Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 26 - Cliches All Over and All Kinds of Miraculous Developments

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Chapter 26: Cliches All Over and All Kinds of Miraculous Developments

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Why are you here?” Su Nuo was acting strangely! Super super fake!

“I came with Older Brother ZiYan,” Tang XiaoYu said, “I’m his driver.”

“Driver?” Su Nuo was really shocked! He had been working in the casino not long ago, how did he suddenly become the abs man’s driver, that was unscientific! Could it be that there was some kind of secret scheme?!

How scary!

He had originally wanted to continue asking, but there was a greeting from next to his ear suddenly, “What are you two chatting about?”

“Ah, you’re done with your meeting?” Su Nuo moved inwards, and gave him half a sofa of space.

Mr. Director politely sat down, feeling a bit like exploding—when he was done dealing with his business partners just now, he had turned around and actually realized that Su Nuo was currently chatting with Tang XiaoYu, and his whole person fell pitifully into a pot of vinegar!

T/N: This means that he was very jealous

Normally, he was very dumb, but now he actually knew that he had to get close to his love rival first; this really made him extremely angry!

And the words love rival… really made him feel so sour!

“He’s the Marketing Director of the Renrui group, called Ouyang Long,” seeing Tang XiaoYu look a bit confused, Su Nuo automatically introduced.

“Hello, this is my name card.” Mr. Director had a very strong presence, and he smiled at Tang XiaoYu.

“… Hello,” Tang XiaoYu had not been met with this kind of situation before, and felt a bit awkward. “I don’t have a name card.”

“It’s fine,” Ouyang Long passed him a cup of alcohol. “I just saw you and Mr. Qiu together, are you two friends?”

“En, I’m his driver,” Tang XiaoYu said.

“Driver?” Ouyang Long was shocked. “I thought that you were a model.”

“I’m not,” Tang XiaoYu shook his head.

“What is Jason thinking, letting you be the driver,” Ouyang Long felt that it was a bit of a pity—Jason was the final level boss of the modelling company, and was considered good friends with Ouyang Long.

Eh, eh, what was the meaning of this?! Little Su Nuo felt his balls were a little unhappy on hearing that! Even though he was very good-looking, praising people in front of him, this kind of thing… it really made him especially unhappy!

“Brother ZiYan is calling me, I’ll leave first,” Tang XiaoYu said goodbye to them.

Ouyang Long nodded, sending him away with his eyes as he ran to Qiu ZiYan’s side and glanced sideways at Su Nuo.

Su Nuo was, as expected, very unhappy! Crazily complaining in his heart, he had already left! And you still keep looking, keep looking! What is so good about looking at his back!?

Seeing his face that seemed as though he was throwing a tantrum, Mr. Director misunderstood once again! He felt that this was because of Qiu ZiYan again!

The jealousy in the air was especially strong, and the two of them were sitting next to each other but did not have anything to say! It was super super awkward!

This was something that had never happened before!

Su Nuo felt even more depressed, and so he took out his phone to check the forums, planning to read about the messy things of the world to comfort his hurt heart!

But Ouyang Long reached out, and pressed his hand on his phone screen.

“What are you doing?” Su Nuo asked.

“Follow me to my office,” Ouyang Long said.

“Follow you to the office for what?” Su Nuo found it strange.

“I’ll tell you when we get there,” Ouyang Long pulled him up.

Su Nuo was totally confused, and followed him to his office on the eighteenth floor. “You brought me here… eh, what is that smell?” His eyes were shining suddenly, the ability of a foodie, or something.

Mr. Director was helpless. “Honey Jujube barbecued meat, the one I talked about before.”

Su Nuo directly ran to the front of the desk and turned his head back full of anticipation. “Can I eat it?”

“… Of course,” Ouyang Long did not know if he should cry or laugh. Actually, he wanted to confess just now and might even have the great chance of forcefully kissing him! But the reality was more upsetting, so he could only sit on the sofa and watch as Su Nuo ate barbequed pork.

His heart felt very complicated in his heart, very very at a loss!

After two pieces of the great-smelling barbecued pork was eaten, Su Nuo’s mood was a little better, and so carried the lunch box to sit next to Ouyang Long, humming and saying, “Is it that you feel that the Tang XiaoYu just now is very handsome actually I felt that he was quite good-looking too just one look and he looked like he has a lot of potential the barbequed pork is very tasty do you want one piece?”

T/N: He actually really just tried to say a lot in a single breath

Ouyang Long met his eyes. “What meaning do you want to express?”

Meeting his gaze at such a close distance that kind of thing… Su Nuo’s face turned red instantly! He really totally embarrassed himself! He was looked till he was like a young fawn randomly bumping into things, like a very girly guy! This was not scientific it did not fit his identity as a pure manly man!

“I just wanted to ask you if you want to eat barbecued pork or not,” Su Nuo presented the lunch box to him.

Ouyang Long stared at his red face and neck, he could even imagine that his back and his butt was all red… he was so easily embarrassed, but he still wanted to use all means and methods to find out other people’s opinions on his love rival!

“Speak ah,” Su Nuo was very stubborn.

“I feel that he is very special,” Ouyang Long decided to be shameless, to let this little dummy totally not like Qiu ZiYan anymore.

You still dare to feel that he’s special?! Su Nuo became even more angry upon hearing it, and even lost his interest in barbecued pork!

