Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 984: Historical Meeting

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Chapter 984: Historical Meeting

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If the girl did not resist the temptation, then she would have many things to lose. However, Carl did not worry for the girl who had just left because she seemed like she was entirely capable of taking care of herself.

Xinghe walked for quite some time before realizing someone was tailing her. She saw a darkened alleyway and walked right into it. The man behind laughed excitedly and increased his pace. This scene was caught by Mubai\'s party.

"Young Master, that Asian girl seems to be in danger," one of the guards could not help but point out to him. It was not that he was especially a busybody, but he felt like they should look out for one of their own when they were overseas.

Mubai did not comment and continued walking.

In the alley, Xinghe was soon cornered by the man. Initially the man intended to trail her for a while longer, but he knew this alley like the back of his hand. No one would normally come in here, and it was a famous spot for bad things to happen. Therefore, when Xinghe turned into the alley, his blood rushed to the lower part of his body, and he decided to act.

However, soon, he would realize how wrong his decision was. He did not expect such ruthlessness from such a fragile looking girl. Her arms were like made out of steel and each blow that landed on his body felt like an attack on his bones. It was not until he\'d lost several teeth, almost lost his ability to procreate, and started begging for mercy that Xinghe decided to stop. Ignoring the man who\'d crumbled to the floor in a heap, Xinghe walked out of the alleyway calmly like nothing had happened.

The moment she exited the alleyway, she met Mubai\'s group who were standing outside. Under the Europe-styled street lights, their eyes lit up like this was supposed to be a historical meeting, and there was curious feeling bubbling up in both their hearts. Both were surprised by this feeling.

However, Xinghe maintained her aloof nature. She took a glance at Mubai before leaving the scene. Mubai could not help but trail her shadow with his gaze. For some reason, he felt strangely attracted to this girl, but he could not really explain why…

"Young Master, the girl seems like she knows a bit of kung fu; that powerful man was no match for her at all," the bodyguards commented in praise.

"Have you seen her hands?" Mubai asked softly. The two guards were shocked; they had not paid her hands any notice.

"What about her hands?"

"She is wearing a few rings, those are her weapons," Mubai said with a smirk. The guards were shocked; they really did not notice that.

If Xinghe had heard Mubai, she too would have been shocked because she would not have thought someone would be able to detect the unique design of her rings with just a passing glance. Xinghe had commissioned them specially.

Of course, she would not come to this place unarmed. The rings on her fingers were incredibly tough, and their curve angle was carefully calculated to inflict pain on the human body. Even her boots were specially designed to cause physical trauma.

Xinghe had prepared many weapons, so she would be fine facing off with normal ruffians. Of course, she was prepared for the worst as well. There was an app in her phone that would activate and inform all the police stations in the area if she was in deep danger.