Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 970: Wanted Person

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Chapter 970: Wanted Person

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Xia Wa, of course, knew that. He Lan Yuan saw himself as way above everyone else. A normal life? That was a punishment worse than death, or else he would not have found himself in his situation.

"I was wrong then, perhaps death is your best choice." Xia Wa nodded calmly. She was not being sarcastic or threatening; she was respecting his choice.

He Lan Yuan gripped his dried hands, and there was an eerie glow in his eyes. "So, you would rather I die than help me change my fate?"

"It cannot be changed." Xia Wa stood up and said, "I guess there is nothing worth discussing between us. He Lan Yuan, you have to learn to accept the truth. I cannot help you change your life; there is no do-over in life; no one can give you that."

He Lan Yuan\'s eyes shuddered and his whole person seemed to fall into endless despair. Xia Wa took one last look at him before turning to leave. However, as she opened the door, a middle-aged man with perfect mannerism was already waiting for her. He was the Head Secretary for the United Nations…

His eyes though were cold and sharp. Even though he was smiling, the smile did not reach his eyes. Xia Wa knew he was the Head Secretary, but still she asked, "Who are you?"

"I am the person you are looking for," he said with a smirk, the iciness in his eyes grew.

Xia Wa\'s gaze scanned the full length of his body and immediately realized the truth, "You have used the memory cells?"

The man put his hands together to clap. He praised, "Madam Xia is definitely the most brilliant woman there is; I am very impressed."

Xia Wa was not surprised, nor did she give any visible reaction to his easy admission. She merely asked in a mild tone, "Do you need anything from me?"

"Of course, I heard everything just now. If you don\'t mind, I believe we can have an interesting conversation," the man said in a friendly tone.

"Okay." Xia Wa nodded. The man smiled and extended his hand. "Please."

Xia Wa followed him without hesitation. They went into another room, and the difference to He Lan Yuan\'s room was that this room was bigger and more luxurious. It was the Head Secretary\'s office. On the table, there was a picture of the Head Secretary. However, compared to the man standing before Xia Wa, the man in the picture was refined and a emanated a kindness that was cultivated by age.

The man before her though had a dangerous sharpness to his soul that was more suitable for a young man.

"Who exactly are you?" Xia Wa raised her gaze to question this man.

The man sat down on the coach slowly and smiled thinly. "Who I am is not important. You only need to know that everything is under my control."

"What kind of contract have you made with He Lan Yuan?" Xia Wa asked. She was not referring to the contracts Xinghe had released to the public.

The man clapped again. "Madam Xia has impressed me again; no wonder Miss Xia can be so outstanding. She has already given me plenty of surprises, but you are something else completely."

Xia Wa sat down across from him and asked directly, "Do you want to destroy the world?"

Her every question was to the point, as if she had seen through everything. However, her questions were not pointed. The impression she gave off was very serene and graceful, like she was discussing the weather with him.