Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 11 - Vicious Rumors and a Horrible, Ear-piercing Sound

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Chapter 11: Vicious Rumors and a Horrible, Ear-piercing Sound

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Seeing him nod to agree, Ouyang Long turned the car around and brought the person back to his own house. Before they went upstairs, Su Nuo had managed to grab the plum wine and felt very at ease!

“Just sit down first,” Ouyang Long opened the door to the house. “I’ll go and cook in the kitchen, I’ll be done very fast.”

“En,” Su Nuo was very scheming, and placed the plum wine on the most obvious place; the coffee table! That way, he could be sure that he would not forget it again! His memory being bad was really something worrisome.

After changing into lounge clothes, Ouyang Long went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Su Nuo waited until he felt very bored and used his phone to go to Qiu ZiYan’s page again.

I’m really in a frenzy! Model Su sighed while logging into his small account to read, and as expected, he found that Qiu Ziyan was showing off his pictures again. This time, in order to highlight the bottom two abs, he had even gone to the extent of pulling down the waistband of his trousers. It was not appropriate for children to see this level of sexiness! Su Nuo was indignant. He was really so shameless. Exposure maniacs were really disgusting! If one had the ability, strip oneself naked and let the television bureaus cut them off! Hmpf hmpf!

[I’m Your Bald and Evil Nemesis]: Can blogger take a fully nude picture? Begging blogger to film a GV!

T/N: GV refers to Gay Video

Abs and these kinds of things were nothing to be proud of at all! After Su Nuo finished insulting, he went to enter his own official page, and published one of the photos Ren Rui had taken. He only wore his underwear and was lying down on the bed. It was really very artistic! Not at all the same level as that abs exposing man!

After the photos were posted, messages came in immediately. Most of them were girls rolling about with starry eyes. Of course, there were also brainwashed haters posting hate comments. Su Nuo just wanted to leave the page after picking some pleasant messages and answering them, but suddenly a new message popped up in the lower right corner.

[Qiu ZiYan]: Really looking forward to working with you.

Ah ah ah ah ah! Su Nuo’s eyes widened. What kind of wrong medicine did this person eat to leave a comment under his underwear picture? What a big pervert!

When he refreshed the page, the girls had already started to scream loudly like they were crazy. They were expressing that their excited feelings were enormous and they were all crying and rolling about. They were begging NuoNuo to reply; begging NuoNuo to be bashful; begging NuoNuo to give a kiss!

The fuck is give a kiss! Su Nuo’s whole person had become stone. Why were the girls nowadays so hateful? Doing things like forcing marriages! And even if they wanted to force someone, they shouldn’t pull that abs man into it. , He did not have any relation with that guy. How did they randomly become a CP? He really could not hold himself back and wanted to yell out angrily!

“Prepare to eat,” Ouyang Long came out to call him.

Su Nuo was still in the state of breaking down and there was also a hint of wanting to explode and leave!

“What is it?” Ouyang Long waved a hand in front of his eyes.

“Eh?” Su Nuo returned to his senses, “…It’s nothing.”

“Go and wash your hands,” Ouyang Long opened the bottle of plum wine with his hands. “Then come over to eat.”

When the cork was removed, the sweet alcohol smell slowly drifted over. Su Nuo scrunched up his nose, feeling that…he was still very depressed! As expected, abs were really evil! Even good food could not remove the dark shadows brought about by it. It was really scary. It was just like Lord Voldemort!

Although the dishes were bought from a small roadside stall, when it was placed on glass plates by Ouyang Long, its looks instantly upgraded! But even so, Foodie Su was not attracted! Because he was still hating the abs man!

“Try it,” Ouyang Long passed him a cup of plum wine.

Su Nuo tilted his head and drank it all up in one gulp, like trying to use alcohol to drown his worries.

Ouyang Long laughed. “Aren’t you scared of getting drunk?”

“It’s quite sweet,” Su Nuo felt that the taste was not bad.

“The alcohol percentage is not low. Drink slowly,” Ouyang Long passed him another cup.

Because Su Nuo rarely drank alcohol normally, he did not understand the concept of alcohol percentages. Furthermore, the taste of alcohol in plum wine was not strong, so he did not care and drank it all in one gulp again.

