Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 973: The Reunion

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Chapter 973: The Reunion

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Xia Wa stayed at the headquarters for a long time. The moment she exited the headquarters, a black limo stopped in front of her. Two gentlemen in black suits came out of it and greeted her respectfully, "Good afternoon, Madam. Our president has been waiting for you for a long time, please do get into the car."

Xia Wa knew who they were talking about. She did not react in any particular way and entered the car. Xinghe had thought she would not agree to meet her, but to her surprise, her mother complied with her demand so easily. The pair of mother and daughter had not seen each other for at least ten years.

However, Xia Wa was practically unchanged. She was the same as the day she left. She and Xinghe looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

On the other hand, Xinghe had changed. Before, he had been a girl in her teens, but now, she was a woman in her twenties.

Xia Wa looked at her and commented with a sigh, "You have grown so big all of a sudden."

Xinghe suppressed the excitement in her heart and smiled. "Mother is the same, as young as always."

Xia Wa smiled and shook her head. She walked to stop before Xinghe, she tousled her hair and smiled. "I did not change because I only lay down for a sleep?"

Xinghe was shocked. "A sleep?"

"Yes. I have hibernated for many years, and I only woke up recently."

"Hibernated?" Xinghe was stunned. "You have been hibernating."

Xia Wa put down her hand and nodded. "Yes, I was afraid I would be too exhausted to stop it when the time came, so I chose hibernation. I did not expect that you would be so big when I awoke and that you would have become such an incredible young woman. You did not disappoint the expectations that I have for you; I am so proud of you."

"So, you were purposely raising me the way you did?"

"That\'s right. I could not bring myself to personally end He Lan Yuan, that is my last kindness for him, so that responsibility had to fall into your hands. Furthermore, this world is too weak, and it will only grow from facing crisis. There are too many people who want to ruin this world, and if the world doesn\'t grow stronger, it will be destroyed very easily."

Xinghe realized she did not understand many things that her mother was talking about.

As if reading her thought, Xia Wa smiled and said, "Do you know why I have decided to show myself now?"

"I have no idea. What did He Lan Yuan tell you?"

"What he told me is not important, the important is the timing… because that day is coming."

"What day?" Xinghe was more confused the more she listened to her mother.

Xia Wa held her gaze and said, "The day of the apocalypse."

Xinghe widened her eyes. Xia Wa did not explain much but continued, "Bring me to see your man and your child. We, at most, only have two more days."

"Mother, what are you talking about?" Xinghe could not help but ask.

Xia Wa smiled a faded smile. "You will know soon enough."

Even though she did not elaborate, Xinghe could attempt a guess, the world was ending… but why?

Xinghe did not feel pessimistic. After all, her mother had reappeared to deal with this; this showed that she had a solution. She did not waste time and introduced her mother to Mubai.

When facing Xia Wa, Mubai was respectful and sincere.

After a short conversation, Xia Wa nodded satisfactorily. "You are a good child. It is thanks to you that Xinghe has accomplished what she has today. You have completed her."