Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 950: She Was a Traitor!

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Chapter 950: She Was a Traitor!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Other than it, it was a special year for Hwa Xia and the world because of He Lan Yuan\'s appearance. He had broken the rules of the world and had shaken many people\'s worldview.

Country W and the rest had appeared to suppress Hwa Xia, thus changing Hwa Xia\'s electoral tradition that had not changed for many years.

Xinghe\'s sudden arrival was treated not dissimilar to a world hero. Her arrival did bring many fresh elements to the world. Especially in Hwa Xia, it was a year full of happy and sad surprises. Many of them were thanks to Xinghe. Therefore, when she announced her desire to run for president and had reached the finals, no one had a bad word to say about it, if anything, many supported her.

After all, many of them understood that the country was faced with enemies on all sides and she was the most likely candidate to turn this situation around.

Tong Liang was honestly an incomparable talent as well. She was experienced in the world of politics and came from a powerful family. She would have been a great president if not for the single fact that she was a traitor who had sold out her own country!

Almost everyone there knew about the result of the election, everyone except the Tong family themselves.

Tong Liang was still giving her speech on stage, talking about her future policies, her view on the country and the world, her beliefs and experience…

It was a good speech and deserved a great round of applause. Tong Liang saw the smiles they awarded her, and she assumed her speech was a great success and that everyone loved her. Her heart flitted about happily because she could already see the victory in her grasp.

"Here I end my speech. Next, please put your hands together to welcome the young and beautiful Miss Xia to give her speech. Even though she is my competitor, honestly, I am greatly impressed by her spirit and ability. I am proud to have this opportunity to compete with her. Without further ado, we will now welcome Miss Xia to the stage. Miss Xia, please," Tong Liang said with respectful tone, thinking she was being humorous.

Xinghe walked past her but did not acknowledge her with even a gaze. Her attitude greatly satisfied Tong Liang. She thought Xinghe was losing it. Everyone present was a person with great eye, so they would be greatly disappointed if she lost her bearing and would naturally not vote for her.

Tong Liang went back to her seat happily, thankful for her father\'s lesson. In such an important election, the biggest test was on one\'s attitude. The person who could hold her own until the final minute would be the winner.

"Good afternoon…" Just as Tong Liang was lost in her delusions, the appropriately dressed Xinghe started to speak. Her voice was like usual, not too fast and not slow, but there was strength behind her every word. For some unknown reason, she had a natural allure to her that would attract everyone\'s attention whenever she spoke, and her words would have a lasting impact on her listeners.

"Regarding this speech today, I am actually under-prepared because I have said everything I want to say, and it would only cheapen them by repetition. I am an action-orientated person and will do everything to fulfil the promises that I have given. I am not an ideologue; I will not promise anything that is not within my actual capability.

"Today, I promise everyone, if given the chance, I will solve the diplomatic crisis facing this country and will usher in great improvement to this country so that no one will be able to bully and look down on us anymore, so that every citizen can live in a peaceful, influential and dynamic country!"