Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 944: You Are Hiding Something from Me

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Chapter 944: You Are Hiding Something from Me

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Sam and the rest were visibly shocked—

These were details that had not crossed their minds. They had not realized that their enemies could use the virus to frame Xinghe and bring Hwa Xia down.

"These people are too scary." Cairn\'s brows were furrowed furiously.

"Xinghe, you have to become the President." Ali grabbed Xinghe\'s hand and told her seriously, "I won\'t let anything happen to you. After you become the President, no one will have the chance to harm you."

"We will all support you, but what can we do?" asked Sam anxiously. They were only foreigners in Hwa Xia, so they could not even vote. No matter how powerful Xinghe was, the chance of her winning was slim compared to the publicity maniac, Tong Liang. Even excluding her, there were other candidates more likely than Xinghe to win who did not need to campaign.

Mubai consoled them, "Regardless of whether Xinghe can win or not, we must try. We can\'t just sit here and do nothing."

"You\'re right, but I believe Xinghe will win. Even if she can\'t, we will do everything we can to protect her!" Ali promised solemnly. The guys nodded along; they would put down their lives to ensure her safety.

There was a glisten in Xinghe\'s eyes and she nodded. "Thank you, I will enter the running. I will not give our enemies any opportunity to harm me."

Although her bigger purpose was to not to let her friends die on her behalf. Ali and the rest were glad she had promised to join the race.

However, Xinghe could only force a smile. She suspected things were not that simple. Xinghe turned to Mubai, and her gaze met his dark eyes. This man, what else has he done in the dark?

Xinghe suddenly stood up and told Mubai, "I have a private question for you."

Then, she went upstairs to the bedroom. Mubai followed her into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

"What is it that you want to ask me?" he asked with a wicked grin.

Xinghe whipped around to look at him and asked directly, "What else are you hiding from me?"

Mubai unconsciously averted his gaze slightly before answering, "Why would you ask that?"

Xinghe studied his face, not letting a single facial movement escape her detection. "You still have something you\'re hiding from me, haven\'t you?"

"I don\'t; you\'re overthinking this." Mubai dismissed it with a smile, and he walked over to pat her on her head. However, Xinghe did not buy it at all.

"I can feel that you are hiding something from me. There has to be another reason why you want me to join this race so adamantly." Xinghe\'s clear pair of eyes were locked on him. "I want to hear the truth, so don\'t try to lie to me."

Mubai\'s hand that was caressing her head stopped. He put down his hand with a sigh. "Sometimes being too clever is not a good thing. But I am not hiding anything bad from you, so it doesn\'t matter if you don\'t know about it."

"However, since it is related to me, I must know about it," Xinghe insisted. She did not intend to harp on at him, but she did not want to be unaware of the sacrifices Mubai had made for her.

"Xi Mubai, I am not a woman who only knows how to enjoy other people\'s sacrifice. You can tell me anything; we can share the burden together, but I despise the feeling of being swindled."

Mubai looked deep into her eyes and smiled helplessly. "Fine, you win. The reason I want you to participate in the presidential election is not only because I want to ensure your safety, but also I have a sure-fire method to help you win."

Xinghe widened her eyes in shock.

Mubai noted the confusion on her face and explained in a whisper, "The Xi family is not as simple as we appear on the surface. We, too, have our forces in the dark."