Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 969: Better Die

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Chapter 969: Better Die

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

One could even change the past or future!

It was why He Lan Yuan was so excited. If he could enter the fifth dimension, then he could go back to the past and change his fate!

Even if he couldn\'t, as long as he had a chance to venture into this mysterious dimension, his life would have been worth it. Of course, his biggest wish was to rectify his mistake. Needless to say, Xia Wa would not allow that to happen.

"I told you, I did not find the fifth dimension," she repeated. "He Lan Yuan, if you tell me who wants to destroy the world, I can still save you and allow you respectable and peaceful twilight years."

"No, you have found it! Xia Wa, don\'t lie to me. I raised you, so everything you are belongs to me; I can tell if you are lying to me. Tell me how to get into the fifth dimension, tell me!" He Lan Yuan was on the verge of insanity. In fact, even Xia Wa had not seen him so unhinged before.

In contrast, she maintained her composure, so calm and collected like she could survive anything.

"I will say it again, I have not found it." She stared at him and repeated what she\'d already said word by word. He Lan Yuan suddenly deflated like a balloon leaking air.

He stared at her with disbelief and anger. "You have! Why won\'t you tell me?"

"Because the things that have happened cannot be changed. I believe you know as much as me when it comes to fifth dimension. Changing the past or the future is near impossible."

Even if change could be affected, the change would be so small. Even though one could enter fifth dimension to touch or see the scenes in fourth dimensions, one would not be able to enter the fourth dimension. The people in the fourth dimension would not be able to notice the people in the fifth dimension, so how could one bring about change?

Even if the people in fifth dimension purposely moved something about, for people in the fourth dimension, it would be chalked up to an accident or supernatural activity; no one would think it was something from the fifth dimension.

He Lan Yuan, of course, understood all this. However, he refused to give up. As long as there was a chance, he would not give up.

"Regardless of whether change can happen or not, I must give it a try! If you want to save me, the best solution is to change everything. Xia Wa, I promise you, I will not harm Earth anymore. I will seclude myself away to only conduct experiments, that is fine, right?" He Lan Yuan negotiated.

Xia Wa looked at him. She did not say a word, but her expression said everything. She would not help him.

"Why do you treat me like this?" He Lan Yuan\'s eyes hardened, and he glared at her viciously. "What wrong have I done by you for you to treat me like this‽"

"I said, I can save you…"

"I don\'t need it!" He Lan Yuan pounded the table angrily. If his ankles were not strapped to the chair, he would have pounced at Xia Wa. "You think I am willing to live such a hidden life? I am He Lan Yuan, either I live a life of glory or death! Peaceful twilight years? In that case, I would rather die!"

He would rather die than live a normal life. Therefore, Xia Wa\'s suggestion was to him a direct humiliation.

Xia Wa responded, without missing a beat, "But this is your best option."

"No, this my worst choice! I will not allow myself to live like this, this is worse than death, do you not understand‽"