Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 983: An Affair

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Chapter 983: An Affair

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

What is so special about this place? Why did the mysterious power guide me here?

Mubai narrowed his eyes to look into the hotel and did not see anything special, even though he knew the place must have its hidden quirks.

Mubai did not choose to stay there but continued moving forward. It was enough that he knew that hotel was the location; his cautiousness prevented him from staying there.

Mubai found a nearby hotel for his lodging and had one of his guards stay at the small hotel, and he was to act as his scout. Xinghe was doing the same. She opened her computer and quickly hacked into the hotel\'s server. The computer science at the time was not yet as vibrant as it is now, but computers were already something common.

Thankfully, computers were rather common in Country W, so this small hotel also had an internet server. After hacking into the hotel\'s server, Xinghe did a careful search of its history and found many problems!

This hotel was in actually a brothel. Basically, there were couples who would go to use their rooms, and at least ten couples had used the rooms here more than a hundred times…

Several of them were the same women, but they always came with different men. It was obvious they were in the female entertainment business. No wonder the manager reminded her to stay in her room after dark. However, while this was interesting information, there was nothing weird about it.

Xinghe moved on to investigate the manager and all the workers…

Her fingers flew across the keyboard. Several doors down, Mubai was also doing the same thing. Both of them were scouting for information, but neither of them spotted anything eye grabbing. Perhaps they needed more clues from the trees.

When Xinghe stopped searching, the sky was already dark. She only then realized she had not had a bite of anything since she had arrived at the town. She planned to go out for dinner, perhaps the trees might communicate with her again.

Thankfully, Xinghe and Mubai both had stable mental constitution and could accept this kind of weird situation with an open mind. If this had been someone else, they would have exposed it to the public and would not have followed the directions. The two of them were there because they had confidence, and they believed they could look after themselves.

However, most importantly, there was a voice at the bottom of their hearts calling them to come.

After Xinghe left her room, she did notice many couples frolicking in the lobby. As she walked down the stairs, she noticed quite a few men were checking her out. Some were brazen enough to approach her and ask her for a price.

However, Xinghe ignored all of them with a frozen expression and walked out of the hotel calmly.

Staring at Xinghe\'s slender waist and youthful body, a man approached the counter to ask the manager with a wicked grin, "Carl, who is that girl?"

The manager smiled and replied, "A girl from overseas, probably here to travel."

"In that case, she will definitely need a good tourist guide." The man smoothed down his suit in an obvious way and rushed out excitedly.

The manager shook his head but did not intervene. Women from out of town would often get hit on by the town\'s men, and many of them would consider themselves lucky to have experienced a foreign affair, while in actuality… all these men were veteran hunters, and their prizes were only ever woman.