Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 948: Her Personal Charm

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Chapter 948: Her Personal Charm

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Compared to Tong Liang, Xinghe\'s speech style was slow but steady; it fitted her personality much more. The speeches that she gave amplified that quality of hers; people could see that she was trustworthy.

In contrast, Tong Liang\'s speeches were kept at an all-time high. Her speeches were incendiary and spirited. Initially the crowd was excited, but several speeches later, they also started to get tired. This was because there was a limit to people\'s excitement levels. If the hype kept on going endlessly, the achieved effect would often be the opposite.

Tong Liang\'s team quickly found this weakness and they tried instantly to fix it and had Tong Liang use more slow and steady speech as well. However, that was Xinghe\'s signature.

The crowd had seen it from Xinghe, so when Tong Liang tried to make use of the same tactic, they felt she was copying Xinghe. After three speeches, Tong Liang\'s mood was low!

This was because her support level had visibly lowered, and she was now losing to Xinghe. For the earlier two speeches, she and Xinghe had each won one, but the difference was not big, it could be called a tie. However, this time her loss was obvious. If this was allowed to continue, she would lose big time.

However, the campaign trail tested the candidate\'s patience the most. Until the last minute, no one could tell who would win. There could still be twists and turns.

Furthermore, even if she lost the popular vote, she could still rely on the congressional vote. Tong Liang was confident she would win the congressional vote because many had promised her their support.

With that confidence steeling her, Tong Liang threw herself back into the race. However, no matter how many good thoughts she kept sending herself and how hard she tried, her support stayed lower than Xinghe\'s. The only benefit was after so many rounds, only she and Xinghe were left. She could focus on beating Xinghe. However, as the days passed by, Xinghe\'s votes kept increasing, and the distance between them grew gradually.

Xinghe\'s friends were overjoyed.

"Did you see that Tong Liang\'s face just now? It\'s darker than the dark side of the moon. Told you she is no match for our Xinghe," Ali said gloatingly.

Sam was uncharacteristically cautious. "It\'s not the time to celebrate yet. We mustn\'t slip up now after all; this has not reached the end yet."

"I know, I was just swayed by the general mood. I\'m happy seeing Xinghe gaining so many public support."

Cairn nodded with approval. "Xinghe does have immense personal charm."

Even if she was young and inexperienced, with her charm alone, Xinghe had garnered many supporters, and charm was part of a president\'s necessary qualities.

Xinghe did not purposely try to charm the public, but they were naturally attracted to her. During the campaign trail, she was calm, collected, and was not affected by the ruckus and distractions around her. This stability that shone from within had won over many people.

Tong Liang, even with her immense experience, was no match for Xinghe. Annoyed by Xinghe\'s serenity, she lost her footing. Even though she did not showcase it, internally she was a nervous wreck.

There was one good thing about Tianrong, which was he knew her daughter well. With just one look at her, he understood what was on her mind.