Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 952: Top of the World

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Chapter 952: Top of the World

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

A year and a half ago, they had still been in that hellhole. Who would have thought Xinghe would make such a drastic turn in life in such a short period of time?

After she\'d regained her memory, it was like her whole person had changed and one giant transformation followed another. There was a mix of melancholy and excitement in their hearts upon witnessing the success that she had made for herself. However, mostly, they were happy for her. She stood up when she had fallen, defeated her destiny, and now stood at the top of the world!

They were proud of her. Everyone who cared for Xinghe felt the same way; their hearts were filled with pride!

However, Tianrong and Tong Liang refused to accept this result. How could this happen? I should be the winner, how come the name announced was Xia Xinghe‽

They had secretly bought many votes before the election, and her votes would definitely be more than half of the total. In other words, at least fifty of the hundred in total should support her. However, the result showed that she only had thirty plus votes, and Xinghe had the remaining sixty plus votes. Therefore, around twenty people had betrayed them and voted for Xinghe.

Tong Liang turned to Tianrong with plain disbelief and the latter\'s face was ugly. Even though this was live broadcast, they had a hard time maintaining their composure.

Everyone saw their reactions, but no one came to console them or pity them. They were busy celebrating Xinghe\'s victory and congratulating her. Tong Liang and Tianrong\'s faces turned uglier witnessing how Xinghe became the center of attention. Even though they wanted to pull some tricks, this was, as previously mentioned, a live broadcast, and their hands were tied.

Tong Liang walked to Tianrong\'s side and asked in a whispered voice that was mixed with resentment, "Father, what should we do?"

Naturally, her resentment was directed at Xinghe.

"What else can we do? We were tricked!" he answered in a deep voice, struggling to hide his wrath.

Tong Liang was incensed. She scanned those people who had promised their support but were surrounding Xinghe to congratulate her, and a flash of resentful anger burned in the depths of her eyes. What she wouldn\'t give to kill them all!

"Father, I will not accept this!" Tong Liang said through gritted teeth, "I will not accept this result. Which part of me is worse than her? How come she can defeat me? Father, I would rather die than accept this result!"

Like father like daughter, Tianrong was also unwilling to accept the reality. So many years ago, he had lost to Xinghe\'s uncle, and now he had put all his hope onto his daughter and had done everything he could to ensure her victory, but even so, she had still lost!

They kept on losing to this blasted family, so how could he accept it?

For this day, they had done so many things and sacrificed so much. In the end, their effort was no better than an unheard woman who shoved her way into the scene, so naturally, they would challenge the result. Tianrong was so unsatisfied with the result that he almost coughed out blood.

He gripped his fists and a malicious glow flashed in his eyes. "Don\'t worry, we have not lost. We still have the chance to turn this around."

Tong Liang was startled before comprehension dawned. "Father, you mean…"

Tianrong looked at her and smirked coldly.