Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 986: Looking for Lylian

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Chapter 986: Looking for Lylian

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"Does she have a phone?" Xinghe asked.

"I\'m afraid not." Empathizing with her, the manager promised with a smile, "Don\'t worry, Lylian is a good person. If she\'s found your bracelet, she will definitely return it to you. But from the looks of things, she did not find it."

"I still wish to personally ask her; do you know where she lives?" Xinghe asked softly but in a tone that brooked no argument.

The manager was cornered by her insistence. He sighed and said, "Fine, I can\'t stop you if you want to find her; this is Lylian\'s address, but I sincerely advise you not to. It is too late, and this place is not safe."

"Thank you, I will be careful." Xinghe turned to leave after gaining the address. However, she turned to fall into Mubai\'s gaze. Mubai\'s group was walking into the lobby.

Earlier at the alleyway, due to mellow light of the street lamps, she did not have a good look at him. She only managed to notice he was a good-looking man and his features were sharp. His eyes that took her in were not simple.

Now, when she laid her eyes on him again, there was curiously a ripple in her heart. Even though she was not crazy about good looking men but weirdly enough, she felt he looked very special. However, mostly, Xinghe was alarmed. Why was he following her? She felt this man had ulterior motive.

Mubai calmly took his gaze away and asked the manager naturally, "Is there still a room available?"

"Of course, how many do you need?" The manager pushed out a business smile. Xinghe took the opportunity to leave the hotel. However, she did not leave; instead, she stayed at the entrance to observe.

She waited for at least ten minutes and sighed in relief when she realized no one was following her. Then, she started to search for Lylian using her address. Xinghe did not realize after she left, Mubai placed a stack of cash on the counter and similarly asked for Lylian\'s address.

This was because he had overheard Xinghe\'s conversation with the manager. She was also looking for Lylian!

Mubai thought back to the way Xinghe was standing under the tree and his heart shook. She also understands how to read the hints in the leaves? How is she related to this incident?

The whole situation had gotten a lot more complicated. Mubai decided not to jump to any conclusions and continued his observation from the dark.

After getting his room, Mubai snuck out alone from the hotel backdoor and heading toward Lylian\'s residence.

Lylian didn\'t live far from the small hotel, but it would still take ten minutes to travel on foot. She lived in a broken residential area. The surroundings were old and abandoned three story buildings. Most of them had broken windows, and looking from the outside, they were completely dark and did not seem to house anyone.

Only a handful of rooms had weak lights filtering from within. The street lights of this residential area were all broken, and the place was dark. There were occasional cat hisses coming from the overgrown bushes; it was the perfect set for a horror movie.

However, Xinghe, a 16-year-old girl, was not afraid. Other than caution, there was no trace of fear on her face. She followed the address and scanned the buildings one by one. After some effort, she finally found the one where Lylian was located.

Xinghe stood under the building, and when she raised her head, she could see the lights on the second floor were still on.