only saw Tang XiaoYu in the resting lounge.

I’m finally late for once! Su Nuo was especially happy! Feeling that he was especially a big-shot!

“Hello,” Tang XiaoYu held Osmanthus Jelly and stood up.

Su Nuo was a little tempted and wanted to ear, but thankfully, he held himself back in the end! He had a strong aura but yet very uncaringly asked, “Where’s Mr. Qiu?”

He must have waited in vain for very long! Hahahaha this is really not funny at all!

After that, he heard Tang XiaoYu answer, “He went to do personal interviews.”

Nani?! Su Nuo’s eyes were wide, personal interview or whatever why had he never heard of this before?! So he very coldly pulled Dai An into the bathroom, and yelled angrily with restraint. “What’s with a personal interview?!” Shouldn’t Qiu ZiYan be waiting for him to come before they went for the interview together!

“I said it before, I thought that you remembered,” The manager was very innocent, and comforted. “Actually this sort of thing, whether you participate or not, it’s nothing much, later on, I’ll fill in the questions and mail it to the reporters and that’ll be enough, there won’t be a lack of print articles.”

“What about photos?” Little Su Nuo was especially petty!

“Definitely more than abs man!” Dai An waved his arms and drew a circle. “This big!”

Su Nuo pettily said, “What are the chances that the reporters will only publish my photo, and totally forget about Qiu ZiYan?”

There was totally no chance of that at all! Inviting you and Qiu ZiYan was around the same price, how could he be forgotten! Can your thoughts not be so strange! Mr. Dai An felt that he was crying tears of blood in his heart, his face maintaining a calm and happy look. “If you can perform especially outstandingly today, perhaps the section on Qiu ZiYan would be squeezed until it’s only this big!” He took out a one yuan coin from his pocket. “Perhaps it would be even smaller than that!”

Performing especially outstandingly this kind of thing… Su Nuo looked at him with a 囧 face. “Just walking a red carpet and a small version catwalk, how can I perform especially outstandingly?”

“Performing sufficiently well is enough,” Dai An comforted him. “Qiu ZiYan is older than you, we need to respect the elderly and loving the young, this time, let’s just give way to him.” These sorts of words were really very shameless!

Respecting the elderly and loving the young this sort of thing… it felt extremely good hearing it! Su Nuo’s dark heart had a light flash by it, and the liberated area’s weather was extremely good!

Dai An let out a breath of relief, this sort of little ancestor was very hard to pacify!

Ten minutes later, the catwalk started, and the two of them followed the arrangements of the catwalk director backstage and the watches they needed to display, Dai An and Mai Ke praised each other fakely, and in the end, they started to coldly insult in their heart, really especially especially fake!

The fan clubs had came to snatch a good position early in the morning, just to be able to admire their idol from the best angle! And so they have already waited for a few hours! So it was easy to comprehend how excited the girls felt in their heart when they heard the opening music finally play!

Screaming sharply or what was especially especially deafening! Little Su Nuo felt that his mood was especially good, and so smiled in a very rare display – One must know that normally, he was especially especially cold!

The pretty and clean smile was put on the big screen by the camera that was following them, and the girls instantly stopped breathing! Really too full of love alright! So the sharp screams were even more deafening, and the atmosphere at the event location became extremely high!

Although Little Su Nuo had very complicated jealous and hateful feelings towards Qiu Ziyan, but after all, he was not dumb enough to let it affect his work, the two of them on the catwalk, one was a sunny personality and one was cold and aloof, they suited each other nicely. The organizers were very happy, and the fans were even more satisfied! Seeing that that fashion show was about to end nicely, when Su Nuo wanted to turn around and walk back, he felt that the stage was a bit shaky.

The fuck, could it be an earthquake?! Little Su Nuo could only manage to have that thought when he heard Dai An scream sharply from backstage.

“Be careful!” Qiu ZiYan also saw, and rushed over wanting to pull him, but was not in time.

The metal poles of the stage that had been built up just for this event loosened and fell, and Su Nuo fell down, after stepping on air.

“Nuo Nuo!” Dai An was so scared that his face was white, and he rushed over to carry him up.

There was blood on Su Nuo’s head, and his eyes were tightly shut as well.

The mall quickly activated the security guards to disperse the worked-up fans, and then arranged for an ambulance to send Su Nuo to the hospital.

The reporters also made a move when they heard of the news, the Internet and television entertainment news instantly made their headlines, Model Su Nuo, because the stage collapsed when he was walking the catwalk for some brand, unfortunately hurt his head and is unconscious and unable to wake up, and has been sent to the hospital in an emergency, with no new news until now. It was very touching when they heard of it!

