Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 953: You Want Me to Respect You?

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Chapter 953: You Want Me to Respect You?

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"That\'s right, we still one final card we can use to completely destroy her! So what if she\'s won, the presidency will eventually fall into our hands!"

"Father, you\'re right, we still have hope!" Tong Liang rejoiced; her heart that had fallen into the abyss was suddenly revived. She was fidgeting with excitement. She could not wait to destroy Xinghe, to get back everything that she deserved!

When the father and daughter were having their moment, they did not notice Xinghe walking toward them. Xinghe was just close enough to overhear Tong Liang\'s last sentence.

"What hope do you still have, care to share your interesting conversation?" Xinghe\'s clear voice suddenly rang out, which spooked both Tong Liang and Tianrong. The father and daughter looked toward the sound of the voice and was shocked to realize Xinghe walking toward them. Behind her was the whole entourage. For some reason, they had a sinking feeling in their stomachs.

However, this was not Tong Liang\'s first social event. She quickly corrected her expression and said with a smile, "I was saying, even though I have lost this election, there is still hope for next time. Miss Xia, congratulations. Even though I have lost, I am happy for you."

Tong Liang extended her hand to Xinghe out of courtesy. Xinghe did not take her hand as decency demanded but glanced at her hand nonchalantly like it was below her to shake Tong Liang\'s hand.

Tong Liang was already nursing a full body of resentment and she exploded from the slight. "Miss Xia has learned how to look down on people so fast? Then again, from now on, you are Hwa Xia\'s president, of course you wouldn\'t give face to losers like us."

Tong Liang did not care if other people overheard her, after all, Xinghe would be forced to resign tomorrow. Furthermore, it was Xinghe who had started the aggression; the fault did not lie with her. Therefore, her rudeness would not reflect badly on her, if anything, this classless behavior would only harm Xinghe\'s reputation.

Tong Liang retracted her arm and continued snidely, "Miss Xia, you might have won, but you at least have to show me basic respect, right? I just lost the election, but it does not mean that I should be denied the basic courtesies."

"In other words, you are asking me to respect you?" Xinghe asked nonchalantly.

Tong Liang scoffed. "Shouldn\'t you respect me? Whatever, I don\'t care whether you respect me or not. However, I just feel sad that this great country has fallen into the hands of woman such as yourself!"

"That\'s right, this country must have been cursed for falling into the hands of a woman that is as narrow-minded as you! And all of you chose to elect her, now she is showing her true colors! I, Tong Tianrong, have sacrificed my whole life for this country, but in the end, I have to watch it being ruined by a witless woman. No, I will never allow that to happen for the sake of this country! I challenge the result of this election, and I will expose to the whole world this woman\'s real colors! This great country of mine will never be allowed to fall into such a woman\'s hands!" Tianrong scolded sternly.

His face was red from anger like he was truly a person who would lay down his life for Hwa Xia. He had also managed to slander Xinghe\'s name, making her out to be a witless leader. Tianrong was an influential player in Hwa Xia, due to his seniority, so he could pretty much say anything he wanted. He did not believe anyone would dare to call him out on it.

After all, Xinghe was indeed, in his eyes, an intolerant bimbo who did not have the qualification to lead a country.