This was really something very scary!

Ouyang Long practically could not bear to look at his expression, but… in the end he still steeled his heart. “This kind of looks, it’s hard for people not to remember him. If he wants to enter the entertainment industry, he’ll definitely become very famous. But he actually is willing to just keep being a driver, so his personality must be not bad, at least he’s not superficial,” he was just lacking the last sentence behind, I feel that he and Mr. Qiu are a couple made in the heavens! You should just obediently follow me home!

He was actually continually praising him… Su Nuo really wanted to pull on his collar and shake him as strongly as possible, you just spoke to him for a few sentences just now and you can conclude this whole lot of praises! It’s obviously the legendary love at first sight! Men who are so fickle are the most hateful!

“Why are you not eating anymore?” Seeing his face was full of a depressed expression, Ouyang Long made his tone gentler.

“I’m not eating anymore!” Su Nuo pushed the lunch box into his hands, very roughly! He even splashed oil all over Mr. Director’s body!

“You’re not happy?” Ouyang Long pinched his face, his eyes very gentle.

“Why would I be unhappy?” Su Nuo’s ‘embarrassed until it became anger’ point was hit! I’m not jealous at all!

“How about I bring you—”

“I’m going to find Dai An for something,” Su Nuo interrupted him, standing up and walking out!

Ouyang Long was stunned, watching as he ran out of the out of the office quickly, not able to react on time at all!

What was going on?!

Su Nuo had originally wanted to find a quiet corner to be upset, but the Renrui Group was in a shopping mall, and they were having a banquet; it was very hard to find somewhere without people! So, Model Su could only randomly just go into a toilet, to sit on the toilet bowl and contemplate life.

His expression was especially serious!

Just now, that sour feeling in his heart! It was obvious that he was jealous!

Although being jealous was something very embarrassing, he could not deny it!

Actually, in their short time of interaction, Ouyang Long was really very very good! Not only was he very gentle, and very caring, he also knew so many owners of famous restaurants! And was also very handsome!

Su Nuo felt very depressed!

Actually he did not know from when, he already had an inexplicable anticipation towards him. Originally, he had purposely ignored it, but he did not anticipate that these special feelings that did not seem to be present all the time, would float up and appear now, and they were very strong too!

Could this be the legendary heartbreak? Su Nuo practically wanted to hit the wall. Life was so depressing; he had yet to experience the feeling of happiness of dating at all. On the other hand, the feeling of heartbreak was very real!

It was really heart-wrenching!

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An could not find him, and so made called him on the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the washroom,” Su Nuo felt weak.

“Why does your voice sound lacking in energy, you don’t feel well?” Dai An asked.

“… En.” He was really not feeling well!

“How about we go back first,” Dai An said. “The banquet has already ended, the additional happenings after are not important.”

“Then I’ll go directly to the carpark,” Su Nuo did not have any mood to continue staying, too, and had even imagined by himself the image of Ouyang Long and Tang XiaoYu wildly kissing with their tongues! His glass heart shattered on the ground!

In the underground carpark, Dai An was already waiting for him in the car. Su Nuo opened the car door and sat inside, his whole person was lacking in energy.

“Do you want me to bring you to see the doctor?” Dai An was very worried.

“I’m fine, I’m just having a bit of diarrhea,” Su Nuo found an excuse. “Can you just send me home?”

Could it be the lamb shank ordered just now was not fresh? Dai An felt troubled as he drove the car.

And at the Renrui Group banquet, Ouyang Long could not find Su Nuo anywhere, and even when he tried to call his phone, it was switched off. In his anxiety, he could only call Dai An.

“Nuo Nuo isn’t feeling well, so we left first,” Dai An said, “I’m really very sorry.”

“No problem,” Ouyang Long asked, “Can you pass him the phone?”

“Of course,” Dai An passed the phone over.

“Who is it?” Su Nuo asked.

“Director Ouyang,” the manager replied.

Nani?! Su Nuo’s back became cold instantly, and he shook his head to reject frantically. “Just say that I’m already asleep!”

When Ouyang Long heard it from the other side of the phone, he felt a bit of a headache.

“Director Ouyang, I am very sorry, but Nuo Nuo has already fallen asleep; may I ask why you are looking for him?” Dai An cooperated with Model Su and acted with him.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to ask about his wellbeing,” Ouyang Long knew how to behave in this delicate situation and did not expose him.

“Thank you, I’ll pass the message on after Nuo Nuo wakes up,” The manager was very polite, but the guilty Su Nuo felt very anxious when he heard it. What is there to pass the massage on about could it be that his embarrassing one-sided love has been found out, so he called to tell him not to daydream?! How very cruel and heartless!

“Why aren’t you picking up the director’s phone?” After hanging up, the manager asked curiously.

Su Nuo was extremely upset, in his heart, he shouted, it’s because my one-sided love is not reciprocated!

It’s so embarrassing he can’t look at Ouyang Long in the eye!

“He told me to tell you to rest more,” the manager praised, “Of the many business people we’ve worked with, Mr. Ouyang is really not bad.”

Of course I know that! How is he just not bad, he’s really great! It’s a pity it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me!

Su Nuo rested on the back of the chair and was in a daze, not even having the mood to see the gossip forums anymore!

How pitiful!