Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 949: More Stable Than She Is

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Chapter 949: More Stable Than She Is

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"Remember to stay your ground. The result is not confirmed until the last second. If you lose your footing now, how are you going to fight the rest of the war?" Tianrong berated her sternly. Like a bat to the head, his words soon woke her up.

"Father, you\'re right, this will not happen again," Tong Liang promised as she calmed herself down.

Tianrong nodded in satisfaction. "This is more like it. So many years ago, I lost due to lack of mental preparation as well. You mustn\'t follow in my footsteps."

"Yes, father!"

"Regarding that Xia Xinghe, just let her win for now. It isn\'t necessarily a good thing to raise one\'s head so high; it will only make you a target. That woman is still so young; she will eventually fall. She is weaker than you mentally, and thus, the victory will inevitably be ours!" Tianrong said confidently.

However, Tong Liang had her doubts. Was she really more mentally together than Xinghe?

This was a woman who once destroyed Project Galaxy, so they should not underestimate her. But, what else could she do but convince herself that she was better than Xinghe?

With the reminder from Tianrong, Tong Liang indeed felt much better. The difference between Xinghe and Tong Liang kept growing, but she stopped getting affected by it.

It was true that Tong Liang was a better public speaker than Xinghe, but that was not the only thing that decided the outcome of the public voting. One more important aspect was mental stability. Even though Tong Liang could not read Xinghe\'s thoughts, she knew Xinghe was an expert in this field, and the ominous feeling within her heart grew.

As she expected, during the final voting, Xinghe won by a landslide!

When they knew this result, Tong Liang could not hold it any longer, and her inner confidence was shaken. Even her father, Tianrong, was overwhelmed by the result.

He said darkly, "Looks like this woman is worth her salt. Regardless, we cannot lose our spirit and confidence. The public voting is only half of the result; if you win at the congressional level, then you will beat her."

"Father, what if I lose the congressional vote to her as well?" Tong Liang asked with uncertainty.

Tianrong flared up instantly. "Nonsense! How can we lose? The only reason the public voted for her is due to their stupidity and irrationality. The people at the congress still have their heads. That woman is too young and inexperienced to be the president. Furthermore, we have made so many arrangements, so they are all on your side."

That\'s right, they had greased many palms in the dark. These people would only side with her, and she would be the final victor. Tong Liang\'s confidence grew because they had already fixed the result; she would definitely finish victorious. However, since Xinghe dared to go up against her, she would never forgive her!

"Father, after the result is announced, we must remove this woman." A flash of iciness appeared in Tong Liang\'s eyes. "That is our side of the contract, and the rage within me can only be extinguished by eliminating her!"

Tianrong smiled chillingly. "That is only natural. No one will be able to save her then, not even the Shen family."

Imagining Xinghe\'s horrible ending, Tong Liang started cackling. Yes, by then, no one will be able to save her, no one!

The congressional election finally arrived. This was the most crucial part of the election.

In the large circular congress hall, many of the country\'s officials were seated. They were going to elect Hwa Xia\'s next president.

This election was special because it was the first time there were two final female candidates.