Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 960: Counter

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Chapter 960: Counter

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"These people are despicable! How can they even do such a thing‽" Sam slammed angrily on the table and its glass surface cracked.

Ali added with anger, "They are truly the worst. Have they forgotten who saved this world earlier? This bunch of people truly used resentment to repay our kindness."

Cairn frowned and asked, "Is the Shi Jian we saw hypnotized?"

Sam nodded. "It has to be. He looked too unnatural and wooden. They trusted Xinghe so deeply and gave her all their technological information, so they wouldn\'t frame her willingly."

"We should have killed He Lan Yuan," Wolf added darkly.

"Yes, I should have snapped his neck when I had the chance." Sam sighed with great regret. But how could they have known that the other countries would be so unscrupulous to work with He Lan Yuan.

"What should we do now?" Ee Chen asked. From the announcement until now, Xinghe had been fielding questions in the President\'s office on the phone. The Shen family, the Xi family, and many were worried about her. She calmed them down and promised she would handle it well.

She was not just saying that. Every time such things happened, she would remain calm. Even if the sky was to fall, she would not bat an eye.

"You should go clarify the situation. No matter whether they believe you or not, this pool of water has to be muddied," Mubai reminded her.

Xinghe nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. I will arrange it now."

Thankfully, they had exposed the Tong family yesterday, so Hwa Xia\'s leaders did not turn on Xinghe. They chose to believe her and did not drag her off for an investigation. Xinghe still had the president\'s power, and she used it to call a press conference. She was going to comment on this accusation.

The whole world tuned in live to this press conference. According to everyone\'s expectations, Xinghe should be cowering in fear or drained of energy because her conspiracy had been exposed. However, to everyone\'s surprise, Xinghe stepped onto stage calm and collected; there was even a sharp presence that was previously absent. She did not show any trace of fear or anxiety, if anything, she looked angry.

Yes, she was furious. Her tone was icy when she started, "Everyone here, Hwa Xia\'s citizens in front of the television screen and citizens of the world, good afternoon. I am standing here today to give every one of you a response and explanation. This country and its citizens never suspected that such a large accusation will come my way. However, I am telling you now this is because of a larger conspiracy, and we have been looking into this conspiracy for a long time. It is, however, true that we did not expect them to strike so soon.

"Regardless, it did confirm our suspicion. Initially, we do not want to affect world peace, but since the enemies could not wait to ruin this wonderful country, we will sit not idle anymore. Hwa Xia might uphold peace, but it does not mean that we can easily bullied! Therefore, I will expose everything today and declare war with you! And the \'you\' I am talking about refers to Country W and Country C; it is these two countries that want to ruin us and take over this country. This is all a part of their conspiracy, a wicked and despicable conspiracy!"