Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 987: Smell of Blood

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Chapter 987: Smell of Blood

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

This was Lylian\'s home. After a brief moment of hesitation, Xinghe walked into the building. Even though she had no idea what she was going to do next, she knew she had to get to know Lylian. Perhaps she could find out more from Lylian.

The building was truly creepy; there was barely any light in the corridor. Xinghe\'s every footstep was amplified by the silence of the night. Even her breathing was clear in the night. The darkness of the place seemed to heighten her other senses. The overall silent environment also weighed down heavily on her.

Xinghe took careful steps upstairs. Before she reached the second floor, Xinghe heard a sudden \'Dong!\' that appeared out of nowhere. Xinghe stopped moving and managed to confirm that the sound indeed came from the second floor.

\'Dong…\' It happened again. This time Xinghe was sure it came from Lylian\'s room.

For some reason, Xinghe felt a bad omen rise up within her. She clenched her teeth and ran up the stairs. It did not take her long to reach Lylian\'s room door. Xinghe stood before her door and knocked on it lightly. There was no immediate response coming from within.

Xinghe knocked for a few more times before a man replied in a whisper, "Who is it?"

Xinghe was startled by the voice of a man. The hotel manager did not tell her whether Lylian stayed alone or not, so she had a hard time telling the man\'s relationship to Lylian.

"Good afternoon, I\'m looking for Lylian," Xinghe said truthfully.

"We\'re resting, come back tomorrow!" the man replied with impatience, and all of a sudden, the light in the room was switched off. The place lost its only light source, and Xinghe could barely see in front of her.

Xinghe whipped out her phone and pressed a few random buttons. She stared at the door and purposely said, "Lylian has disappeared, come over now and remember to bring the thing."

Just as Xinghe said that, the door was suddenly opened, and a large shadowy male figure pounced at her like a beast attacking from the dark. Rushing ahead of him was a gust of wind. There was the smell of blood in the wind…

Xinghe was already prepared, so when the door was opened, she raised her leg and kicked at the space before her.

The man groaned from the kick to his abdomen, and he faltered for a few steps back. However, the next second, he recovered and launched himself at her again. This time he was faster and fiercer. Xinghe countered, but he nimbly avoided it, and before Xinghe could react, he clamped his hands over Xinghe\'s neck!

However, she did not lose her calm; she reacted reflexively and aimed at her assailant\'s lower body. She underestimated the man\'s skill. A normal ruffian was no match Xinghe, but it was obvious that this man was no normal ruffian. He had a unique savage sharpness to him that was unique to assassin!

Xinghe by then knew something had happened to Lylian, and her main focus then was to escape. However, her every counter or attack was negated by the man. Finally, Xinghe was grabbed from behind by the assassin, and his arm gripped tightly around her neck. At the same time, he raised his other hand, and Xinghe could see the glint of cold steel reflect the dim light of the moon.

Just as the knife was about to puncture Xinghe\'s body, a dagger suddenly pierced the back of the man\'s hand.