“Eat some things first,” Ouyang Long passed him a small bowl of white rice. “Otherwise, your stomach will feel uncomfortable.”

Su Nuo was still in a daze, Qiu ZiYan was really hateful…

He drank another cup.

Ouyang Long did not know whether to laugh or cry. “You aren’t allowed to drink anymore.”

“Why?” Su Nuo was not happy. This petty man!

“You’ll get drunk,” Ouyang Long passed a pair of chopsticks to him, “Eat.”

Su Nuo randomly took two mouthfuls of rice, then felt a bit dizzy.

“The production company sent over sample photos today, the results are not bad.” Ouyang Long said, “We can look at them together after we are done eating.”

Model Su nodded, not concentrating, and treated the plum wine like plum juice, and drank cup after cup.

Ouyang Long was worried at the start, but later on, seeing that he was fine, he let him drink and did not try to control him. He was thinking that perhaps his alcohol tolerance was really not bad.

Fifteen minutes later.

“En!” Su Nuo’s face was red, and he suddenly was filled with a thousand regrets and said, “I’m not jealous of people with abs at all!”

Ouyang Long was stunned. “What abs?”

“Eat!” Su Nuo was unconstrained, and waved the spoon in his hand about.

“You’re drunk?” Ouyang Long was shocked. This was too fast!

“Of course not,” Su Nuo took a big spoonful of chilies, and very swiftly stuffed it into his mouth.

“Ah!” Ouyang Long was shocked and hurriedly pressed on his cheeks. “Spit it out quickly.”

Su Nuo’s gaze was firm, and he shook his head desperately!

Ouyang Long was finding it funny but was also speechless. He had to coax him and cheat him before he spit the chilies out.

“Disgusting!” Su Nuo pulled his shirt to wipe his mouth and then started to strip.

“Don’t play around,” Ouyang Long pulled on his hand.

“I’m nicer to look at after I strip off everything!” Su Nuo’s eyes were filled with sincerity.

Ouyang Long did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you have abs?” Su Nuo grabbed his shirt collar.

“…Yes I do,” Ouyang Long nodded.

Su Nuo felt sad instantly, and ripped open his button up shirt quickly. “I don’t.”

“I know you don’t,” Ouyang Long really wanted to laugh.

“Let me touch your abs for a bit,” Su Nuo reached out his claws, but he was drunk and his eyes were blurry and he did not aim properly, and so grabbed the chief inspector’s that place!

“Ah!” Ouyang Long hurriedly avoided it.

“Why are you so petty?” Su Nuo’s mouth was wrinkled, and he started to cry, feeling especially wronged. “It’s not like I’m trying to snatch it from you!”

“…I’ll bring you to rest in the guest bedroom.” With how he looked now, it was not good for Ouyang Long to send him home.

“I hate Qiu ZiYan the most!” Su Nuo staggered as he complained.

“Why do you hate him?” Ouyang Long helped him walk towards the guest bedroom.

“Because he has abs!” Su Nuo was especially angry.

Ouyang Long laughed. “What kind of reason is this?”

Su Nuo groaned and moaned and his kneecaps suddenly went soft and he fell forwards. Fortunately, Ouyang Long’s reaction was quick, and he quickly embraced him so that Model Su did not faceplant on the ground.

“So hot!” After being placed on the bed, Su Nuo started to strip, crazed.

OuYang Long’s brain was buzzing, he could not press him down, and so he could only watch as Su Nuo stripped until he was not even wearing underwear!

“Feels great!” Model Su spread open his four limbs and lay on the bed, showing his little bird.

Seeing that white and soft body, Ouyang Long felt his eyes were a bit hot. Was this considered sending himself to his doorstep?

Su Nuo scratched his stomach a few times, then extended his finger to point at him, “You, come over!”

“What are you doing?” Ouyang Long sat on the bedside.

Su Nuo started to tangle around him like a snake, “Sing a song for me!”

The person in his embrace had a heated up body, and Ouyang Long’s breathing became heavy.

“Sing quickly!” Su Nuo grabbed onto his scalp!

“What do you want me to sing?” Ouyang Long asked.