Han Wei was free for once, and was just at the supermarket with his wife and child buying things together, when he received the phone call from the CEO of the Model company, and instantly, his face turned white.

“What is it?” His wife asked him.

“Nuo Nuo was injured when walking the catwalk, and I need to take a trip to the hospital,” Han Wei was very worried in his heart, and passed the daughter in his arms to his wife. “Darling, be good, go home with mom, dad will bring you to the theme park another day to have a tour of the cartoon rides!”

The little girl was very understanding, and nodded obediently.

Outside the high dependency ward in the hospital, there have been barriers erected already, and the security guards increased the security, and the large group of reporters did not leave for a long time, all wanting to receive news immediately.

Han Wei went upstairs through a private passageway, and Jason was waiting in the resting lounge.

“How did you take care of my younger brother!” Han Wei pulled on his collar and yelled angrily as soon as he saw him.

“Calm down,” Jason was very helpless. “Nuo Nuo getting injured, I’m even more worried than you.”

“What did the doctor say?” Han Wei asked.

“The injury to his head is not bad, but…” Jason got ready to escape.

“There’s still a but?!” Han Wei’s fist tightened till his joints cracked, practically! Wanting! To! Spit! Fire!

“The bone in his leg broke,” Jason heroically admitted the truth!

Han Wei felt very dizzy.

“How about I accompany you to have a round of fighting?” Jason carefully said.

Han Wei very directly threw his fist towards Jason.

Jason hurriedly avoided it, and angrily resisted and said, “Sneak attack?!”

“Go and make those reporters outside the door leave,” Han Wei saw them from the window and felt that his eyes were annoyed. “Otherwise, I will personally make a move.”

Jason’s head hurt, this sort of violent person…

In the white hospital room, Su Nuo felt dizzy, like there was an especially strong feeling of having travelled through time!

In a trance, he seemed to be in a pear blossom forest full of strange fragrance!

“I had such a hard time finding you!” Suddenly, a white robed jade belt young man rushed out, with no warning, his facial expression moved and tears falling down like rain, and knelt on the ground in an instant!

“Who are you?” Su Nuo was shocked.

“You, you really don’t recognize me anymore?” The white robed young man pulled on the sleeve of his shirt, practically yelling with all his might.

He looked a bit familiar but he really could not remember! Could it be that I abandoned him? Su Nuo felt troubled, why was he crying so sadly.

“It’s alright if you don’t remember me, you actually even forgot who my dad is!” The white robed young man’s face was totally red. “He treats you so well!”

“Your dad?” Su Nuo was very confused. “Who is your dad?”

“Don’t pretend to have amnesia again” The white robed young man stood up and indignantly accused him. “Everyone says you love vanity and are greedy for wealth. When you manage to gain the favour of the current emperor, you abandon your family and son. I still didn’t believe it! Now that I look at it, all this is true! In that case, why did you still want to come back?!”

This was all really too messy alright! And I don’t know why I’m here either! Su Nuo found it was especially especially strange. Time travelling till he lost his memory was one thing, but there was actually no one to explain to him this world in detail, this sort of happenings was not scientific!

“Nevermind, just go!” The white robed young man harshly waved his sleeve, leaving with a strong atmosphere.

“Don’t you dare be rude!” An angry yell rung out from the deep area of the flower forest, and in the next moment, a handsome man wearing black walked out!

Of course it was Mr. Director!

Eh eh! Su Nuo instantly became happy! Just as he wanted to throw himself at him in happiness, who knew that the white robed young man actually was a step faster, his face into Ouyang Long’s embrace as he sniffed prettily!

Nani nani what was this situation! Su Nuo instantly was so angry he was burning, actually cheating on him! Love, this sort of thing must be protected! And so Su Nuo rolled up his sleeve and planned to rush over to fight, when he heard the white robed young man delicately and weakly cry out, full of sadness, “Dad!”

A crow cawed as it flew past, and Su Nuo turned to stone.

What was… dad?!

What made him even more shocked was that in the next moment, the white-robed man angrily turned around. “Get lost, I don’t have a mom like you!”

Su Nuo breathed in a breath of cold air, what kind of shocking thing did he just hear?

“Stop talking rubbish, be mindful, don’t cause your mom to be too worked up and affect the child,” Ouyang Long sighed, looking towards Su Nuo with eyes filled of tenderness.

Wha wha what?! Su Nuo’s head was buzzing, and he shakily lowered his head to take a look, and in his shock, he realized he had quite a round and protruding big stomach!

And so the whites of his eyes showed, and fainted!

It was really really pitiful!