Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 989: Twisted Space

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Chapter 989: Twisted Space

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Mubai jumped into the car without hesitation.

"Chase that car in front of us!" Xinghe ordered the driver. The driver stepped on the pedal but asked with uncertainty, "What are you planning?"

"Catch him and this is all yours!" Mubai, who sat in the back, suddenly tossed him a stack of cash. The driver stopped asking questions and stepped hard on the pedal. The car in front seemed to realize they were still chasing him, so he too increased his speed.

Thankfully, Darlin Town did not have a vibrant night life. The roads were deserted, and the cars were allowed to roam free. However, the car in front was too fast; no matter how hard Xinghe\'s driver tried to chase, the distance between them grew. The driver\'s heart was slowly growing with fear. He did not want to get caught in this craziness, and he already had half a mind to chase them out and give up the money.

"This is yours, give us your car and get out!" Mubai suddenly tossed him a cheque. Reading the number on the cheque, the driver stopped the car and jumped out without a second thought. However, this little intervention slowed them down further.

With Mubai in the driving seat, their speed significantly increased. He was a good and stable driver. The assassin was furious when he noticed how close they were to him!

He knew he was exposed, continuing running was not the solution. However, he had not finished his mission, so he could not give up just like that. Glancing at the woman beside him that was in an unknown state, a flash of viciousness crossed his eyes and a scheme floated up in his heart.

He did a sharp turn at a junction and drove into another car lane. The car went straight for a large tree. At the very last minute, the assassin jumped out of the car and did a safety roll.

The next second, the car rammed into the tree, and the front of the car changed shape immediately.

Xinghe and Mubai were greeted to this scene as they turned the corner. The whole car was beyond recognition. Mubai drove closer, but they still could not see what was happening inside. Both of them thought the assassin was still inside the car and this was only an accident, so they alighted the car carefully and inched closer to take a look.

The broken car was dripping with oil. They knew the car was going to explode soon, so they did not waste time and went closer to check on the situation inside. As they moved closer, they realized the assassin was not inside the car; there was only a woman inside.

Mubai frowned with displeasure, and the next second a gun shot rang out!

"Careful!" He instinctively launched himself at Xinghe, and the car behind them exploded!

The bullet hit the oil tank, blowing the whole car up. The explosion tossed Xinghe and Mubai away.

Both of their bodies landed on the floor, and the back of Xinghe\'s head hit the hard surface with a heavy thud. There was blackness before her eyes, and before she lost consciousness, she managed to see the man who laid on her had a halo of blood on his head…

She even saw the space twisting, but she could not tell what was within it. Then, an endless and limitless fatigue pulled her eyes close as her body submerged into a dark whirlpool. She kept on falling, falling, and falling…

Xinghe and Mubai in the fifth dimension were also suddenly pulled out of the room.

The fifth dimension created by the advanced technology quickly dispersed, the multiple dimensions that stacked upon each other twisted beyond recognition before dissipating into thin air.