“The Internationale,” Su Nuo was especially especially upright.

T/N: The Internationale is an actual song, it’s a left-wing anthem. Listen HERE.

Ouyang Long started to laugh. “Rest well.” Although the little thing in front of him looked delicious, he was not sure of his sexual orientation. So Ouyang Long still put the person back onto the bed. “Good night.”

“Really petty!” Su Nuo lay on the bed, feeling unhappy, and started to sing for himself. “Stand up, slaves suffering from famine and cold!”

Ouyang Long’s body shuddered before his back turned cold. He was only not able to carry a tune, it was really so horrible sounding that he wanted to cry!

In the advertisements his management company used to advertise him, Su Nuo had always been a cold evildoer little prince. So he would definitely not enter the pop music scene! But the truth was a lot worse. Those who were familiar with him knew that model Su’s singing was definitely an ear-piercing horrible sound! The reverberation would not disappear after thirty days!

“This is the last fight, stand together to tomorrow, the Internationale must be fulfilled!” After singing the last line, Su Nuo flipped his body, changing from showing off his little bird to his butt, and pressed on his throat and sang with emotion, “B Side, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau! Who brought it, the ancient call…”

Ouyang Long bent his waist, laughing so hard tears were about to come out. Could it be that he came with an automatic body flipping skill?

“That is, the Qinghai-Tibet—cough cough,” Su Nuo’s face was red, and he was no longer able to continue singing! Instead, he choked himself till he kept coughing.

“Let’s not sing anymore. Quickly rest,” Ouyang Long helped him pat his back.

“En!!!!” Su Nuo was especially obedient, nodding his head, face full of innocence.

“Be good. Close your eyes.” Ouyang Long picked up his underwear from the ground, and helped him put it on.

“I don’t want to wear it!” Su Nuo kicked his legs desperately, and his leg landed directly on Chief Inspector Ouyang’s handsome face!

Ouyang Long had not been prepared. He had been kicked in the teeth, and his lower lip immediately starting bleeding badly.

“Hot!” Su Nuo was especially stubborn.

Ouyang Long took in a deep breath, repeating in his mind over and over again that he could not be petty with a drunk person. Then he pulled the blanket over and helped him cover his body.

“Very sweet, your smile is so very sweet…” Su Nuo’s two hands were waving about

T/N: The song here is 甜蜜蜜 (Tian Mi Mi)!

Ouyang Long was so exhausted by him that he was too lazy to help him dress. He wanted to go to the bathroom to deal with the wound first. Who knew that when he had just held a mouthful of cold water for less than three seconds, when there was a loud crash from the bedroom. Obviously, some heavy thing had been pulled and had fallen down.

Ouyang Long hurriedly returned and found Model Su standing on the bed, totally naked, holding the air conditioner controller and yelling, “The audience on the left, please raise up your right hands!”

“Su Nuo!” No matter how patient Ouyang Long was, after being exhausted till now, he could not really stand it anymore.

“Here!” Su Nuo instantly threw the remote control down, and stood up straight and then bowed to him.

“I really don’t know what to do with you,” Ouyang Long was so angry he laughed. Then he went up to press him onto the bed, “I’m ordering you to sleep!”

“En!” Su Nuo hugged his neck and comfortably rubbed himself against him twice.

“Be good. Sleep quickly,” Ouyang Long took the blanket to cover him, and helped him pat his back rhythmically.

Su Nuo found the most comfortable position in his embrace and finally settled down.

Half an hour later, the sound of his breathing had become slower, so Ouyang Long tried to get up. Who knew that the movement was slightly too big and it caused Model Su to wake up in shock! He blurrily grabbed around and found nobody around him. So he opened his eyes and sat up quickly, “Even when the time flows by quickly, I only care about you…”

“Please stop singing!” Ouyang Long hurriedly covered his mouth.

“Alright,” Su Nuo was strangely obedient and hugged him before rolling back onto the bed!

Hearing the happy snores next to him, Chief Inspector Ouyang finally experienced what being helpless and unable to do anything felt like for the first time in his life.

Why did he impulsively bring this little ancestor, that he could only look at but not eat, back home?