Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 974: God's Arrangement

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Chapter 974: God\'s Arrangement

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The world might think Xinghe was a very capable woman and she got where she was on her own, some went so far as thinking Mubai was not good enough for her. However, it only took Xia Wa one glance to know it was Mubai who completed Xinghe.

He was not a common man, he was one with great wisdom. If he did not understand Xinghe, he would not have supported her so quietly and so unconditionally. It was because of his silent sacrifice that Xinghe could achieve what she had.

There was another person who understood this: Xinghe. If the one person who understood her perfectly was Mubai, then she was, in the return, the one person who understood him perfectly.

"It is she who completed me," Mubai replied with a smile. "Without her, I would not have known so many facets of myself and discovered myself."

It was Xinghe who had made him see what he needed.

Xia Wa nodded approvingly. "You two completed each other and that is only possible because you two understand each other perfect. This goes to show the unparalleled relationship between the two of you. This is a good thing, perhaps it is part of God\'s arrangement."

Xinghe and Mubai shared a look with each other; they felt her conclusion was a bit weird, but they could not pinpoint why.

After their little meeting, they departed to return to Hwa Xia. Along the way, Xia Wa filled them in on everything that had happened in the past. Initially, it was really because she could not stand for He Lan Yuan\'s ideals and actions that she chose to escape.

She left with a few people who was loyal to her, and eventually, they landed in a mountain near City T. They decided to split up and settle in City T, finally living a normal life.

At the time, Xia Wa was overflowing the talent and brilliance, but she had never experienced a normal life. Therefore, she also chose to live a family life. However, she knew deep down that this was only a test run, this was not the life for her.

Therefore, when Xinghe was three years old, she left with her in tow. They travelled the world, to experience the goodness the world had to offer. Not long after that, when they arrived in Country W, she chose to settle there.

"At the time, I have predicted something and so chose to settle there. I did at least ten years of research, and it reached a bottleneck. Similarly, I was afraid He Lan Yuan would catch on to our scent, so I brought them with me when I left," Xia Wa recounted with a distant tone.

Xinghe and Mubai still had a hard time understanding her, but they knew she was talking about Ee Chen\'s parents. Unfortunately, all of them had passed away during various experiments, a piece news that caused Ee Chen to retreat into himself for quite a period of time.

Only Xia Wa survived. Xinghe understood that her mother was not a cowardly woman. She too was part of those dangerous experiments; she survived most likely due to her luck and capability.

However, they still did not get one thing, what had she predicted? Could it be the apocalypse?

Xinghe posed the question and Xia Wa nodded. "Yes, I have predicted the apocalypse, and it is coming soon. But don\'t worry, we still have the opportunity to change the future."

Ali and the rest were stupefied. Sam could not help but ask, "Madam, He Lan Yuan\'s plan has been ruined, so where does the apocalyptic threat come from?"