Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 939: Find Tong Liang's Criminal Evidence

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Chapter 939: Find Tong Liang\'s Criminal Evidence

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In other words, they were trying to escape the scene after the attack or else they would not have been able to escape after the lock down.

The Vice President trusted Xinghe deeply, so he promised, "Okay, I will have my men detain them in secret. If you have anything else you need my help with, do not hesitate to call."

Xinghe nodded in appreciation. Then the Vice President left. He was going to notify a military unit that he trusted and then go apprehend the two suspects.

Xinghe and Mubai left the suspects to the Vice President and concentrated on acquiring Tong Liang\'s criminal evidence. The method was simple, it was to conduct a health check on Tong Liang\'s body.

After the vaccine for the virus had been created, everyone in City A had to take a shot, this included Tong Liang. However, before the shot, everyone had to take a blood test.

Tong Liang was suspicious. "Why is there a need for a blood test? How is that related to the vaccine?"

The doctor who was going to draw her blood sample reassured her with a smile, "Because the vaccine might not work for every blood type. Don\'t worry, this is only a simple blood test, it will not hurt."

Tong Liang nodded and finally relaxed enough to let the doctor do his job. However, she did not know her blood was taken into a separate lab from everyone else\'s.

In Lu Qi\'s chemical lab, he smiled after he had the result of her blood test in his hands. "It is as you two suspected, the antigen is already in her body."

Xinghe and Mubai both broke into a smile when they heard that.

"With this, we can definitely prove she took the vaccine before the outbreak, right?" Xinghe asked.

Lu Qi nodded. "Of course. The official vaccine was given to the public this morning, but she already has the necessary antigen in her body. This proves that she already knew about the virus outbreak and took the necessary precautions."

"Thank you, please keep this evidence safe, it is very important to us," Xinghe reminded him.

Lu Qi smiled. "Don\'t worry, I will keep a close watch over it."

"By the way, how is the president?" Xinghe asked.

The smile faded on Lu Qi\'s face. "Even though he is no longer in critical period, making a full recovery is near impossible. Regardless, resuming his responsibility as president is no longer possible."

Xinghe and Mubai felt sorry for the president. However, this might be the best ending because at least he was still alive.

They would help the President claim his justice, and their war with the Tong family was going to begin. The Tong family\'s fate was already sealed, and they were destined for absolute destruction!

The news of the President\'s assault was not released to the public. Instead, the official statement released declared that the President was left in a poor state after his sickness. Even though he had recovered somewhat, he was no longer as fit as before, so temporarily, the Vice President would take over in his stead.

Two days later that, Tong Liang resigned from her post at the United Nations and chose to return to serve her country. The reason she gave was she felt her country she needed her, and she was compelled to contribute to her country\'s recovery.

Tong Liang already enjoyed a good reputation and popularity. This action of hers only earned more praise from the public.