Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 943: My Life

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Chapter 943: My Life

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"He\'s right, after all, Xinghe ruined his life\'s work, he would never forgive her. Mr. Xi, thankfully you thought of this; he will definitely come after Xinghe," Ali said broodingly.

Sam chilled his gaze and said, "That old coot, I should have wrung his neck like a chicken!"

Xinghe could not help but agree with Sam. However, how could they have known certain countries would choose to collude with He Lan Yuan? They did as the United Nations wanted and sent them He Lan Yuan in cuffs, but they turned around to make use of He Lan Yuan against them; no one saw that coming. He Lan Yuan was humanity\'s enemy, so who would have thought people would choose to work with him to further their own selfish goals?

Xinghe said in a flat tone, "I know he wants to kill me, but that doesn\'t mean I need to run for president…"

"He will use other countries\' power to kill you," Mubai directly interrupted her. Xinghe was startled as the truth came to her.

Mubai continued to explain, "Why would He Lan Yuan work with these countries? No one will help him or give him freedom. Then why would he work with them? What is his angle? I guarantee he traded his cooperation for your life."

Sam and the rest agreed with him. They all agreed that He Lan Yuan would demand Xinghe\'s life in exchange for his cooperation.

Mubai noted their comprehension and he continued, "No matter how powerful we are, we cannot rival the power of a whole country. They have many ways to assassinate us, so the only thing we can do is to not give them that chance."

"By helping me become president?" Xinghe asked.

Mubai nodded. "Yes. When you have the highest seat of power, you can easily thwart the threat from other countries. No one can harm you easily then!"

Xinghe was stunned, not by suggestion of a presidency but by Mubai\'s thoughts. He always managed to fill in the parts that she had neglected.

"There\'s one more thing, have you thought about this?" Mubai pressed.

"What else?" Xinghe suddenly felt like her brain was going into overload.

"They will frame you and make you the public\'s enemy," Mubai said darkly, and when he said that, the whole room gasped audibly.

"Frame me?" Xinghe was confused.

Ali frowned. "How are they going to frame Xinghe?"

Mubai smirked coldly. "Naturally, they will say she intends to destroy the world."

"Nonsense!" Sam was livid. "It was Xinghe who saved the world, so why would she destroy it?"

"As long as Shi Jian\'s group stand forth to pin the blame on her, our enemies will have the chance to take us all down."

"Shi Jian and the guys would never…"

Before Sam could finish, a frost fell over Xinghe\'s face. "I understand now."

Looking at them, she said, "He Lan Yuan can hypnotize them to do his bidding; he must have hypnotized them to create the virus in the first place. Similarly, he will hypnotize them to pin the blame on me, saying that it was me who ordered them to create the virus. When they do that, our enemies will do everything they can to make this sin stick. If Hwa Xia tries to hide me, they can use this opportunity to destroy Hwa Xia and start a war! In other words…. My life, they have staked a claim on it."