Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 968: Fifth Dimension

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Chapter 968: Fifth Dimension

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"You can\'t," Xia Wa interrupted her, "The plan for immortality you have in mind will not succeed. At least not now, you cannot make it a reality."

He Lan Yuan was silenced. She was right; until now, none of his plans had come into fruition. If not for the fact that Xinghe had ruined the He Lan family, he would not have shown himself so soon. However, he still believed that, if he was given more time, his plan would definitely succeed. Therefore, they had ruined him!

He Lan Yuan laughed mirthlessly. "You have indeed raised a wonderful daughter; she has ruined everything. However, even though I am dying, none of you will live. You all have to die, none of you will escape, all of you have to die!"

"I know, you used that to force me out, remember?" Xia Wa nodded nonchalantly.

He Lan Yuan smiled smugly. "You still fell for my threat, even though I have ended up in such a deplorable state?"

The method he used to force Xia Wa out was by claiming that the world would be completely ruined if she did not show herself. However, he was already a dying prisoner, so the threat to the world would not have come from him. Regardless, Xia Wa chose to believe the threat.

"I did not believe you, but I believe myself." To his surprise, Xia Wa gave such an answer.

"Yourself?" He Lan Yuan was lost.

Xia Wa nodded. "Many years ago, I calculated that the world will face a great tragedy, but you are not the mastermind behind it, it is someone else."

He Lan Yuan was shocked. "You have calculated it?"

Xia Wa continued to nod. He Lan Yuan was surprised, he demanded darkly, "How did you manage to calculate that?"

"Call it an intuition. When I was searching for the fifth dimension, I accidentally sensed it. However, I still have no clue who that person is."

"You have found the fifth dimension?" He Lan Yuan was shocked. He asked that because Xia Wa had basically predicted the future, that was only possible with the fifth dimension. He Lan Yuan believed everything she said. She was Xia Wa, the most brilliant person in the world, and anything was possible for her.

"I have not found it," Xia Wa answered without batting an eye. "He Lan Yuan, who is that person who wants to destroy the world?"

"No, you have found it!" He Lan Yuan confirmed as his emotions got riled up. "You even managed to find the fifth dimension! Child, I always knew you are the cleverest person in the world, you have even managed to find the fifth dimension! Then you can change the past and the future, right? Tell me, how did you find it? If you want to repay everything I have done for you, then tell me everything!"

He Lan Yuan at that point did not feel like a dying man anymore, in fact, it was as if he was given a second life. He was acting that way because he saw the hope to change everything.

What is the fifth dimension?

The first dimension is one-dimensional space, which is just a line. The second dimension is two-dimensional space, which is planar space. The third dimension is three-dimensional space, the additional dimension by which a solid object may be distinguished from a two-dimensional drawing or picture of it or from any planar object.

The fourth dimension has an additional variable: time. Mankind exists in the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension represents entities at a specified space and time; no two entities can exist in the same space at the same time. The fifth dimension is the combination of limitless fourth dimensions. In the fifth dimension, one could look into different space and time, thus naturally, one could look into and in some case, travel into the past and future…