Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 946: Go for Broke

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Chapter 946: Go for Broke

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Xinghe was stunned. Of course, she understood what Mubai said. If their enemies framed her, then she would be in an indefensible position. Their enemies would use her as an excuse to start a war, forcing Hwa Xia to surrender her.

If Hwa Xia decided to protect her, there would be a full-scale war. To prevent the loss of lives, the possibility of them sacrificing her would be high. By then, no one would be able to save her. No matter how clever she was or how much she had sacrificed, it would be pointless. Even Mubai would not be able to save her…

No individual forces could rival the power of a whole country; the only choice was to get her on the same level as their enemies.

"Fine, we will do it your way," Xinghe suddenly promised. "I must win the seat, and this time, we go for broke!"

Mubai finally smiled. "You should have come to that conviction earlier. Don\'t worry, with my help, you will definitely succeed."

"Thank you…" Xinghe could not help but give him a hug. She had many words on her mind, but she could only say this. The sacrifices that Mubai had made for her, she would probably use her whole life to repay, and it would still not have been enough. He had used his life to save her twice, and now he was sacrificing the Xi family\'s trump card for her. They could have sat on the seat themselves, but to preserve her safety, he had given it to her. This kindness, she would be unable to repay even if she died in his stead.

Mubai hugged her in return and laughed. "What are you thanking me for? Everything I have is yours; you will never need to thank me."

Regardless, she was appreciative of his help, and everything she owned was his as well. There was no longer a distinction of hers and his when they had reached that stage. Xinghe believed there was nothing in the world that could pull them apart anymore, not even death.

After Xinghe agreed to join the race, she had to make some preparations. The news that she was going to run for president was soon broadcasted over the country.

This was the first time such a young woman had entered the running for the presidency since the country\'s establishment. Almost all the media started reporting on Xinghe. Weirdly enough, there was no voices of dissent, if anything, most were supportive of her decision.

Initially, the one with the greatest support had been Tong Liang. After all, an impressive woman had a mysterious allure that was not existent in a capable man.

However, with Xinghe\'s arrival, she shifted the popularity scale. Ever since she\'d destroyed Project Galaxy, her fans had started to appear all over the world. Since she came from Hwa Xia, naturally, the greatest number of her fans also came from Hwa Xia. No matter the age or sex, almost everyone was in her corner.

Even if some had reservations, it was because she was too young, and they were afraid she was too inexperienced to manage a country. However, the voices against her were practically non-existent.

In Hwa Xia, the selection of president was split 50-50. 50 percent of the votes came from the citizens while the other 50 depended on the votes from the congress. Therefore, popularity within the public did not mean everything.

Therefore, even though Xinghe had a high support rate among the public, Tong Liang was not worried because she knew Xinghe would not win at the congress. She was too young to know how to manage a country. She might be an incomparable scholar, but being book smart was not important.

To be a president, one had to be able to see the big picture which required life experience. On that point, Tong Liang was confident Xinghe was not her match.

Regardless, she still needed to fight for the public\'s support, and the best way to do that was through speeches and campaigns. Usually the person with the best speech would win the public\'s support.