Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 985: A Person's Name

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Chapter 985: A Person\'s Name

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her active location would appear on the police stations\' website. Regardless, Xinghe did not envision herself getting into deep danger. Her confidence and calmness came from her strength and fearlessness.

Normal people might not have been able to see that within her, but Mubai saw that as clear as day. It was the first time he\'d come across a girl so confident and calm.

For some reason, Mubai\'s feet started walking on their own, following Xinghe\'s footsteps. The two bodyguards had no idea Mubai was following the girl unconsciously.

After a short walk, Mubai realized with a start that the girl was heading in the same direction that he was. The small hotel was not far from where they were, and it appeared like Xinghe was heading that way.

In the end, her destination really was that small hotel. Xinghe originally came out for a walk and dinner and to seek inspiration from the trees. However, the trees were quiet. Instead, she\'d stumbled into such a lousy man. She gave up on dinner and decided to return to her room.

To her surprise, when she returned, the leaves on the tree in front of the hotel started falling. Xinghe stopped in her tracks and studied the falling leaves. At the same time, Mubai, behind her, noticed the leaves as well!

He was startled. He gazed directly at the leaves and took several big steps forward. As he got near, the leaves had all fallen to the floor, and the message they were saying was LYLIAN…

What did that mean? The hint the leaves gave them every time, they realized would be in English.

Mubai could still understand the earlier hints but… Lylian? What did that mean? It sounded like a person\'s name. This thought cropped up in Mubai\'s mind and inspiration struck Xinghe.

She ignored Mubai who had gotten close to her and rushed into the hotel. Her action pulled Mubai out of his contemplation. There was a curious glow in his eyes that studied the retreating shadow of this girl.

Xinghe remembered there was a waitress working at the hotel by the name of Lylian. She had even investigated her before, even though it had come up with nothing; she was just a common woman. However, now, she did not think Lylian was common anymore, the reason the mysterious power guided her there had to do with this Lylian, but why?

Xinghe was desperate for an answer.

"Hey, you\'re back?" There was surprise in Carl\'s eyes when he saw Xinghe, but it quickly dispersed to a smile. He even looked behind her and realized there was no one following her. Xinghe noticed this and realized the manager must have known the man who trailed her.

She did not point that out but asked naturally, "Yes, I\'m back because I realized I dropped something, and I believed it fell from me this afternoon. I am wondering whether you have seen it or not."

"What is it?" The manager asked before adding, "We did not pick up anything today."

"It is an important bracelet. I remember bumping into a waitress on the stairs, I wonder if she has seen it or not."

The manager was confused but soon recovered, "You\'re talking about Lylian? Now that you mention it, I think she did bump into you earlier. I am sorry for that. However, she\'s gotten off her shift already. Her next shift starts tomorrow. How about I ask her for you tomorrow?"