Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 951: Elected

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Chapter 951: Elected

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"That is my promise to you and the conclusion of my speech. Thank you everyone. I hope you will support me, and I will never disappoint you!"

After she finished her simple speech, Xinghe bowed and walked off the stage. Xinghe\'s speech was as interesting as Tong Liang\'s speech but each in a different way. Tong Liang\'s was detailed and careful while Xinghe\'s was simple and to the point.

This was the first time in decades someone had used such a style during their final speech. It was indeed refreshing.

However, from Tong Liang\'s point of view, Xinghe was too simplistic, going with a speech that an elementary student could write. She was overjoyed because the worse Xinghe acted, the greater her chance of winning even if her victory was already confirmed. She was so tickled by Xinghe\'s performance that she almost burst out laughing.

During the whole voting process, this good feeling never left because she could already see that victory was hers. Even Tianrong had a hard time suppressing the joy that bubbled up within him.

Xinghe\'s expression throughout remained unchanged as if the result did not matter one bit to her. In Tong Liang\'s eyes, she was only pretending to be calm. However, when the result was announced, it was Tong Liang and Tianrong who got the shock of their lives. They almost thought they were dreaming.

The Vice President represented the President who was still recovering to announce the result. He looked at Xinghe and said in a joyous voice, "Congratulations, Miss Xia Xinghe, you are the winner with a vote count of 32 over Miss Tong Liang. Congratulations to Miss Xia for winning the presidency and congratulations to everyone here and the citizens of Hwa Xia, because we now have a new leader who is brave and full of wisdom, congratulations!"

A thunderous applause followed the Vice President\'s announcement. This was a live broadcast and even the viewers before the screen joined in the celebration. Many of them had voted for Xinghe, but they really did not think she could nab the final victory. They saw a different future for the country in her.

Everyone who supported her was excited beyond belief. Even Mubai was wearing a bright smile. The eyes of Elder Shen and everyone in the Shen family were filled with tears. They really did not expect that Xinghe would win the election.

She\'d won; their granddaughter had won the presidency! They knew she was different, but they did not expect her to be so unique from others.

Xinghe\'s victory sent a shockwave throughout the world. Other than Mubai and those who were part of her campaign, everyone else who knew her looked on with disbelief. Even Chengwu and Xia Zhi felt like they were dreaming.

Xia Zhi stared at Xinghe on the television and said dumbly, "Dad, can you pinch me? Am I dreaming?"

Chengwu also stared at the television like he had lost his mind. "Wait, you pinch me first, because I also feel like I am dreaming."

"Dad, is that really my sister? I have been staring at her for half a month, but how come, at this moment, I still feel like all this is not real?" Even since Xinghe had joined the race, Xia Zhi and his father had been following her news. Until now, he was caught up in disbelief.

Chengwu slapped him on his back and said, "That is Xinghe! Don\'t forget, it was she who saved the world, so what else she cannot do? That is her…"

"Father, I… why are there tears in my eyes?" For some unknown reason, Xia Zhi started crying.

"Son, me too…" There were tears in Chengwu\'s eyes as well. The two of them stared at Xinghe on television and tears poured down their faces freely.

It was because they thought about the past…