Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 955: Traitor Traitor

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Chapter 955: Traitor Traitor

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After she said so, Tong Liang was suddenly hit by a thought and her face paled significantly.

"No one gave you a vaccine shot." Xinghe glared coldly at her. "The doctor only gave you normal blood salts, and we have tested your blood. Your body contained the antigen way before the national administration of vaccine shots. Miss Tong, do you care to explain why that is?"

Tong Liang\'s pupils widened. She stared at Xinghe with open disbelief. She could not believe they had caught on to her so early and had been laying traps for her…

They even thought to check her blood for antigens.

"Could it be that they knew about the virus outbreak beforehand?" the people in the crowd asked out loud as the implication fell.

"Indeed," Xinghe answered, "They not only knew about it, it was also them who started the virus outbreak."

"What‽" The crowd was stupefied. Tianrong and Tong Liang looked at her with their jaws on the floor.

Xinghe continued to explain, "Tong Liang came to my academy\'s competition as the virus carrier. The first person she infected was the President. Because the President has a weak body, he is prone to infection. After killing him, their Tong family would have the valid reason to start and join the presidential election. Am I right?"

This time, Tianrong and Tong Liang looked at her with fear. How, how did she know?

Others, who were not clued in, were shocked.

"That\'s right, everything Xinghe said is correct," the Vice President also stood up to announce with authority. "We have suspected the Tong family for a long time. Don\'t any of you feel suspicious regarding their recent activity? Especially Tong Liang, the virus outbreak is so viral, but she kept going to various hospitals to visit the patients. Is she really that kind or is it all a stunt? I am sure everyone knows the reality of it now."

The truth slowly came out. Indeed, the virus was highly contagious; all of them were hesitant to even leave their houses much less have close contact with the patients. But she dared to, not because she was kind, but she was not afraid of infection. If she really wanted to help, she should have focused on controlling it and not going about pulling publicity stunts. Therefore, Tong Liang was indeed suspicious.

Recently, there was high tension between Hwa Xia and other countries, and everyone suspected the virus outbreak was a conspiracy by a foreign force. Now, combined with the Tong family\'s suspicions, everyone confirmed this was indeed a conspiracy. For the sake of the President\'s seat, the Tong family had colluded with foreign countries to harm Hwa Xia. They had sold out their own country!

Everyone there might have their own goals and ambitions, but at the end of the day, they were all from Hwa Xia. They would unite to fight any and all threats that came at the country. Therefore, their hatred toward the Tong family was at an all-time high; they glared at them with unbridled fury.

"No, she is framing me! I have not done such a thing; our Tong family did not collude with other countries, we did not!" Tong Liang went directly into defensive mode. Tianrong also denied the accusation angrily, but no one was going to believe them. Their suspicions were too high.

"Whether I am lying or not, truth will tell, and more importantly, the antigen in your body, Tong Liang, will tell," Xinghe said conclusively. "The doctors have said that human bodies will not produce the antigen for this virus naturally."