Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 966: Xia Wa

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Chapter 966: Xia Wa

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"It will all be over when He Lan Yuan dies and that wouldn\'t be long now."

Xinghe thought the same way. "Hopefully you\'re right."

Or else they would need to continue fighting with Country W, and that was not going to last. Country W probably had the same opinion since they did not launch another attack after they retreated. The search for Xia Wa continued for another month.

Just as Xinghe thought the search was going to end in vain, the United Nations suddenly released an announcement that she had been found!

Xinghe was visibly shaken when she heard the news. They really found mother‽

Xinghe and Mubai were highly suspicious of this news, but when they saw the surveillance, all their hope was dashed. From the video sent over by the United Nations, they could see a woman facing the camera. She was calm and collected, and she looked a bit like Xinghe. However, the biggest point of similarity between them was the way she carried herself. The serenity from a wealth of knowledge was not something anyone could emulate. Even through the video, they could sense the unique aura radiating off her.

With just one look, Mubai was certain that was Xinghe\'s mother. Xinghe did not need much convincing either.

"Xinghe, that is your mother?" Ali and her group were shocked. "How come she is so young?"

Xia Wa almost looked the same age as Xinghe, and for Xinghe, she looked similar to the woman she cherished in her memory. The only difference was she was more reserved. Time had not left any trace on her face, but it had intensified her soul, causing her to radiate a sense of saintliness and holiness. Xinghe stared at the video unblinkingly, and she realized she was losing control of her emotions.

"It\'s her," Xinghe confirmed. "That is my mother."

Then, she turned around to face Mubai and said in a vehement tone, "I have to go to the United Nations; I have to meet her now!"

"Okay, we will depart now," Mubai promised easily. They instantly left for the country currently hosting the United Nations. In almost a day, they had reached the United Nations\' headquarters.

However, Xia Wa refused to meet her. This shocked Xinghe; why would her mother refuse to meet her?

No matter how hard Xinghe pressed, the answer from the United Nations was the same; Xia Wa said she did not want to see her. They could not make her change her mind because one of the conditions she gave for making her appearance was that they could not force her to meet people that she did not want to.

"What can we do now? It was so hard for us to finally find her," Ali said with worry.

Xinghe did not give up. She said softly, "Regardless of whether she wants to meet me or not, I must meet her. She has to come out eventually, and when she does, I will be able to see her."

Sam suggested, "But this place has more than one exit. What if she steals away from another exit?"

"Let us go back first. I have my way to tell when she will leave." Xinghe turned and departed.

Mubai and the rest understood what she meant. When they returned to the embassy, Xinghe immediately went online. She quickly hacked into the headquarters\' system and could see into every nook and cranny. However, she could not find any trace of Xia Wa.

"The room that she is in probably does not have surveillance," Mubai said confidently.