Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 25 - A Jealous Wulong and Shuang Ma Novels

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Chapter 25: A Jealous Wulong and Shuang Ma Novels

Translated by Ying

“I won’t eat any.” Tang XiaoYu was a bit awkward.

“Since there’s nothing much to do, let’s go outside for a breath of fresh air.” Seeing that the other man seemed uncomfortable, Qiu ZiYan brought him along with him to the small balcony.

“Yi.” Su Nuo saw Tang XiaoYu’s profile and back silhouette as soon as he stepped through the door and couldn’t help feeling a sense of familiarity.

“What are you looking at?” OuYang Long passed him a glass of wine and followed his line of sight, catching Qiu ZiYan shutting the balcony door behind him.

Because of this, Mr Director’s mood was immediately dampened! And there was even a faint taste of sourness!

But of course he woldn’t let this show! Because he was a black-stomached Gong! Of course he couldn’t do stuff like ripping up his own labels!

However, Su Nuo was innocent, he really was just looking at Tang XiaoYu and was just about to get up to have a frontal view of the man’s face ——– he must have seen him somewhere before! Not being able to remember the incident was like an itch that you can never place; irritating.

After working his brain to the max for a full five minutes, Su Nuo still couldn’t figure out who that person was and got even more worked up! He could clearly feel that he knew the guy but for some reason he just couldn’t catch the sliver of remembrance that kept slipping out of his fingers. This was absolute torture ok! But if he looked familiar, could it be a newbie in the company? It couldn’t be Qiu ZiYan’s bodyguard, right? It’s obvious that he needs one more! Well, fine, he didn’t need it that much either but being beaten by him didn’t feel good at all!

Once the matter had developed to this point, Su XiaoNuo really couldn’t bare it anymore, so he decisively picked up his wine glass and headed towards the balcony ——- He and Qiu ZiYan were models for the same company, a simple greeting couldn’t be too weird, right? Then he could see the other person’s face!

He was really too intelligent!

“Where are you going?” OuYang Long tilted his body and blocked his path, he was just about to drown in vinegar*! He could put up with him seeming as though he had left for dreamland, he could put up with the fact that he kept looking towards the balcony but now he was going to run over!

*Chinese way of describing jealousy

“I’m going to say hi to Qiu ZiYan.” Su Nuo felt that his reason was extremely reasonable!

“I’ll go with you.” OuYang Long was extremely cold, not losing the face of black-stomached men at all!

On the little balcony, Qiu ZiYan was performing a coin magic trick for Tang XiaoYu. “Guess which hand it’s in?”

“It’s in the sleeve, the edge is sticking out.” Tang XiaoYu couldn’t help laughing.

“Did you have to be so straightforward?” Qiu ZiYan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, catching him out with a single sentence really didn’t leave him any face!

“I’ll do it for you.” Tang XiaoYu took over the coin and pulled his sleeves up.

An ordinary coin being tossed back and forth between two hands suddenly disappeared, Qiu ZiYan had been concentrating with all he had but still couldn’t find where the trick was so he pulled Tang XiaoYu’s hand over to have a look. “How did you do it?”

Tang XiaoYu’s eyes bent as he smiled but didn’t tell him.

“Don’t be so stingy!” Qiu ZiYan was immensely unsatisfied.

So before Su Nuo and OuYang Long had even completed their journey towards the balcony, they witnessed this scene from the window!

What’s with the holding hands and joking around…

OuYang Long rubbed his chin and turned to look at Su Nuo, only to find that he was standing dumbfounded, seeming to have turned into stone!

Did he really need such a big reaction! Mr Director really wanted to complain, he really wanted to just pick the other man up by the ear and take him away!

Su XiaoNuo was completely unaware of the fact that he was being misunderstood for the second time! He was actually stunned that the man next to Qiu ZiYan was the Tang XiaoYu who caught the cheaters at the casino! Why was he with ab-man chatting and laughing, this didn’t make sense! Qiu ZiYan’s background was very clear, both his parents were professors so it was virtually impossible for him to have any connections with the underground! Could it be that Tang XiaoYu had taken a brbe and been ordered to seduce Qiu ZiYan into gambling?! If he took one wrong step then the rest of the road would also be wrong! If a big star gambled all his money away and ended up as a beggar on the street, that would be way too sad!

But on this topic, if Qiu ZiYan went to join a beggar group with his looks and body he’d probably start as a senior immediately! Su Nuo had even made a 3D picture with sound of Qiu ZiYan hitting a bowl while singing Lian Hua Luo! It really was extremely moving!

“Do you still want to go?” OuYang Long pushed down the swelling sourness in him and asked casually.

Of course not! Su Nuo shook his head decisively, feeling that he needed time to figure out exactly what was happening here!

“Then so you want to go eat nearby?” OuYang Long knew exactly what he had to do to Make Su Nuo’s mood better. “There’s fresh candied dates with BBQ pork and chestnuts stewed with pigeon.”

Even the names sounded very, very tasty!

However, to his surprise, Su Nuo actually shook his head in refusal! Because two hours ago, Dai An had habitually taken him out for a luxurious feast that was filling and delicious. So his stomach now was extremely full!

