Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 957: Fall of the Tong family

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Chapter 957: Fall of the Tong family

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"They plan to use the technology in He Lan Yuan\'s possession to harm our country. Other than that, they colluded with the Tong family, hoping to undermine this country from within as well. He Lan Yuan knows hypnosis; Xinghe and her friends have seen it when they were on the moon base. It was why they could see through this conspiracy.

"They used his hypnosis to hypnotize the doctor and ordered him to attack the President. We have found proof regarding these hypotheses. The two individuals who hypnotized the doctor have been caught, and they have named Tong Liang as their accomplice; she helped them get close to the doctor to hypnotize him."

Tianrong and Tong Liang received another shock. The two of them were already beyond words at this point. It was similar for other people; this series of truths was like a continuous stream of slaps to their faces. They did not realize so many things had been progressing in the dark. The Tong family colluded with foreign forces to harm their own country. How could they be so… heartless?

"Tong Tianrong, I believed you so fully and gave you all my support, but you are the biggest trash this country has ever seen! I was truly blind for thinking you are a good person."

"I was also blind! Tong Tianrong, we have known each other for decades, but you sure have hidden this well."

"The Tong family will receive the adequate punishment; the law will never forgive you!"

"That\'s right, they deserve to die, karma will get them."

Facing the public\'s batteries, Tianrong\'s body was practically swaying. Like he was suppressing a great indignation, he roared, "Our Tong family is being framed! We\'ve been framed; my loyalty for this country is evident. I, Tong Tianrong, would not betray my own country, we are framed—"

"That\'s right, we are being framed. Uncles and Aunties, you have to believe us! We are really being framed," Tong Liang started crying to plead her innocence. However, no one would believe them anymore. The evidence was already exposed, so how could they have been framed?

These people knew they were only struggling before death. They were not your typical crowd. Each of them had their own judgement and thoughts or else they would not have become congressmen and congresswomen. They had seen plenty of characters like the Tong family. The truth would tell whether they were innocent or not.

"Framed?" The Vice President huffed angrily. "If you are really innocent, we will definitely give you an official apology, but if this is all true, then just wait for the law\'s judgement and punishment. Security, take them away to interrogate them!"

As he said so, the security guards who had been waiting pounced on them.

"No, I am being framed, we are innocent…" Tong Liang struggled out of fear, but no matter how hard she struggled, she was still forced out of the room by the guards. It was similar for Tianrong. He might have held a high ranking, but all that was irrelevant now that his guilt had been proven.

Many sighed internally or in relief when they witnessed the Tong family\'s ending. After all, they had been holding in their fury after the country was struck with the virus and after the President was attacked. Therefore, they were glad when the true culprits were caught. When they knew it was Xinghe who had seen through and exposed the Tong family\'s conspiracy, they were further impressed by her.