Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 980: Country W, Darlin Town!

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Chapter 980: Country W, Darlin Town!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Due to all these rumors, this Chinese parasol became famous overnight online and was heavily protected by the school.

Of course, Mubai did not know all that. After he left the school, he only focused on his preparation to go overseas to further his study. The Xi family supported his decision. Mubai had always been a clever child since he was young; he had his own goals and means to achieve them. Therefore, they always supported him. However, before Mubai even decided where to go, the news of him leaving was known to everyone.

Tianxin did not want him to leave, so she came to visit him every day, hoping to convince him to stay.

"Mubai, where are you going to further your studies?"

In the garden, Mubai leaned into the bench while reading, and Tianxin sat beside him. Mubai answered without taking his eyes off his book, "Undecided."

Taking in his perfect profile, adoration swirled in Tianxin\'s gaze. "Then do you have idea in mind? If you don\'t, I suggest you go to Academy H in Country C, I hear they have really good computer classes."

Mubai raised his eyes to look at her and he answered, "That might be true, but internationally speaking, it does not have a good standing."

"Is that so? But Country C is gorgeous, and Academy H is really not bad. If you go there, I can apply to study there next year," Tianxin suggested shyly. This was her real thought; she wanted to attend the same school as him.

Mubai ignored the underlying suggestion and replied in a mild tone, "Academy H wouldn\'t work, but I am considering Academy S."

Tianxin\'s face dropped immediately. Academy S might not be the best school in the world, but they were famed for their crazy entrance test and their insistence on only accepting engineering students. She was not in any engineering course, so it would impossible for her to get accepted there.

"Academy S is not good, what about Academy N…" Tianxin continued to persuade him. Academy N might not be the best school, but if she greased some palms, she could still squeeze in. On the other hand, she really had no hope for entering Academy S.

Tianxin continued her coaxing as Mubai\'s attention was attracted by the leaves that fell before him. Like how it was at the school, the pattern this time was also very weird. One piece, two pieces, one piece, two pieces…

Mubai frowned looking at these falling leaves. There was something wrong with these leaves, but what?

Their falling pattern was too familiar, just like… binary system in computer science!

Yes, binary system!

Mubai stood up suddenly and concentrated on these leaves.

Tianxin had also noticed this curiosity and asked, "Mubai, what is wrong with these leaves?"

Mubai did not answer but focused on the leaves. Soon, the leaves stopped falling. Mubai walked to stand before a tree in the garden, his face expectant.

As he predicted, the leaves started falling like miracle. One piece, two pieces…

This time, Mubai focused completely on studying the pattern. He finally picked up the hint the leaves were giving him. Country W, Darlin Town!

Three times the leaves were giving him the same message: Country W, Darlin Town!

Mubai was stunned. What is happening? Why would the trees hint at this to me?

Everything was too strange, just like a haunted event.