But OuYang Long didn’t know this! So he could only follow his instincts and determine that Su Nuo must have lost his appetite after seeing Qiu ZiYan laughing, chatting and having physical contact with someone else!

Because of this Mr Director was even more sour!

Should I tell the ab-man about the truth or not! Su Nuo stood in front of the dining table, feeling extremely conflicted!

How could he still be unfocused?! OuYang Long’s head was ringing and he began to regret the fact that he had invited him and Qiu ZiYan to his dinner at the same time! How stupid could he be to find trouble for himself!

Su Nuo thought for half a day and decided to help the ab-man! Helping people is helping yourself or whatever… Su Nuo couldn’t help but compliment himself!

Even though he really wanted to give a lesson to the slow and dumb person beside him, he was still the host of the party so he couldn’t follow Su Nuo around the entire time. He could only hopelessly go and greet his guests while also paying close attention to where Su Nuo was going!

As a highland flower, Su Nuo had already been trained thoroughly by his company not to seem too interested in anything! He couldn’t be more professional at pretending to be far off and whatnot! So when OuYang Long walked away, he elegantly picked up a glass of alcohol, sat down on a sofa in the corner and took his phone out. His lashes hung over his eyes and his nose was straight and delicate, this profile was beautiful enough to make anyone cry!

He really was out of this world! Everyone thought that he must be admiring poetry or prose! The slightly furrowed brows were a direct indicator of the fact! The fact that he could still concentrate and admire works of art in a place flashing with red lights and green alcohol made one want to wipe tears away from their eyes because of the man’s untainted ppureness!

However, no one could have guessed that Su XiaoNuo was looking at a San Su forum and that the frowning was because internet speed here was way too slow! Not having the webpage load was really getting on his nerves!

‘The Teasing Director Loves the Famous Model’ had finally worked hard and updated! Then of course he’d have to stay updated!

As Su NuoNuo and Wangye linked hands to travel through time, there was a sudden gust of wind from the pacific which caused the linked hands to separate, making them time travel to different places and lose their memories!

How pitiful!

As a universal top model, Su NuoNuo had everything any ordinary person would want! A pair of eyes shining with purple light, blue hair the colour of water, pale white skin, plump red lips, pink nails… Wait a moment, what normal person would think about this sort of stuff! Su Nuo could feel a chill go through his body and excitedly read on!

As a famous international beauty, Su NuoNuo naturally had many pursuers, including an Arabic oil giant, a mysterious south Asian prince, European royalty and even a South American tribal chief! Each year at his birthday party, he would receive a mountain of presents, including pure gold racing cars, diamond crowns, rare herbal medicine, priceless antiques and a flower crown made of south American corn… Ayo this South American tribal chief wasn’t competitive enough! Su Nuo pinched his lips together, who would want a flower crown of corn! Even a cup of corn juice is stronger than this!

But what broke what these competitors’ hearts was that Su NuoNuo never gave a second glance to any of them, his ice cold eyes didn’t have room to fit anyone into them; and his titanium heart had never softened, not even once!

So the rumours started, everyone said that Su NuoNuo was a unreachable flower and would only ever love himself! One person said this to ten people and ten people became one hundred, finally this rumour made its way into the ears of the enormously rich director, CEO and premier of the OuYang cooperation who held the entire universe’s economy in his palm —- OuYang JinLong!

Su Nuo went pfft, what a long title!

“I don’t believe that there are people that exist on this world that won’t love me!” OuYang JinLong evilly and coldly lifted the corners of his mouth, saying calmly, “Tell the housekeeper to prepare a luxury BoYin 747 for me, I’m going to take a look.”

What was this about a private luxury BoYin 747 and whatnot… Su Nuo shook for a moment, this was great!

The plane engraved with diamonds took flight, pushing though the layer of clouds to head towards the other side of the world! OuYang JinLong sat at the window side, suddenly feeling a lost feeling! What was this feeling of déjà vu… It seemed that he had already seen the same sky, the same clouds with his lover in his arms, the other man’s beautiful and fragile body resting against him, pained beyond the imagination as though his heart was being sawn open by a knife!

“What, what is this?” OuYang JinLong roared, pushing all the expensive cigars and red wine onto the floor, resting his head in hands and saying painfully, “It’s obviously never happened before, so why does it seem to familiar! Who can tell me! What exactly does that soft corner hidden in the depths of memories harbour?!”

His heart was about to break into a million pieces!

Perhaps because of being afraid of the readers getting too upset, the author even considerately put a little green notification on the page: There’s a bit of sadness here, but it will get happy again very soon, so don’t be upset~~!

“Pfft!” Su Nuo laughed impolitely, but immediately held it back! It wasn’t that he thought it was unfair to the author’s consideration, it was that he remembered that he was a highland flower and definitely couldn’t laugh!

But if this sort of hilarious storyline continued he’d definitely be unable to hold in his laugh! For the sake of the bigger picture, Su Nuo could only reluctantly put his phone back into his shirt pocket, planning to carefully inspect it before he went to sleep tonight!

“Hello.” A greeting suddenly floated into his ear.

“… It’s you?!” Su Nuo turned his head and found that it was Tang XiaoYu!

“En, it’s me.” Tang XiaoYu smiled. “Last time you saved me, I still haven’t managed to thank you.”