Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 938: Secret

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Chapter 938: Secret

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His words heightened the sense of urgency and alertness in the room to its maximum. Madam President stood up and announced somberly, "Father is right. We must initiate our defenses; even though there might not be a war, we must be prepared for one!"

The Vice President stood up and said, "I will go make the necessary arrangements."

"Xinghe, what do you think the Tong family will do next?" Madam President asked Xinghe. She did not realize she too had started to rely on this young junior of hers.

Xinghe did not beat around the bush and said, "According to our analysis, the Tong family will make a push for the presidency next."

Madam President was shocked but comprehension slowly dawned. Yes, the President was down and could not oversee the country anymore. There had to be a replacement. Even though it would not happen overnight, the election would start soon enough. The Tong family had probably been waiting for this ever since they\'d started colluding with other countries!

"They are even worse than the Lin family! We must make sure they will never succeed," Madam President hissed uncharacteristically. "Vice President, I will leave the country in your hands for now, so you have to make sure that the Tong family\'s conspiracy doesn\'t succeed."

She stared at the Vice President earnestly.

"Madam President, do not worry, I know what to do. As long as I am still alive, I will not let this country fall into the Tong family\'s hands," the Vice President promised with determination. It soothed the nerves of everyone there.

Now that they knew the Tong family\'s plan, there was one less thing to worry about. They only needed to keep watch over them and react accordingly. Madam President shivered involuntarily, thinking about the scale of their fiendishness. She was really thankful for Xinghe and Mubai discovering their plan.

If this had been left to them, it would have been too late. After all, they would not have been able to see the larger picture from just a virus outbreak. If not for the fact Xinghe could tie the virus back to Shi Jian, she also wouldn\'t have discovered the larger conspiracy. So, in a way, if Shi Jian had not smuggled the pen drive to Xinghe, the virus would not have been stopped so easily and quickly.

If the virus had been allowed to fester, Hwa Xia would have suffered so many deaths and the whole country would have been trapped in mass hysteria…

Thankfully, luck was still on their side, if anything, it seemed like everything was already written in the stars.

"Mr. Vice President, you must apprehend these two people in secret," Xinghe suddenly said as she turned her laptop around to face them. The screen showed the zoomed-in picture of two men.

"They are?" the Vice President queried.

Xinghe answered in a mild tone, "The two people who hypnotized the doctor."

The Vice President was surprised. "You managed to find them‽"

"Yes, even though the doctor could not remember their faces and they tricked the camera professionally when they were arguing, the whole hospital building was filled with surveillance cameras, they could not avoid every single one of them."

"But they are wearing clothes that are different from the ones shown in the video." The Vice President frowned. After they left the station, they went to check on the surveillance at the hospital. At the spot where the doctor said he\'d heard the argument, Xinghe and the Vice President found two suspicious men, but they were expertly facing away from the camera. Only their clothes were seen, and it was obviously different from the clothes the two men in the picture were wearing.

"The clothes are different, but the body shapes are the same," Xinghe explained. "I have some identification software on my computer. Plus, this picture was taken at the hospital entrance. The time they left the hospital was about two minutes after the President\'s assassination."